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    My lifelong love affair with Z cars:

    1976 280Z RedBird - Purchased 12/14 One owner, Arizona car.
    1971 240Z Redwing - Origional owner - 10/15 Sold, to be restored.

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  1. RedBird 1976 280Z

    When she arrived, the title was from Arizona, and she had been a one owner car! I didn't know before buying her.
  2. From the album RedBird 1976 280Z

    WINNING AT DALTON, GA. "Time to Shine" CAR SHOW...8/5/17 Hi folks, Again we won a second place trophy in this show. It was a marvelous day, and even produced two ladies for my personal cheering section. That is a first for me, for any car show I've been to, I've never had any personal audience. Great fun with my friends. Lissa was a star too. Lots of people who apparently love dogs had to stop by and say hello to her. I took her pet stroller where she did get some rest. The speakers were booming loud, not her favorite, she got nervous with them. The very best comment was "I walked all around (waving his hand in an arc) looking at all those other cars, just to come and see yours. Best car in the show". Super! It was a grand day for all... Jai


    BUT there was one guy who came up and said, as he swung his arm in an arc covering the whole showroom, "I looked at all those cars, working my way just to see this one (RB). Best car of the show.". Whooh, best compliment of the day!

    We had a wonderful day




  4. 280z stalling issue (I've tried the search feature!)

    Mark discuss the ECU with him. Sounds ominously similar to my RedBird. Maybe he can borrow one to check it out. Jai
  5. Mark, Is this the problem where one symptom is the large whooshing when the gas cap is opened? Redbird has now resumed that problem since summer is here, along with slow response re-starting in the heat. Are these involved with the heat soak? If RB ramps up her past problems of stalling and not wanting to re-start, I might be interested in the fan set up you have. So far it is not that bad. Not sure what will show up when it gets horribly hot here. Oh, BTW, the second trip to Pete for A/C work, he found something that was loose and fixed it, as well as adding freon with dye. So far no leaking out, and a crisp coolness surrounds me as I drive. Love it! Jai
  6. Somethings wrong...

    Great photo, glad he has a lady to spend time with. Buddy looks in super condition. I'd imagine he has to keep himself muscled up tho, just for the females sake. They like eye candy too. As to the lost balls, I'm fairly certain that HE did not have them taken off, not normally a male choice. But rather someone (you?) made that decision for him. Has he forgiven you yet? Thanks for sharing the photo. Jai
  7. Somethings wrong...

    Gosh that's the truth, so sweet She is full of kisses especially in the morning when I wake up, all wags and wiggles. I really have to be careful, she is very quick in everything she does, especially kissing. She works very hard to try to French kiss me all the time. Ptooey! Very quick. Hahaha. When I laugh at her it really excites her even more. Such a zooming wiggle butt. I finally found a toy small enough for her mouth. It is a tiny stuffed dog that is off a key chain, and about 3 inches long. She really loves it. Thanks for your fine comment. You all will be seeing lots of pictures of Lissa in RedBird, next to RedBird, in my chair by RedBird, and more. After all, this is a Zcar list, I have to keep her photos legal. We have such a good time together, this was made in heaven. I am blessed... Jai
  8. 35 mm film developing find

    If I were thirty years younger I'd jump right on it. Oh how I would have loved that set up whilst I was doing all the classes and processing. Just too late for me now tho. I hope someone that really is into the processing end of photography, is able to get those things. It is turning into an art craft for the few.
  9. 2017 Z Nationals, who's going?

    I'm counting on it! If I can make it, so can you. Looking forward to having a brew with you! Jai
  10. 2017 Z Nationals, who's going?

    Hi all, I was just reading about ZCON 2018 today. Wow, that's nearby! I will have to come for at least one day, if nothing else but to meet all the friends I have made in CZCC. So y'all have to come too! That will be a blast for sure. It will take my aligning the planets to pull it off, but for sure I'm planning on doing it. With this lead of a running start, I'm fairly confident it will happen for me. Whooh, what a thought... Jai
  11. Somethings wrong...

    Thank you Site, she is exactly what I needed. Such a little love bug too. The second part of your comment is all so true. They give their all, it is the least I can do for her. Happy happy happy... We need a a current photo of your Buddy too. Jai
  12. Somethings wrong...

    Steve, Time is getting close. Unfortunately I am having the end of month money woes again. I was doing ok, until I adopted a 6 pound waif. The PO assured me that Lissa at 10 months old, had all of her puppy shots. I went by her vet to pick up the records. Short story, they only gave her one "7 in 1" shot on 1/3/17, instead of the needed series, leaving her open to illnesses. That night Lissa seemed to have a fever so I ran her to my vet in the A.M. After tests and meds issued, Lissa thankfully was not sick, to the tune of $142. There went my savings, I now have $40 in the bank. Not sure if that will get gas enough to allow me to drive to you and back home. I'll try to borrow some $. BUT, this very sweet little girl Lissa is now protected from illnesses. She is a real doll, great with all things needed, like potty training. She is just what I needed to give me sunshine once again in my life, I'm smiling a lot now. Here is a photo of her. I'll get back to you about the trip over to your house. Let me know what day will work out for you. Hopefully there will be no rain, I do not drive Redbird out in the rain. Thank you, Jai
  13. Stolen 280ZX San Francisco, CA, USA

    Thank God, all our worst nightmare. So glad for you. Jai
  14. Somethings wrong...

    Ah yes, I did. As of Sunday the flashers resumed working, for now. They will quit again. As of today, Pete put freon in the A/C, not finding the green wire either. Nice to have both of these working. My opinion is that the list should be prioritized by which needs to be done first due to safety.. Your choice to go as short or as far with the list as you have time and/or feel like. Pete will continue on with the A/C, so I'll leave it off the list. 1) Flashers, if they are non working again. Actually, I am hoping they will quit so the problem can be diagnosed and fixed finally. 2) Horn 3) Back up lights 4) Tach If you get this far, the 2 left are not safety oriented, 1) Door spring 2) Radio. If time is available, your choice. I don't care. Thank you very much, Jai