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  1. RIP Dan Gurney

    My young self's hero. He set the bar that everyone else tries to reach. Thanks, Dan. You ARE the man. Mike
  2. Rally Suspension

    Try Carl Beck on this site. He built one. Cheers, Mike
  3. Replacing a clutch

    Mark, not to get all nit-picky, but the pilot bearing is actually in the crankshaft. Just did that when I replaced the main seal. Cheers, Mike
  4. saturday night music thread

    Old cars+old music=TIME MACHINE. Rock on............... Cheers, Mike
  5. This is my stacked exhaust

    Except that "Twice Pipes" are not stacked vertically. They are side by side. This looks like a custom exhaust system modeled after the Scarab design, Footbalnick are there two more glass pacs in the tranny tunnel? Cheers, Mike
  6. This is my stacked exhaust

    That looks to me like an exhaust system copied from a Scarab. That V-8 car had stacked glasspacks and two more in the tranny tunnel. Is this a V-8 car? Cheers, Mike
  7. Cream8

    Just a little rubbing compound and you're good to go.... Cheers, Mike
  8. In Sioux Falls, SD inspecting the "Twins".

    Blue, the drones would only be useful on the outside of buildings. Man down inside situations would not work so well. Poudre Fire Authority here uses drones for wildland fires and on big complexes like apartments, shopping malls, and large industrial complexes. An aerial view is a great tool for fire operations. Cheers, Mike
  9. In Sioux Falls, SD inspecting the "Twins".

    Grannyknot, our Spartans were "road delivered" by our mechanics so they were well on the way to being broken in by the time they got here. Also, I'm pretty sure the engines were run at the factory as the pumpers had to pass a pump test before they were accepted. So by the time the engines (in the fire service a truck with a pump on it is called an engine, one without is called a truck like a heavy rescue vehicle or an aerial apparatus like a tower or a ladder truck) were put into service they were ready to go. Hope this answers your question. Cheers, Mike
  10. In Sioux Falls, SD inspecting the "Twins".

    Very nice! On the Poudre Fire Authority here, we had a mishmash of various engines and trucks until our B/C went to a chief's convention and saw a Spartan chassis. From then on we bought only Spartan. It actually saved money as we had only to stock parts for one chassis instead of 5 or 6. Absolute quality. Congrats. Cheers, Mike
  11. 240znz

    Nice work, James. Did you do this before the shoulder injury? Cheers, Mike
  12. ive had enough

    Come on Sweaty. If you are going to diss MSA with such venom on this forum you ought to have the courtesy to respond to James@ The ZStor. It's the right thing to do. He is trying to resolve your issue to YOUR satisfaction. Mike
  13. 1st long trip in 75 280z 400+ one day

    Hi Dave, Pike's Peak Colorado? That's about 75 miles south of me. Beware Kansas cops especially on the back roads. Pike's Peak is now paved all the way to the top. I'll keep monitoring this thread so when you are coming out perhaps we can meet up. I would like to take a run up there. Also there are some very nice twisty canyon roads up here in Fort Collins plus 27 craft breweries . Cheers, Mike
  14. ive had enough

    Like I said before I'm grateful for MSA. They make it possible to keep our cars up and running. And they have always backed their products. Any problems I've had have been dealt with in a fair and quick manner.. I've been buying parts and getting advice from them since 2005. Cheers, Mike
  15. HP question

    Once again, Site gives good advice. It is possible to build a really good performing motor with mostly Nissan/Datsun parts. The datsunzgarage site he mentions is an excellent source of info on building horsepower. I used a ZX block because I found a rusted out 90K '83 car in a junk yard and bought the whole car just for the engine and 5 spd tranny. I paid $300 for the whole car and took it back to the j.y. after I removed the parts I wanted. Ended up costing me about $200. I was going to use the P79 head and modify it using the info from the datsunzgarage site, but got the N42 head instead because it was a great deal and all I had to do was bolt it on. There is another publication called "How to Modify your Nissan& Datsun OHC Engine" by Frank Hansowetz that has a lot of old school modification instructions, also. Keep in mind that you are entering the big money spending zone. It is not popular with wives or significant others. You can easily spend 4-5 figures chasing more horsepower especially if you have your motor built by Rebello or Datsun Spirit. They build great engines, but they are very expensive. This might be why some decide to put Chevy V-8s in their cars (sacrilege, I know...but if you choose to go that way check out hybrid z if they are still up and running as they are the way to go for modifying Z cars). However, before you do anything read everything you can get your hands on and that will help you make informed decisions. If at all possible before you do any modifications tune your car up and drive it. They are pretty fast in stock configuration. Good luck. Cheers, Mike