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  1. Jai's Status

    If I have time after getting RedBird back with only 2 - 3 days before the Black Bear Festival, I thought I would try to put some white lettering and black dye on my front carpets. Anyone have suggestions for products I can get locally in my small town? Or difficulty in this effort? Thanks, Jai
  2. Jai's Status

    Yes yes yes! Thank you so much! Who is in this photo? Ja
  3. Jai's Status

    Michael the painter at the body shop,... who is my neighbor, just sent me these photos of RedBird in the paint booth! Isn't she lovely??? Jai
  4. Jai's Status

    Posted in error.
  5. Jai's Status

    RedBird is in the hands of the body shop now. Sigh, lonely here without her in the carport. Rex promised to make sure her repairs are correct and she will be under cover the whole time there. I know she will shine like a newly minted coin. Perfect, in time for the Black Bear Festival. And this time, I won't have to do the labor! I thank each of you for your parts involved with this repair for her. You are the best! I promise photos of the Festival with her. Jan
  6. Jai's Status

    The 3 piece valence was not purchased. What I'm understanding from you is, on your visual you have determined that this piece is needed. Right? If so, can you mail it to the body shop, since I'll not have a way to deliver it? Do you have pay pal? If not, PM me your address and I'll mail you the postage, and any other fee if you need. I'll get the body shop address to you too. Thank you for this fine offer. Jai
  7. Jai's Status

    I'll have to see when they get into the interior in the well to see if this is a needed part replacement. Thanks again. I'll let you know ASAP if it is needed. I cannot tell myself when looking at the damage. Jai
  8. Jai's Status

    Ha! Just saw Sassz's Vin number, 271,295. With RedBird's being 277,450. In the month between our girls, 6,155 Z's were produced. Cool!!! Jai
  9. Jai's Status

    Yesss, a wonderful price. Especially when the body shop cut me a check for the $225. That was to buy the fender and bumper alone. But I didn't want that bumper, not as good as what I wanted. The bezel, Quality parts wanted $220 for it. So getting the fender complete with the bezel and headlight rings was ok with the body shop. They then went ahead and ordered the bumper from Quality for $785. RedBird will be going to body shop on Monday for her "facelift" to start. Getting rid of her black eye. Yay! The Black Bear Festival with the car show is on Saturday 10/21. I just found out there is to be a dog show there on Sunday 10/22 too. If I can locate a safe spot to park RedBird on Sunday, Lissa and I will be attending the dog show too. A double win for the 3 of us would be out of sight! Looking forward for all to begin. But first having my 2nd cataract surgery on Tues., and still having left over food poisoning symptoms. Need to be past these, then onward to Festivities at Black Bear.
  10. Jai's Status

    Hi all, The donor car build date is 6/76, Vin 308,212. The parts I bought off it are: Complete fender, with everything attached to it including bezel, headlight rims, and running light Right bumper shock Console, from radio back, between seats including ash tray, with attached sensors Complete turn signal assembly Both windshield wipers Shift knob Fuse box cover All for the fantastic price of $225.00. And I didn't even wear a mask! How cool was that? The door cards are in wonderful condition, he wanted $50 each. I did not need them, and I don't have the extra $ to get them "in case". Thanking Greg for all his assistance with this purchase, wise advice included. Jai
  11. Jai's Status

    Hi all, Need to know answer for this asap. Will be going in a while to pick up parts from donor car. In a 1976 280 Z, are the cylinders for the 2 doors and the deck lock interchangeable? RedBird's right door lock will not open with any key. The donor car has a deck lock with a single key, not opening either doors on that car. I was thinking if I could move RedBird's deck lock into the passenger door I would have both doors opening on the same key. Then put the donor car deck lock in RedBird's deck, with its own key. That, if it would work, would be an improvement. Thanks...
  12. Jai's Status

    Anyone have an answer about the bumper shocks? Thanks, Jai
  13. Jai's Status

    How neat that is! What is her Vin #? It will be interesting to see how many were produced in that month between them. I looked at the Vin # on the donor car, but it was obscured somehow. Could not see it. Jai
  14. Jai's Status

    Wheee, RedBird's stats are listed with the photo on posts from me. Vin...277,450, production date 10/75. Jai
  15. Jai's Status

    Big announcement... RedBird is going to the body shop on Monday, 10/9! Bumper to arrive there on Tuesday. Greg and I going to pick up fender, bezel, and everything attached to them tomorrow and will drop off at the body shop then too. Guys, anyone who has had a similar accident... PLEASE let me know what else to look for needing repairs/replaced. I would hope the body shop would be very careful to search out and fix everything. BUT, I'm feeling I need to be very aware that they get all taken care. You know, our cars are so different than any other on the road, it seems to me it might be easy for them to miss something. So feeling I need to be ever vigilante that they do see/fix everything. So if you have any ideas, please voice them. Thanks lots! Jai