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  1. Runs rich, wont rev past 2-3k

  2. Runs rich, wont rev past 2-3k

    The coolant temp sensor usually causes that problem. Double check the connections to it as well as ~ 1 foot deeper in the wire harness down stream. There are bullet connectors that can corrode in the harness. Also make sure the connectors to the coolant temp sensor are not mixed up with another sensor.
  3. NEW Round Top SU Carburetor System 240Z

    These may have a power valve (like the 73's had) giving 2 circuits (the PV for acceleration) where as the original had only 1 circuit for all loads. The fuel bowl in the centre just helps if you race or like to corner fast.... a lot @gnosez would probably put them through their paces.
  4. Clutch master cyl replacement problem

    I had the same problem a few years ago on a 98 rav4. I managed to get a rod from a used Nissan Z clutch master that worked fine. Many common Japanese car parts are interchangeable between vehicles as the manufacturer is usually not the brand on the car.
  5. NEW Round Top SU Carburetor System 240Z

    This may help: Just look up "HIF SU" on google. These are SU carbs that have the license for IF (integrated fuel bowl) that Hitachi came up with when they had the license to make SU carbs. UK to Japan to UK to your Japanese Car. The Hitachi "Flat Top" Carbs on '73 240z's were one of the first "IF" SU designs.
  6. saturday night music thread

    Drugs + John + Paul + George + Ringo + Recording Studio + the 60's =
  7. Who would place a head on its valves on concrete floor? Good Grief! Avoid this notorious seller. He abuses parts before he ships... guaranteed! Want a head with bent valves? Buy this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-Z-240Z-260Z-280Z-ZX-Rebuilt-E88-Cylinder-Engine-Motor-Head-OEM-w-Warranty/152905724162?hash=item2399e43102:g:11AAAOSwHQ9WVe7D&vxp=mtr
  8. Runs rich, wont rev past 2-3k

    For rev limiting, I have witnessed three causes: 1. The EFI system has a false Idle signal from the TVS due to a short. The ECU thinks that the foot is off the pedal and will not flow gas above ~2800rpm 2. The ignition system has a fault. I'm my case, a points distributor was the cause. The power died under load at high rpms as if there was a fuel cut-off. 3. Weak fuel pressure. Weak fuel pressure is not an issue with no load (revving in neutral) but under load on the road, there will not be sufficient fuel to power the car beyond a certain rpm X load point.