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  1. Seeing that I'm building a race Z31 I'm qualified to comment. Errr, it looks good.
  2. Where is the love button for the Devendorf rig?
  3. Cameron Lane unfortunate rally ending 240z.

    Looks like he nearly made it to the top, bold effort.
  4. A book for Nissan Racing History Buffs

    Be an interesting read, problem would be actually reading it. Pity.
  5. Sato Wins!

    It's just that you are so predictable Alan, someone steps out of the line according to guru you and BAM!
  6. Vintage Racing or Sportscar Books

    Well Alan I could spend hours trawling through race results and no doubt if I wanted to could come up with statistics to support my claims. But that's not going to happen. To elaborate on my S30 claims though, because they are of interest, my point is that at the time like equipped for like the S30 was a superior design. Basically to beat a S30 the Porsche required more power/bigger brakes/wider tyres, it always had to have a add on advantage. The inferiority of the Porsche design is easily illustrated on wet roads, maybe the very best specialist drivers could handle them but it's obvious the other 99.5% can't. If you don't understand that then perhaps you should spend more time actually following and examining the performance of various cars instead of just relying on statistics which can be selected anyway.
  7. Sato Wins!

    HS making mountains out of molehills again. Sato was a bit of a slow learner but an obviously tenacious one, great win for him, sincere congratulations.
  8. Vintage Racing or Sportscar Books

    Realistically Alan it was the S30 rather than any later Z models which I'm confident were a superior design to the 911 of that time. What happened in the US with the S30 was ground breaking for Nissan and it showed that no Euro designed production car could match it. Later on it was different, Nissan moved towards the GT market and Porsche got their act together and put all their effort into making cars that could win races. In that scenario it's obvious that even an average race orientated design would always beat a semi luxury GT design so I can't see anything to get excited about there on behalf of Porsche. Nothing that has happened since gives me any reason to change my mind, the S30 is a superior car to Porsche's offerings at the time. As for now the GTR is a joke, why a company would virtually abandon it's proven line and virtually emasculate it in favour of a fat exercise in over tech has me beat.
  9. Vintage Racing or Sportscar Books

    So nothing on the golden era of US Z car racing? That's truly strange because those successes should have had world wide implications, instead the Zed was basically neglected as a race car in Europe, partly no doubt because it was Japanese and an import. As far as my world S30 excellence claims go, if Europe is to be included then it's common knowledge that if you want to compete there then local experience and knowledge is paramount. This obviously requires a Europe based operation, particularly concerning long distance races. Bluntly S30 efforts in Europe were pathetic, competing against a factory dedicated team with the best drivers is only ever going to end in fail, the car is irrelevant. So whatever claims to being a World Event were made in reality they were Euro events and when one maker concentrates on a particular event the number of real contestants which can effectively challenge drops to near zero. For a specialist sports car maker which sales depend on winning races the incentive is obvious and the odds become shorter still. Yawn.
  10. Mitty Weekend

    S30's are basically an excellent car in the rain, it's their natural balance, unlike some others which have the heavy bits in the wrong places.
  11. Someone was chasing beyond his skill level?
  12. Targa Tasmania 1st in Classic GT, 9th overall

    Jon and Gina, members of our Z club, same engine builder as for the Green Hornet. To get some perspective on their win for starters they smashed three 911's in their class, all around the same 3+ litres engine capacity, weather was mixed and once there is moisture the 911's turn to water Jon & Gina actually won one stage outright in front of all the modern supercars including the all wheel jivers. Just goes to show that the basic design of the S30 is a world beater still, all this from a mass produced low priced sports car that is rock reliable and durable with no pretensions. Shows up the pretenders eh.
  13. Vintage Racing or Sportscar Books

    What I'm responding to Alan is your claim that Porsche is best when it clearly isn't, my current example of Targa Tasmania is real world, not factory with the best pro drivers, real world. And one thing this shows is that as usual on wet roads Porsches lose, two Vipers now leading. As for the US the Nissan/Datsun racing record is self evident and against Porsches too, sorry if facts get in the way of your opinion, again. Ans sorry for the off topic, I still want books on the most interesting period of production type car racing in the word. In my opinion.
  14. Vintage Racing or Sportscar Books

    The obvious thing is that Porsche has always been a specialist in high performance sports cars, Nissan and the rest of them are not. As Ford showed with the GT40, it's not that hard to design a Porsche beater, right now in Targa Tasmania a Viper is leading if a current example is needed. And while we are on Targa Tas, check out the performance of a certain S30 compared with The Pretender in his GT3, bit of a laugh really.
  15. That BSR ZX, would fit on my trailer easy lol.