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  1. She looks good now, all fresh and perky... wait 'til she gets old and saggy:
  2. Organ collector. Don't go. They have a medical van waiting to harvest.
  3. N47 Alternatives according to profiles: KI will give richer mid band: http://sucarb.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=KI SM will give richer high rpm band SA and SH will give leaner mid-high band KH will give richer low-mid and leaner mid-high band SI will giver richer low-mid and richer mid band SP will give leaner mid and high band band
  4. " i figured out the problem there. when i pulled the distributor apart to grease the centrifugal advance, i installed the part the rotor sits on 180* off. very easy to do " I'm glad you got it sorted! We were all puzzled. Here are a couple of pictures to help others who may do distributor maintenance and get mixed up like both you and I did
  5. http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/51593-measurements-for-stock-su-jet-needles/
  6. Short story: I gave one to a good friend. He gave it back...
  7. I think Captain Obvious characterized some needles on this site. FYI Now that I have a lathe, I am catching up on ideas I have pooled. I am am currently building a needle fabrication machine for making customized needles. I may offer customized needles eventually.
  8. I hope to see the owner tomorrow. I'll put him in touch with you.
  9. early 280zx can look nice lowered with zg flares
  10. You have to look everything over closely in the store these days. So much junk and poorly made parts. A check in the store or in the parking lot before leaving saves you having to drive back the next day. Buyer Beware used to apply to suspect purchases.... now it applies to ALL purchases.
  11. Made in USA. Trump likes you.
  12. HLS30-00249