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  1. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    Point taken
  2. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    Amazing work on your project, I have this topic bookmarked as a reference in case I ever get to a full resto of my car. Just wondering about the color of the hood hinge torsion bars? I thought they were black as they can be seen though the grill.
  3. Choke Cable Grommet Installation 1972 240z

    I don't really know what the differences for the hose are, but I replied with some info from my parts book CD.
  4. PCV Hose Question

    The Nissan parts book shows four part numbers for the PCV hose (item 3) from 1970 to 1973. I'm not sure what the differences are but the first P/N shows for up to 12'70 and the part number starting 1'71 not being backwards compatible. Also here is a picture of my 7'70 car showing the early hose. HTH Mike
  5. Choke Cable Grommet Installation 1972 240z

    I temporarily used a NOS '72 choke cable on my '70 and had to remove the boots. To do that I just carefully pulled them off using linesman plies with the jaws wrapped in electrical tape. Later I put them back on using the same method before I sold that cable and had no issues.
  6. The ICA column refers to parts interchangeability, the attached pages from the 1970 520/521 pickup 1970 parts book show definitions of all the columns. HTH Mike
  7. JNC Happy Eclipse Day from JNC

    Here's my attempt at a little eclipse humor
  8. Different choke cables

    The '72 choke cable is definitely shorter by a few inches. I managed to get the '72 cable to work in my '70, but the cable was quite bent over where it left the choke linkages on the carbs. In fact it resulted in so much effort to pull the choke lever that I thought I would break the knob. Last year I ended up repairing my original cable by using the original sheath and making a new cable from .055 music wire, .055 stainless wire is also available. It works great now, here are a couple of links on the subject.
  9. inspection lid clips

    Check with Steve @nix240z, maybe he will make more. His website shows out of stock for now. http://www.240zrubberparts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/4842818 Cheers Mike
  10. Wax

    +1 on the clay bar as the first step, it works good on glass too. I prefer Mothers products. Mike
  11. Did some engine & engine bay detailing, I'm thinking it's not looking bad for 146,000 miles and engine never been out of the car.
  12. Cool Trick for Plastic Rejuvenation

    Just tried this today on the steering column surround on my Samurai as a test. It was an eye sore in really sad shape, and now its just sad. I must admit it does look way better from 10' away. The bottom half was removed and worked out better than the top as the dash basically has to come out to remove the top half, so it was done in place. Time will tell if it looks good for the long term.
  13. 1970 For Sale Craigslist Canada

    That plate looks like it could be one from the late '70s British Columbia, here is a link to some examples, http://www.worldlicenseplates.com/world/CN_BCOL.html
  14. FS: Restored Inspection Light

    Interesting, my 7/70 car has closed slots on both sides and no 12V 8W stamp. I've owned the car since '78 and as far as I know it is original.
  15. 240 radio install tips, PLEASE!!!

    Your welcome. I didn't realize that the radio face plate for a '72 differed that much from the '70/'71. Before seeing the pictures of your place plate I was expecting that the metal plate would go on with the flanges pointing inward like in the photo with the Jenson unit.