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  1. So I visited RockyAuto Japan...

    James - you suck.... I've often frequented the RockyAuto site over the years & there's always plenty of nice machinery for sale (drool)!
  2. Ben

    A bright orange that I picked out of the Spies Hecker book. It was that long ago that I've forgotten exactly what (I think it was from an European truck manufacturer). I wanted something brighter than the original orange, not too brown, not too red.
  3. Nispares HR31 GTS racecar

    A look-alike of the Nissan factory HR31 'Group A' race cars. Thie HR31 has a few 'works' parts on it. Fitted with RB20DET NICS engine producing far more than the factory rated output!
  4. R34 wheels on R32

    The R34 colour & wheels really suit the BNR32. The owner is in the process of getting the Brembo brakes as the stock GT-R ones look small under these wheels!
  5. R32 GT-R

    R34 blue, with R34 wheels. Belongs to owner of Nispares in Melbourne
  6. DR30 rear shot

    Obscured by various objects, a shot of my Skyline coupe. Aftermarket exhaust mimics OEM twin-outlet system (which I still have in storage).
  7. DR30 Interior

    Interior shot of my 1983 KDR30 RS-X Turbo
  8. Freshly reconditioned FJ20ET

    The only mod was a bigger compressor cover (RB30 T3). I checked the balance & it wasn't worth messing about (about 2-grams across all 4 piston/rod assemblies). It's still effectively still stock except a 3" system from the turbo. It might even get an intercooler one day!
  9. DR30 engine bay

    This is how the engine bay is today. about 15,000km on the rebuilt engine, diff & 3,000km on the rebuilt gearbox. Net to be done is the interior trim.
  10. DR30 Fresh paint job

    when I took delivery of the car is was almost pink - yes the paint was that faded. I had it resprayed in the original red & metallic blue. Almost back in 1 piece - note headlight washers are missing in this shot (Sept 2002).
  11. After driving my DR30 around for about 9 months, it started to use some water. A faulty head gasket was to blame, so a complete rebuild was undertaken. The engine is just about ready to be fitted back into the car (April 2003).
  12. New 260Z bonnet (hood)

    I don't know if they're still available, you can try! The only parts that attract freight are parts for cars not originally sold here - ie imports.
  13. New 260Z bonnet (hood)

    Lachlan the $650 was from the Nissan dealership. It's a 'regular' part (ie not special order) so there were no freight costs. The vented hoods were fitted in around 1976 as part of the ongoing solution to the vapourlock problems that the carburreted cars had. Remember that in Australia we go the 260Z with flat-top carbs until ~1978.
  14. Stagea interior shot

    It is, barely a mark on it (inside & out). There were no identifying marks on the car when I bought it, these days they are very thoroughly cleaned out before being allowed into Australia.
  15. 1996 WGNC34 Stagea RSFourV

    Cheers, Lachlan - I tried uploading some shots of the 30 immediately afterwards but had no luck. Will try again today!