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  1. FYI We can spy on what each of us is watching... the NSA link: http://www.classiczcars.com/online/
  2. If I was at Hitachi or SU "back in the day" I would have made the bowls so the whole darn thing is adjustable up and down by 1cm.... forget bending the float tabs over and over again. Mikuni and SK have externally adjustable floats but it is a somewhat complex set of parts and the bowl is internal. Just raising and lowering an external bowl seems to be the easy route for the early SU design.
  3. The photo above gives me an idea, I think we have to start measuring tools by how many "beers long" they are or their weight in "beers".... sort of like horses and hands.
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240Z-SU-Carburetor-Float-Sync-Tool-/222448986888?hash=item33cafe2b08:g:NXAAAOSwwo1XdA16&vxp=mtr
  5. That tool requires you to wear steel toe boots.
  6. OK This is the definitive SU float level tool: $70 on ebay now.
  7. Factory Part Number: White: 04160-00003 Black : 04160-00016
  8. Looks the same! Great detective work. Dept. of Revenue seems a bit odd for a car sticker? Does it mean the import tax was paid on the car by Nissan or does it mean the sales tax was paid by a buyer, or does it provide a window for paying the tax? 8.5 month expiry date? What expires?
  9. Any ideas where this could be based on safety sticker on glass? Rims, over-riders, vinyl top And modern version And modern version
  10. I think you can raise funds for the beer by "extracting" all the classic cars from Cuba and selling at Barrett-Jackson. Operation "Barricuba"
  11. I went to buy a set but $18 for shipping... crook!
  12. These look right: $8 for 4 https://www.zeddsaver.com/collections/miscellaneous-parts/products/datsun-510-side-marker-lamp-retainers
  13. Obviously under priced. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-Datsun-Z-Series-/272600968865?hash=item3f7848aea1%3Ag%3A40cAAOSwo4pYREW6&vxp=mtr&nma=true&si=2%2FZ1t%2BZ13AsPA48YFLSQfyAjcW4%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  14. I just contacted the seller with an offer. If they bite I'll have it shipped to CO and we can divide the cost then. Anyone with a FI Z can then go to any hotel and have a tune up.