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  1. The Trans-America Challenge 2018

    If you are serious and not afraid to spend money than get your Z car built in Australia, Stewart Wilkins at SW Motorsport, Sydney, is one of several who will give you a race winning car no bull. You need a Targa type build, dirt rally is different, and you won't find this sort of information on the internet. Results speak for themselves , just do your research on who wins and who builds their cars. It always depends of course if you just want to participate or actually compete.
  2. The Trans-America Challenge 2018

    Sounds like you need to take the Z to someone who can do most of the work, who knows what parts to use and where to source them from. You could work with him/them, knowledge is the thing here, I guess that you want to do this thing in comfort with no hassles. If you were in Australia.............
  3. RIP Dan Gurney

    He's immortalised, the Gurney flap has seen to that. Must write 'RIP Gurney' on the one on the 280ZX.
  4. No matter what is done to a Datsun 120Y , #32, they still don't look like a race car. On the other hand all the Z cars come up looking pro.
  5. No misunderstanding, the stone chips are typical of a race car that's all.
  6. Note the race car stone chips on the front part of the rear flares.
  7. See the radiator opening on this? Just about finished making a front mould for my Z31 project race car, the opening I decided on is the same shape but a bit bigger......... Trivia post of the week?
  8. Dunno which track but I like the corner flatness, bugger all roll and those w-i-d-e tyres are flat on the deck.
  9. Doing laps *incar videos*

    It's a sequential shift manual gearbox, this particular one is made by Quaife. Check out how it's shifted forward for the next lowest gear and back for the next highest.
  10. Doing laps *incar videos*

    Not my 280ZX but I've followed it's back yard development over a few years, besides I have a 280ZX so some vicarious pleasure is going on lol. OE type suspension including semi trailing rear retained but tweaked.
  11. Name Z's like that one bring too much money for most racers but I've heard of three ex US race S30's recently imported here, no pics yet.
  12. Emoji didn't communicate, darn, the video is footage of a driving game/simulator, the first to have some old Datsuns in it. Useful to familiarise yourself with a circuit too.
  13. Here is some vintage video
  14. Seeing that I'm building a race Z31 I'm qualified to comment. Errr, it looks good.