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  1. My understanding is that the buyer pays bid price plus 10% and the seller recieves bid price less 8%. The bottom line BJ makes a lot of money.
  2. body parts

    For reference here is a picture that shows the clips and brackets for the tail light finisher/surrounds from when I painted mine. I think the clip (item 8 that @siteunseen mentioned) attaches to the bracket that is spot welded to the body if I remember correctly.
  3. Regarding question one, I remember reading about a change to the doors where side impact bars were added to the door structure. I just can't seem to find a reference, this change might have been for later models, ie. 260Z or 280Z.
  4. Here are the door related pages from my parts CD, they have more info relating to questions I & 2 than that shown in carpartsmanual.com. Page 6-G-7 shows four p/n's each for RH & LH door panels and page 6-G-8 shows two p/n's each for lower hinges but not an implementation date.
  5. Interesting, Thanks @26th-Z
  6. I thought that some early US cars with 1969 production dates were UN spec. Maybe @Carl Beck or @26th-Z will chime in. Here's another 1970 Canadian ad,
  7. Fan control switch

    Ok, you got me. Now I have to come up with an excuse for the collection of parts in the spare bedroom closet.
  8. Fan control switch

    I happen to have these spares in my office right now. As site said there is a nut that goes on the panel, front side. There is also a flat on the thread and in the panel hole for orientation. But it doesn't really stop rotation, the clamping of the nut does that. Here's a pic. HTH Mike
  9. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    Point taken
  10. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    Amazing work on your project, I have this topic bookmarked as a reference in case I ever get to a full resto of my car. Just wondering about the color of the hood hinge torsion bars? I thought they were black as they can be seen though the grill.
  11. Choke Cable Grommet Installation 1972 240z

    I don't really know what the differences for the hose are, but I replied with some info from my parts book CD.
  12. PCV Hose Question

    The Nissan parts book shows four part numbers for the PCV hose (item 3) from 1970 to 1973. I'm not sure what the differences are but the first P/N shows for up to 12'70 and the part number starting 1'71 not being backwards compatible. Also here is a picture of my 7'70 car showing the early hose. HTH Mike
  13. Choke Cable Grommet Installation 1972 240z

    I temporarily used a NOS '72 choke cable on my '70 and had to remove the boots. To do that I just carefully pulled them off using linesman plies with the jaws wrapped in electrical tape. Later I put them back on using the same method before I sold that cable and had no issues.
  14. The ICA column refers to parts interchangeability, the attached pages from the 1970 520/521 pickup 1970 parts book show definitions of all the columns. HTH Mike
  15. JNC Happy Eclipse Day from JNC

    Here's my attempt at a little eclipse humor