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  1. I had a couple free hours this weekend so i jumped into the garage to hunt for my leak source. I found a coolant leak and an oil leak! Just waiting for the transmission to leak now [emoji106] Coolant's definitely leaking from the rad core and the rad cap seal is in mediocre condition. The water jackets are definitely obstructed looking at its condition just from inlets/outlets. There is some thick rusty/calcium-y/iron-y stuff gunked on in many places, BUT hardly anything came out with the coolant. I plan to replace the rad with a mishimoto 2 core and a slim dual fan shroud to support 12"electric fans. Question regarding coolant: Where the heck is the drain plug for the water jackets on the block? I have seen one by the starter motor, and one tucked behind the manifold, but neither on mine /: (I spun the coolant out with the water pump manually to get it out of the lower rad hose) As for the oil leak, it appears to be leaking at the head on top of the timing case. I should be removing the head right now but I'm on call for a pick up so that'll have to wait. Soon I will remove the timing cover just to make sure it's not leaking there, then the head comes off afterwards when i find out i wasted my time and what can go wrong did go wrong All considerations are based off my indecisiveness; I will decide what engine/transmission goes in after I fix essentials. Of course some parts like the water pump and thermostat will go to waste when i swap but I'm itching to go out for a cruise. Ordering my goodies after the 15th next month [emoji106][emoji106][emoji16] Thought: If I get a lower temp thermostat (160 vs 180 degrees) could i get away with a single fan on the dual fan shroud? I'm buying two fans anyway. Thought #2: PROBLEMZ is now a viable custom plate option. Thanks again for the read! More ideas to come. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  2. I agree with this statement, however i have read that mixing certain chemicals can break down the coolant's formula resulting in reduced performance of heat transfer. I have also read that i should never mix coolant brands for the same reason. I'm probably worrying way too much [emoji28] Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  3. I've heard/read wonderful things about the 3.9 diff! Definitely on my list. Although as of late I've been considering a full RB20 swap because of all the new leaks i keep discovering. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  4. Do you have the 280zx transmission mated to that L28 by any chance? Haha right on, glad to hear that When you say worked do you mean overhauled?
  5. Thanks for the tip and info! I was planning on replacing my whole rad with the mishimoto and grabbing an electric fan. The previous owner had set up an electric fan control that I want to reuse with a newer fan and shroud! The existing fan is mounted directly through the rad fins and me no like. I'm worried about using other chemicals on the chance it does something to the heat transfer formula or whatever the heck science does when things mix that shouldn't. Hahah, that's a good idea! I do want to get improved parts as opposed to staying original now.. Thanks for the input on your eng/tran! Soon I will decide. But not so soon will I purchase the parts heh.
  6. Rip to the idea of a full original restoration. Resto-mod it is [emoji16] I've found a coolant leak in the rad and some oil near the fan mount, highly likely i'll be going aftermarket for the cooling system now. Additionally my tie rods are nearing the end of their days and those'll need some TLC asap. The vehicle runs great and i've been driving around the block pretending I'm diagnosing problems. Temp gauge and oil temp remain in safe ranges, i dont see any immediate cooling problems from the leak. However, the anxiety gauge is running rather high. It just occured to me that I should change all fluids too. Jeez my priority list is whack, my ideas whack, my cooling whack, my retrofit fan whack, but my car cool as fudge. My meme reference is also whack. Damn I'm too excited about having problems; problems that don't talk back are nice. Side note: I've been reading about 280zx transmissions and they don't seem all that difficult to mate to the L24. I like the close ratio of all the gears as opposed to the 280z trans with awkwardly long gearing that people seem to not mind. Maybe i'm too influenced by other restomodders, any opinions here? Regardless, a 5speed is a Wes need. I'm working out pricing for those parts atm, also a 3.9 diff.. Oouh the money pit is going to look nice next Christmas. Wes' inquiry of the day: What engine and transmission from the Z family do you enjoy most? (Or think you would enjoy most..) I say an L24 with a 280zx 5 speed. I also say I dunno if that works. Thanks for the read, more updates soon! Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  7. Thank you :') Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  8. ! Back at you Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  9. The 240z has arrived in Buffalo! Hoping to have time to haul it over Monday. Been super busy, and super absent here. Updates soon! Hoping to make it to a bit of the meet in Ontario this weekend! Work permitting of course. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  10. Sweet! Thanks, I'd love to stop by. Hopefully it's very local, hope to see ya there! Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  11. Haha thank you! Awesome to hear, I can't wait to check now [emoji16] Probably should have before hand.. But too late. That'd be great, I'm gonna head over to that database it sounds interesting! you guys rock. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  12. Whoops, replying out of order.. Thanks! Already do heh heh. hopefully not, touching it means having to sell the Z :| Noted! Spirited driving tip appreciated. You got it haha! Still waiting ANXIOUSLY for the arrival. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  13. Oh yeah!!! I remember the one, it has two boxes for eng number and car number or something! I will be checking this asap, thank you! Darn me. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  14. I'm going to need to reorganize some things. In the original post I've attached photos of the VIN and engine stamp, I understand that the L24 was used in other vehicles and I'm unsure of the rarity of a matching # 240z. Mine does not match. I plan to swap an L28 in with a manual 5 speed from a 280 while i rebuild the L24 and auto transmission. I'll be keeping the original parts aside, and i will not be making irreversible changes to the vehicle! Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  15. Hello friends, enthusiasts, acquaintances, peers, and accidental thread clickers! It has been quite the while since anyone has heard from me and what's going on so I decided to post something up to get started and involved deeper here! I apologize for disappearing, I seem to be doing that too frequently as of late. So, a nice little recap from my couple weeks of absence. Aside from a crazy rush at work I've been squeezing in any time necessary (mostly in the AM when my family can't tell me I'm making a poor financial decision [emoji28]) to plan this Datsun's arrival into my garage. Or my parents' rather... I found a nice silver 240Z in Huntington Beach, California owned by a kind fellow electrician by the name of Simon. Once I saw the car and it's condition I knew I had to take a look. Seeing as I'm on the opposite coast in Toronto I came here hoping for some help with a shot in the dark. Luckily the kind community found me and my mission and I received tremendous help! A detailed report of the Z was put together by a kind enthusiast and supporter you may know here by the name of Gary. The report he made really gave me the confidence to take the leap and fly over to get the dream! Another big thanks to @norcal z You rock man, i can never thank you enough. After many questions, calls, and pictures I had finally made the decision and I was on my way to California. It was quite the trip seeing as I'm a complete travelling amateur and airplanes stress me the heck out. BUT I made it! As i walked up to Simon's house and caught a glimpse of the Z my heart went wild and i was immediately sweaty. Very sweaty. After going over all the little quirks and inspections, I took 'er out for a drive. I must add the Z is automatic, but it drove like an absolute dream. I was immediately sold on the Z after running through 1st gear. Simon is a car enthusiast himself, however not specifically to Z's! I was glad to be carrying on his passion and I was glad he was glad about me being glad about this gladness inspiring vehicle. I hadn't slept for 28 hours because of the adrenaline, but I could thank my ruined sleep schedule for being able to start my story. This pretty well sums up the trip I made to purchase the Z! Tons of details missing but many more to come. Currently as I write, the Z is being driven cross-country to Buffalo where I am expected to receive it on Wednesday April 26th! I was blessed to find out my uncle had a large office right near the US/Canada border, and he graciously allowed me to ship my car there! I plan to trailer it home and cross the border that same day, time permitting of business hours. I can't tell you all how excited and anxious I am about this (unless there's an english major here who can help me out with some top shelf words)!!! I'm very happy to be a part of this community and I hope to be forever. I would like everyone to know that I am not well versed in the mechanic trade but i've always had an interest in it and I love to learn anything about cars! I did leave my electrical job temporarily to chase dreams as a mechanic however i was not able to survive with the starting wage and I was forced to leave after 4 months at Toyota. I'll be back. But anyways, what I'm getting at is that I will be asking potentially ridiculous questions and I hope you may all bear with me during my learning experience. Surprisingly, sometimes Youtube and Google just doesn't have the answer I'm looking for. That said, I will be posting my roadblocks and asking opinions here in this thread as a document to the first car i've rebuilt to my personal perfection. I will post questions, findings, pictures, ask opinions, what i'm planning, what i'm currently working on, parts i'm hunting for, updates of progressions, everything! I hope to get any feedback, whether it's negative or positive as long as it's constructive. My feelings are not easily hurt, so I encourage honesty and personality in responses! The real you is the best you. I look forward to this journey and I hope my postings are enjoyed as well as informative or helpful in any way! I'm a Toronto resident so if there are any Z needs in the area just shoot me a PM When the Z is picked up I shall post some pictures! I won't be doing too much work for a bit as I'm tight on funds for parts but at least planning and research is free. Man, I am ecstatic. Thanks again to the wonderful community for helping me get this far, I hope to repay with my own support to existing and future members. Keep dreaming -Zzz- friends. Note: Most posts will contain (too much) honesty and atrocious puns. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile