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  1. How did the 300zx fare?
  2. Those other guys must hate Z's.... especially your swarm
  3. BBQ

  4. Or his namesake boat?
  5. I was thinking of an El Camino. I thought I saw this near Cliff's house:
  6. Last Run in red Here is the sweet spot to aim for. You are pretty close. Opening the air corrector should raise the high rpm side. You'll then have to add more fuel. To bring down the middle which will also rise. I think your accell jets are causing the rich low end.
  7. Grannyknot keeps raising the bar... I WONDER WHAT HIS NEXT PROJECT WILL BE?
  8. BBQ

  9. BBQ

    Like driving an automatic but all that I have explored so far. Sounds like fancy French food when you say "Coat duh Doah!".... or Homer.
  10. FSM graphs show that it is closed at 80C and that it takes 6 minutes for the electrical heater to close it (20C to 80C sweep). My 77 never had the hot plate and I never missed it. Maybe in the winter if you are stopping and starting a lot on short trips it will reduce some pollution. I would not worry about deleting.
  11. You can see the two hoses going to the heater plate/mount here:
  12. Some AAR's sat on a mount through which coolant flowed. The water heat from the mount heated that AAR and reduced the time the fast idle ran when the engine was already warmed up as well as reduced current draw.
  13. I'll be north of Capetown from July 14-24. ... but you are 1,400km away. Philip
  14. Looking more like BRE workmanship to me
  15. Wax