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  1. Check with Steve @nix240z, maybe he will make more. His website shows out of stock for now. Cheers Mike
  2. Wax

    +1 on the clay bar as the first step, it works good on glass too. I prefer Mothers products. Mike
  3. Did some engine & engine bay detailing, I'm thinking it's not looking bad for 146,000 miles and engine never been out of the car.
  4. Just tried this today on the steering column surround on my Samurai as a test. It was an eye sore in really sad shape, and now its just sad. I must admit it does look way better from 10' away. The bottom half was removed and worked out better than the top as the dash basically has to come out to remove the top half, so it was done in place. Time will tell if it looks good for the long term.
  5. That plate looks like it could be one from the late '70s British Columbia, here is a link to some examples,
  6. Interesting, my 7/70 car has closed slots on both sides and no 12V 8W stamp. I've owned the car since '78 and as far as I know it is original.
  7. Your welcome. I didn't realize that the radio face plate for a '72 differed that much from the '70/'71. Before seeing the pictures of your place plate I was expecting that the metal plate would go on with the flanges pointing inward like in the photo with the Jenson unit.
  8. I have never seen the metal plate for a '72, to be sure I would put your plastic radio face plate over it and check that the two lower heater control panel screws don't interfere with the corners. The '70 & '71 plates are flat.
  9. These links have some useful info as well:
  10. On my 7/70 the way you are describing sounds basically like how I have done it in the past. When I unhooked the heater cables I only pulled the heater control panel out enough to allow installation of the radio so that the routing of the cables was not disturbed to much. Then I hooked up the wiring and installed the rear screws on the radio loosely into the chassis brackets. After that I placed the metal backing plate onto the radio and repositioned the heater control panel over the front of the radio, then installed the radio plastic face plate, installed the four heater control panel screws and put the nuts and knobs onto the radio and tightened the back radio to chassis screws. Then finally re-hooked up the heater control cables. It was many years ago so hopefully I didn't miss any thing.
  11. Just to add to what @dhp123166 has summarized here are screen captures from the 1979 Nissan parts micro fiche. I did notice that the 62591-N4500 part number is shown applying to both the 2 seater and 2+2 from 09/74 to 07/76
  12. Are you looking for an assembly with the lever and choke knob? I have an almost complete set, part number 18410-E8803 that I mistakenly purchased in '05 for my 7/70. I used the cables for short time but later took them out and repaired the old cables as the '72 cables are a little shorter than the '70 cables and it made pulling the lever difficult. I had to rob the firewall grommet and the white plastic tombstone washer from this set to use on my car so they are not included. On the plus side the lever and knob parts and end bellows have never been used. here are a couple of pictures:
  13. Too good to be true, he's probably just fishing. I used Google to reverse search that image and found the same one used in an ad from early last year on this site:
  14. If you are talking about @Wick Humble's book pages 74 thru 76 have quite a bit of detail on this subject he calls it "instrument panel removal" instead of dash removal. Also here is a link to some good info in our knowledge base: HTH Mike
  15. I would say dealer installled based on the picture of your interior above in post 10.