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  1. 240Z from France import US

    It is a province. Garage-kept, summer-driven cars are very nice here, just like all places.
  2. 240Z from France import US

    If interested, contact me. I can ship Z's to France from Canada (Nova Scotia).
  3. Here is HLS30-00126. No Evap Vac switch or line:
  4. It must have been a UN spec that went to Washington, (by ship or by road) or it was restored as a UN?
  5. HLS30-00048 is the earliest UN I know. It may have had some part delays or issues because it was started life in October 1969 but was not shipped from the factory until February, 1970. HLS30-00126 & HLS30-00127 are both UN's Some crude info: Nov 28, 1969. Brandon Manitoba Brandon Sun Feb 5, 1970 " See the new 240Z arriving soon and watch for our Datsun new-car showing. " 1969 Hamilton Ad:
  6. Dilemma 240z orange

    I now have a hankering for Werther's .
  7. Dilemma 240z orange

    Imagine that!
  8. 73/74 Flat top carb modification manual

  9. My Nov 69 has bolts too.
  10. Thinking about installing an BMW M6 engine in my Z

    Old school way to make 1500 HP on a 1.5 litre 4 cylinder: https://racingotaku.wordpress.com/2009/06/08/best-f1-engine/ BMW Too!
  11. Thinking about installing an BMW M6 engine in my Z

    Love the new engine!
  12. Tres cool find. You Albertans sure can dig up old dinosaurs! I looked in FSM and now it finally pops out: I would like to offer to buy your old water pump if it is original (ol' smoothy) and you plan to replace it. Sanford.
  13. Welcome to the grumpy old man club! You Hoser! You!!
  14. Group 4 PAG (Replica Campagnolo 40802) Wheels

    Is that the same Campagnolo that makes racing bike parts?
  15. Picked up some brass rod..

    Thanks as always master machinist CO. I had a quick look and young grasshopper will avoid the problem you mentioned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAngKHIZgyA No collets yet but I foresee them in the future.