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  1. I agree. As well there is a heck of a lot of adjustment in the linkage. On some cars I repaired with loose linkage, I shortened rods and re-threaded to allow the nylon sockets to screw further in. A few important steps for adjustment that may be missed: 0. As Zup says, clean and lubricate all joints. 1. Do not use the fast idle setting screw as a stop (this screw is only used for tuning). 2. Adjust all rods to take up slack (shorten and cut new threads if needed) 3. Adjust maximum-throw stop and lock nut behind gas pedal 4. Make sure choke wires are not holding jets down at idle. A bit of slack is needed.
  2. I read that these light motors would be perfect for hybrid applications where the car is mostly running on electric and the wankel is a generator.
  3. only $500 http://www.ebay.com/itm/240Z-Series-1-Datsun-OEM-Factory-NOS-90820-E4100-Nissan-FRESH-AIR-VENT-SET-of-2-/162527544140?hash=item25d765834c:g:vx8AAOSwurZZJZ8k&vxp=mtr
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Oct-1969-Fuji-Japan-Grand-Prix-Race-Speedway-Supple-Regulations-Brochure-ww1445-/291841803607?hash=item43f3208557:g:dHYAAOSwdzVXqkSo http://www.ebay.com/itm/May-1969-Fuji-Japan-Grand-Prix-Race-Speedway-Supple-Regulations-ww1446-/371706458166?hash=item568b6e7036:g:7mQAAOSwIgNXqkSw
  5. http://www.gremline.com/index_files/page0032.htm
  6. No it will not affect choke time.
  7. That system is to put hot manifold air into your intake to stop the carbs from freezing. I would say you can safely remove it in Panama
  8. Sounds logical. If we could see the nose on that car it may help define "post Gnose era".
  9. Thanks again Alan! I am guessing it was taken near the end of the first S30 racing season in Q4 of 1970. Would you have any insight? Here is the 2nd Revision. I can add more annotations or make corrections in the future if needed.
  10. How is this one?
  11. Many Thanks!
  12. Alan & Kats, please check the English Names and I will make corrections. Thanks!
  13. How old is your lil Zeddy? I remember going to the junkyard with my Dad then putting a newly crashed '69 Roadrunner 440 into our '66 Monaco. Please ignore my mom and kid sister... 1969 you know.
  14. Sent a pm
  15. Find a shell Maybe fit it in an MGA?