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  1. 260z fuel hose diameter on fuel rail?

    I think from the fuel rail to the carburetors may be 1/4" or 6 mm. I would think the fuel line between the hard lines and fuel pumps would be 8 mm since 5/16" fits nicely. I would think 10 mm (3/8") would be too loose. That is only my opinion since I didn't look it up in the FSM.
  2. Correct. There are separate relays for the hazard lights and turn signals. This may help you understand the circuits bettter: https://fiddlingwithzcars.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/hazard-switch-brake-light-turn-signal-circuit-analysis/
  3. That is flasher relay for turn signals or hazard lights.
  4. Cheetah, never heard of those

    So in doing a Google search of Shelby Daytona, I came across this article that quoted Pete Brock and John Morton: http://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/a26376/coupe-de-grace-shelby-daytona-coupe-story/
  5. Cheetah, never heard of those

    Homologation rules have been around in motorsports for a LONG time. Some of them are strange, too. NASCAR allowed the Boss 429 production numbers count toward the homologation requirement for Ford to use the 429 in Torinos in what was then called Grand National (now Cup) racing series. The original GTO (not Pontiac) stood for Grand Turismo Omolagato. (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/gran-turismo-omologato) It is interesting to see a Cheetah in person. There aren't a lot of front mid-engine cars around. I have some photos of them during my trips to the Mitty in 2015, 2016, and 2017. You can find them at http://stevescartography.wordpress.com. Just make sure you click on the links to get to the full photo sets. Here are a couple from last year: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JFY653hOKSQEAKaw2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/D12HZmHyoa31jtYU2
  6. Cheetah, never heard of those

    I've seen a couple of Cheetahs in the wild. That's why you should venture over here for the Mitty. You don't know what cars will be on the track or parked in the infield. Nissan is the featured marque this year, too, so there will be a lot of Zs and 510s. There's even a regular at the Mitty who races a 200SX.
  7. Alternator question

    No problem. I welcome your input.
  8. Alternator question

    Don't disconnect the alternator with the engine running. You need to electrically isolate the alternator from the battery to see if it stops the drain. Heck, you would have to disconnect the alternator if were replacing it anyway. Keep in mind that running the battery down frequently can affect its ability to be charged and to hold charge. (Look up battery sulfation.)
  9. Alternator question

    If the voltage regulator is shot, test by unplugging the alternator from the electrical system. If the battery doesn't fall flat, you found the culprit. If the battery still goes down, get a load test on the battery. From the high voltage at the battery, I would suspect the voltage regulator, too. Are there any modifications (think alarm system, aftermarket electric door locks, high power stereo) or failed switches/relays that would make you think you have a drain on the battery?
  10. Seatbelt and taillights flashing

    Can you see what brand/model the alarm is? There might be some wiring diagrams for it available online. That could help if you have any more issues.
  11. Seatbelt and taillights flashing

    Sometimes those aftermarket alarms really play hell with the electrical system. Be sure to use the factory wiring diagram to diagnose/restore the wiring. That will reduce your headaches in the future.
  12. Blowing fuse

    Yes the relay could go bad in several ways. However, none would produce the symptoms that I have seen you describe.
  13. Blowing fuse

    That is the accessory relay in the photos. The black wire is the ground. The blue/red energizes the coil to connect the white/red to the red/blue wire.
  14. 1973 front bumper wanted (or 70-72)

    Z Car Depot just sent out a mailer saying they have them back in stock.
  15. Blowing fuse

    Yes, I find it irritating. From what I can see, the 260Z wiring diagram is the first to acknowledge that there is truly wiring in there. The 73 diagram just shows the blue wire going to the blower motor.