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    1976 280Z RedBird - Purchased 12/14 One owner, Arizona car.
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  1. Jai's Status

    I took Redbird to the muffler shop to have a different one put on her. The owner spotted the missing bolt in the rear lower control arm. He told me it was dangerous and to have it taken care of immediately. So I went right to Pete, and sent Greg a text with the photo and asked if he had one off the parts car he had. He did, and brought it right over, but the bushing is missing. Pete also said others of the complete lot of bushings I had put on 2 1/2 years ago, were loose too. Pete put the bolt in and said RedBird was safe to drive until I get another bushing. Wondering if I should have a talk with the other mechanic that did the bushing job? I got lucky I think, it could have been a bad accident in the wings. Unhappy magnam... Jai
  2. Jai's Status

    I thank you Mark for sending the door parts. I took heed of your suggestion, and the door works perfectly now with having saturated the hinge and the striker plate, etc., with WD - 40. So not sure if I need to get the parts replaced or not. Guess time will tell. Jai

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL... Wishing all my good friends a wonderful, safe, and great day! Blessings for everyone... much love... Jai
  4. Jai's Status

    Good IDea. Thanks for the INfo. With Redwing, my Dad always replaced his tires off his Mercedes wayyyyy before he needed to. So Redwing got his take offs that I ran about 2 years longer. Good deal for me!
  5. Jai's Status

    That's a lot of driving. Is this a for sure thing, or is it iffy in how one gets this break? Would be easier if could be ordered by phone and paid by pay pal.
  6. Jai's Status

    Mark, The only thing that works right about the passenger door is that it will lock if the inside post is pushed down. The key does nothing for the door, will not open it. I forget, it may not even turn. I have thought it was the wrong key for that lock. Which is low on the aggravation list, I have almost no use for that door. Thanks...
  7. Jai's Status

    This month I will get my heating assistance fron the gov, IT will be $350. So I'll use that. Excuse the text errors phone screwing up.
  8. Jai's Status

  9. Jai's Status

    Thank you for this offer. I really appreciate IT.
  10. Jai's Status

    195 - 70 - 14 But on Redwing I ran 205 - 75 - 14's and they fit well.
  11. Jai's Status

    Hi all, I haven't been able to update you as both my phone and tablet were un-corroptive. Rex at body shop said I need a round striker part, newer or in better shape than the current one, as this one is worn out. Today I can get the door to at least half latch by pulling up on the outside door handle and closing while holding it up. That works for being in car too, just more awkward. Anyone have a decent spare they would sell me, and how much? Rex also said that when balancing the tires, the all 4 were low, due to dry rot. Aghhh! Those tires were new with the rubber "hair" on them when I got Redbird in Dec 2014. So now I need new tires. Any suggestions about that? I'm not the purist sports car addicts a lot of you are, so I don't need the very best. Just good quality long lasting tires. Thanks for all your super suggestions and information. You are great! Jai
  12. Jai's Status

    Hi, I went to the mechanic I use to get oil change. At 3,003 miles since roll over of 1,000,000 when it was last changed, I drove for 1 year. Pretty good eh? I use the KM filters but it did not arrive yet, it's due today. So will go back tomorrow to get the oil change. At any rate, Pete looked at the door. He easily and quickly fixed it. I don't understand but his words were that he just "rolled it over twice, shut the door and then it worked"! Whatever he did, I am very glad!!! A quick easy fix. I'm now at the body shop and they are balancing the wheels and adjusting the downward looking headlight. Now as to the hinge possibly breaking. Does it look inside the white circle that perhaps someone welded it, maybe a lousy fix for a cracked hinge? Is that weld marks? Again I don't know, maybe my thoughts are off. I do know that when RedBird was prepared for sale, before I bought her, whomever it was used the cheapest methods possible. I have found lousy work on her, that I don't think the original owner would have done. The good parts on her are really well cared for good. Thanks for all the help, you guys are the greatest. Jai
  13. Jai's Status

    Upon enlarging the door hinge, it looks like it may maybe coming apart. See what you all think of this photo with the area circled. Thank you all... Jai
  14. Jai's Status

    Ok... I made a mistake, or... it may have changed. Key in door lock does move the inside latch post up and down. But, it has no effect on the door opening or closing the door tightly. Photos of the door with the 1/2 inch opening showing how far the door will go, showing wider gap at the top and thinner gap near the bottom.. Back edge and front edge. No this is the drivers door, repair was on the right side. Yes this started after the repair but I have been assured that they did nothing to the drivers door. Curious eh? Wonder if they leaned on the door, putting pressure to the mechanisms. Then photos of the hinge and striking plates, before anyone asks for them. Thanks for all the comments, Jai
  15. Jai's Status

    Mark, That is why I am thinking something in the process of the door closing is amiss and perhaps not the lock itself. But maybe both. Aghhh, my tube of graphite powder is among the missing. Grrr... I'm taking RB tomorrow to the body shop to get the headlight adjusted, as it looks down. Also they are going to balance the wheels. Left over from the repair stuff. Perhaps I can manage to get someone to look at the door and give me a clue. It is not anywhere near the repair they did, so maybe not. Thanks, Jai