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  1. looking for the best injectors to replace the originala in a 81 280 turbo

    any suggestions

  2. 240Z Ash Tray Lid Spring

    or is this it
  3. 240Z Ash Tray Lid Spring

    might have one is this it
  4. rough running 280 turbo 1981

    got fuel pressure down to 38 bad return line /runs geat when warm. thanks any help on the cold idle circuit?
  5. rough running 280 turbo 1981

    yes fresh fuel/ new injectors and clean fuel lines fuel pressure @65lbs cleaned all grounds including ecu give it throttle and no power/ will hardly move
  6. rough running 280 turbo 1981

    car sat for three years, rebuilt engine/cleaned all grounds/ idles like crap and no power in drive
  7. weekend and daily


  8. red 240 is my first one. still have it and garage kept 36 years

    fast/fun/crazy ride for me and my girl

  9. latest project is a complete restoration on a 1981 280 ZX turbo

    almost done

  10. not a newbe, been building these great cars since 1976


  11. play time

    my z cars