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  1. Will you adopt me?
  2. If all else fails, I will be the guinea pig.
  3. Let me know, too. Do you know if they will fit on a 260Z slider?
  4. I could swear that I ordered some of the caps that go over the nuts. I'll have to check my hardware supply if I can remember it.
  5. Single castle nut from same seller:
  7. Connect the vacuum pump to the hose where the mechanical pump would go. See if you can pull fuel through it. A hairline crack above the fuel level would may not show much/any fuel leaking out, but it might be enough to let air in. I have seen threads in the past where people found this was the problem with pumping fuel through the fuel lines.
  8. Look for cracks in the soft fuel hoses. That can introduce air into the line when you're trying to pump fuel. If you have a hand-held vacuum pump, try seeing if you can pull fuel up to the hose for the mechanical pump with it. If you have difficulty doing that, so will the mechanical pump.
  9. Yeah, but can you ship a valve cover to the Netherlands for $15.45?
  10. I would not be surprised if the door plate said 9/72 or later. I'm also wondering if you have the 5MPH front bumper from a 73. Those connectors are definitely what I've seen in 73s.
  11. For completeness, this is what is in the 72 FSM.
  12. Are you SURE you have a 72? The 10 pin connectors are laid out in the 73 FSM. What is the build date on the door plate? What is the VIN? BE-4 Body Electrical.pdf
  13. Fix the fuel lines. If one is cracked, others probably are, too. 5/16 line is what you want. Next, get the timing right. After that, adjust the valves. If you still have a backfire, then adjust the carburetors.
  14. Give me a heads up if you're coming back to track the car at Road Atlanta or Atlanta Motorsports Park. I'm only a half hour from either venue.
  15. Google is your friend in cases like this: