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  1. Imagine that!

    I suppose if we want to get real technical, the sudden transfer of energy to the person is what's really to blame
  2. Imagine that!

    Counterpoint: meanwhile, on an average day in the US, ~100 people are killed by non-self-driving cars: http://www.iihs.org/iihs/topics/t/general-statistics/fatalityfacts/state-by-state-overview Also, keep in mind that less than 10 years ago, self-driving cars were widely considered to be an impossibility for the near future. This stuff moves fast.
  3. Kept working on the rear this weekend. Had to persuade the rear quarter a bit to get it back into position (it worked!). The area around the bumper hole was one I was worried about, but it worked out alright. The rest of the rear, I think body filler can take care of. Tried using a heat gun as Mark suggested, but no luck with it; maybe the metal's just been worked too much. I never expected to be so cavalier about cutting holes into a car, and now I have something to work on next weekend.
  4. Guess it's about time for an update. Kind of slow going lately -- I've started up a new business with a partner of mine (anyone out there in hospital/physician marketing? message me!), kiddo started playing baseball -- and pulling dents just isn't that interesting to talk about. I think my original goal of getting this thing back on the road before summer is out the window But little by little, improvement! I bought a profile gauge just to see how bad the rear quarter was out of shape, which was a lot. Not finished yet, but the worst areas are only out by less than 1/8". Fun stuff: I made my first patch panels and started plugging up some holes. Passenger side bumper: Tail light panel: Antenna: Driver side door: There's still some work to do on that last one, but it turns out that welding in patches is super satisfying! Also: old filing cabinets from the office basement are a great source for sheet metal. The bottom behind the wheel is kind of a mess. It too had a bunch of holes drilled into it for the body filler to grab. Despite my best efforts with the stud welder, it does not want to go back to something like the original profile and it's turning into Swiss cheese. I am very strongly considering cutting the whole thing out and welding in new metal. Thoughts?
  5. Value question on a 100k all original 78 280z

    The high-water mark for a 280z on Bring a Trailer is $36,000: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1976-datsun-280z-3/ Based on the photos of the engine bay, this car looks like it's in better shape. $36k was an outlier, but if the rest of the body and interior matches, and originality is important to you, then anything under $25k may be a bargain.
  6. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Jeff, somehow I missed this thread, but YouTube's algorithm picked up the slack and your videos popped up in my feed a few days ago, and I've been following along since. Great work and great videos. Oh, I spent nine years as a firefighter as well!
  7. San Gabriel Valley here. Let's make something happen. My Z is a little, uhh, out of commission right now, but whenever I can get it put back together, I'm just a few miles outside of Angeles Forest. It's a great drive.
  8. What frame rails?!

    Hardly an expert here, but I bought the Lincoln Handy MIG. It's budget-friendly (~$300) and runs on 110V, which is all I have in my garage. It won't weld anything over 1/4" but I'm not doing any of that anyway. Tank and gas was about $225, plus another ~$100 at Harbor Freight for a helmet, gloves, magnets, and some other bits and pieces.
  9. What frame rails?!

    Speaking from the experience of having just bought a baby MIG welder, you (rcb280z) should totally buy a MIG welder! I'm very happy I got mine, and I've only had it for a couple weeks.
  10. More progress here and there (I can't help myself, I tend to bounce around from one thing to another, especially if things start to slow down) over the weekend. I feel pretty good about the hatch right now. It needs filler in a couple places, but not much and I don't have any loose areas in the panel. Don't want to push my luck. I moved on to pulling out the dent at the bottom right of the license plate, which has not gone especially well. There's no access from the back and the curves make it hard to re-shape. It's better, but still fairly mangled. I'm strongly considering just cutting it out and welding in a new piece. The big dent in the rocker is coming out nicely, though. It was over 1" deformed and I got that down to about 1/4" before my back go too sore to keep at it. And one choice that I'm sure not everyone will agree with, but I'm going with a body mod: no more seam on the headlight buckets.
  11. I never would've thought to use the stud welder that way...great tip, thank you! Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  12. Looks like saving the hatch won't require as much work as I was worried that it might. I'm getting my money's worth for the stud welder I bought. And these pictures are terrible. Can anyone give me a little insight to this bit here? It looks like the hatch sheet metal should rest against it to provide some support, but unless I've got the overall curve of the metal way wrong, it seems to be too short. Is there a rubber piece or something that should be in between?
  13. Car worth? How much would you pay?

    Now down to $5200, and with fewer pictures: https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/cto/6454850426.html Probably a basketcase, but someone here might be able to strike a deal on a big project.
  14. Productive afternoon today: all the holes on the body panels have been filled up. The rear quarter was a little more work than I was expecting when I got started (thanks, guy who didn't see any body work that couldn't be done with just filler!), but that just meant more opportunities to practice. Blew through a bit a few times, and the flap disc cleaned up the ugly from most of the others, but a handful of the welds came out just right on the first try. Those were satisfying. USPS delivered my new shrinking disc this afternoon, so I know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow.