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  1. That's correct Mark
  2. Thanks 240/260/280
  3. Thanks guys, I will tackle this issue my next day off. I found out my carbs are from 70/71 series. The float specs are different for those years. Stanley, my needle valve does not have a rubber tip and the tip is rounded. I also cleaned them last time they were out, needles and banjo fitting, they were dirty. The problem Iam facing now is that Iam running out of bowl gaskets. Everytime I open the lid the gaskets warps. It took two weeks to get them from ztherapy. Can I install the lids without gaskets? I appreciate your input
  4. Thaks Stanley, do have a picture of this setup? Well today was not a good day, I wanted to hook up my choke cables. I started the car and 2 minutes later the rear carb started to overflow AGAIN. I don't know what else to do. The floats are adjusted to specs, and carbs were cleaned. Is it possible that the floats should be adjusted differently. The spec I used was 14mm with the float cover inverted. Iam going to try to set the carb to the 70/71 S.U specs.
  5. Hi Stanley, Do you have S.U dome carb? What is "sightglass"?
  6. Hey guys, A little update. I spend the whole day adjusting the valves. The exhaust valve were loose and the intake were tight and what a tedious job!!! The valve noise I had before went away, the rear carb does not overflow and they are synced. The spark plugs were black, I cleaned them up. The car started right away without the choke. Now I need to hook up and adjust the choke and get a tach so I can finalize the adjustment. Went for a little spin and I noticed under load there seem to be a little starvation going on. Speak to you soon.
  7. That's very kind of you, thank you, let me know. Everything is like it was before the rear carb started to overflow. The only problem is that I played with the adjustment screws instead of just replacing the gaskets bowls, my fault. I will check the plugs and I also notices the header tube coming from cyl 1 is reddish in colour compare to the others. Do the bowl pivot a little? While I was changing the gaskets I notices the bowls were slightly turning. I need to check how they are attached to the carbs, maybe thats were the hissing sound comes from. Anyways, I going to play with them again today and see what gives.
  8. Sorry, I should of mentioned it, dome. thank for the reply btw, nice car!
  9. I had an overflow issue with the back carb (closer to firewall) I change the gasket and adjusted the overflow lever. Overflowing problem solved but runs bad. Did the same to the front one and adjusted the overflow, both overflow were off by a lot. I followed the FSM to adjust and sync the carbs, went for a drive and it runs terrible. Sync becomes off after a drive. I noticed when I plug the overflow tube on the front carb nothing happens but when I plug the overflow tube on the back one, it stalls. I also hear a hissing sound coming from the back carb. Iam getting discouraged, I spend two days playing with them. I would appreciate some input. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you for that booklet
  11. Thank you for those links. So basically all entry/exit holes that are use for liquid under pressure are bspt threads (water and oil). Everything else is metric. Appreciate your time.
  12. Are all the threaded holes on the engine block and head BSPT threads?
  13. Thank you zKars for your help. Is this what I need? Lot of 2 x Brass Adaptor Fitting 1 8 BSP Male to 1 8 NPT Female | eBay
  14. I found this guy here in Canada, he's expensive. British Standard Pipe Tapered Threaded BSPT Adapters from Cole-Parmer Canada
  15. Thank you for the reply. Anybody like McMaster Carr in Canada? What if I use the original sender and sensor would it work?