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  1. Body shop didn't order bumper ends, 1976 280

    Alert... just found out. The prices I got for the bumper ends are for THE RUBBER ONLY. The metal will have to be gotten off a donor car. Seriously different in total price for the bumper ends. Jai
  2. Hi all, You may remember last Sept my RedBird met a post with bad results. Ever since then, the body shop has been promising to order the bumper ends from Japan, with a 6 months wait. I just called the body shop once again, that they have not even been ordered! I am livid!!! The first car show is next month, and she looks funny and unfinished without them. They are now trying to get All state to cut me a check and get me to order them. Not sure that is a good idea, thinking pitfalls may be included with that deal. Any idea where I can get them without the 6 months wait? Any good ideas on getting the parts, or suggestions about accepting the check? Wow, I am so very very pissed! Thanks all... Jai
  3. HLS30-66034

    Sweet! Lots of work done, I'm sure you are happy with the results.
  4. Gearing down with blue smoke and back firing

    This sounds good, well, at least not bad. Aha, you mention some oil use. She has always used some oil. Not much, a quart or two a year. So along with what has been said about the backfiring, blue smoke, downshifting and coasting, this all may be something that has been going on for a while? Brought to the forefront by the new muffler. Think? Hmmm... Thanks, Jai
  5. Gearing down with blue smoke and back firing

    Well, that is what I do approaching the corner. Then heavy acceleration to get going after turning. Then is when I see the blue - blue/gray smoke. Which he said a good thing. Hunh?
  6. Gearing down with blue smoke and back firing

    Mark, No I do not feel any loss of power, and she is running great! No feel to the backfire. Yes all could have been brewing, with me not noticing it. I just started paying attention to the muffler when the new one was put on. There was almost no sound from the other one, nothing to pay attention to. Jai
  7. Gearing down with blue smoke and back firing

    I don't think so. Will make sure when I go out again. Which will be Thurs. I don't go much when the temps are below 20 plus wind chill in the early morning. Thanks, Jai
  8. Gearing down with blue smoke and back firing

    Chas, Question on your comment on the simple test. After downshifting, and coasting on toward the corner, coasting around it, would that be similar to what you said about the coasting down a hill, then hard acceleration, to see a plume of gray blue smoke... a good thing? Thanks, Jai
  9. Gearing down with blue smoke and back firing

    Mark, I don't know what an engine stumble is. Would you please describe it for me? Also doppleganger... means several different problems? Sorry, I just do not know these terms. 😂 Jai
  10. Hi all, Something has shown up since getting the new muffler installed. I have noticed that after gearing down preparing to turn that (backfiring) putt putts happen. Then when turned and accelerating again there is a large amount of blue exhaust sometimes with a small backfire. 1.) The backfire is coming from rear of car. Did not backfire before muffler addition. When gearing down, if I rev the engine some, little putt putts happen. 2.) Don't know if the gearing down makes it worse. I think it does. I had not noticed it before the new muffler, which makes it louder natch. So noticeable. 3.) I'll have to check oil usage, have not done so since it was changed very recently. 4.) Don't know if it is the same exhaust no matter which way turning. I'm more aware of it, being more visable, when turning right. I'll pay more attention next time out. 5.) A year ago RB turned up 100,000 miles. I can only guess that was her 2nd go around. I have no way of knowing what her actual mileage is. 6.) It is a backfire, not just a stumble. These answers are in response to questions sent to me by Mark. Please do ask if you need more information. By the way. I live in a very small town, and have been told twice now, that there is another red Z that looks like my RedBird travelling the streets here. I'm on a quest to find it and talk with the owner. If I do, expect photos of the 2 of them! That's exciting! Thanks for your input, as always it's the greatest. Jai
  11. Thank you zKars. We have connected, and these parts are being sent from him to me! Great news!!!
  12. These comments, both by Dave WM, truly point out what I feel. It would be wrong to allow that guy to replace them. He is not interested in learning, by his own statements, that some cars are not like all cars. I will not take my RedBird back to that man to replace the lost bolt and bushing. Heard the expression "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"? I believe taking her back to him to replace the bushing is just asking for the same outcome in a matter of time. How to get the needed bushing is another deal. But my first thoughts about not allowing him to touch my RedBird stand true. He will NOT! Thank you Dave WM, for your great comments to help me. Jai
  13. As a new muffler was being installed, muffler man noticed the bolt and bushing missing from the rear lower control arm. He advised me to get it fixed soon as it was dangerous to drive that way. I took it to Pete my mechanic immediately. Getting a spare from Greg, Pete placed it in RedBird without a bushing, and tightened all of the other bushings as they were loose. I learned that this should not have happened, the bolt and bushing should not have fallen out. Wednesday I went to the mechanic who replaced all the bushings over 2 years ago. He said it was not his problem. That "all bushings loosen up with time". So I said "after driving my 240Z for 259,000 miles, they never came loose on her. Why?" No answer. But he then did make a crude comment about my 280Z being "a mess of get around fixes". To which I mentioned, "well the stalling issues she was having (that he wanted to remove the head for), had been fixed by a simple replacement of the ECU, and she has run perfect since. And, that info was given to me by members of CZCC". To which he smirked "I remember you talking about that online group. I don't believe anything online people say. I have been working on cars since I was __ (3, 6, 10?) years old, and I know about cars." Arrogant! I was so frustrated that I posted about this encounter on Facebook, not naming him, just saying a mechanic who worked on my car. Poof, in a short time, he posted to my comment saying he had now ordered the bushings. Stating he had JUST THEN found out online that they work loose, a known problem with "those cars". (Now believing online help?) Saving face to the world, saying "sorry for the misunderstanding." No misunderstanding, he had an about face. If he had JUST THEN found that out, how did he know before when we were talking? Hmmm... I REALLY REALLY REALLY do not want him to touch my RedBird again. Not sure how I will handle this. If I had the spare $ to order the bushings myself, I'd love to tell him that since he has been such a jerk, go stuff the ones he ordered where the sun doesn't shine. 😊 That's the abbreviated sad tale. If any of you have information on these bushings loosening up or not, I'd love to hear it. Thanks all... Jai
  14. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone... Sending peace and love to everyone... Jai & Lissa
  15. Santa Z

    Wow, too cool.