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  1. Basing your evaluation on driving the car or how the new and old shocks "feel" when you compress them? If the old ones needed replacement, there definitely should be a difference.
  2. "2 balls do the trick"
  3. Print options getting scarce. But they've put their archives online, including May with their final Z article: https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hsx/2017/05/Default---1973-Datsun-240Z/3750807.html https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hsx https://www.hemmings.com/editorial/hsx-index
  4. Making the pivot point of the float adjustable - threaded "ears" or posts with external screws maybe - seems like it could have possibilities.
  5. Scrolling through forum topics and this juxtaposition caught my eye
  6. Since the Prince already got attention in this corner of the website, here's another bit of media coverage: https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2017/03/20/prince-r380-represents-the-best-from-japan-in-the-mid-sixties/
  7. The date on the article puts a different perspective on this -- as does the more current changing of Nissan's leadership and design influence: Plenty of room to cross fingers and hope for the best, though!
  8. Very real and very rare: "The only known surviving Prince R380, the very car that won the 1966 Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji Speedway, will make its North American debut Sunday at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance as part of a special Japanese Prototype class" https://news.classiccars.com/japans-first-racing-star-set-amelia-island-concours-debut/ http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/video-see-the-prince-r380-on-us-soil-for-the-first-time-at-the-amelia-island-concours-delegance/
  9. In good company! https://deremerstudios.smugmug.com/Automotive-Photography/Amelia-Isnald-Concours-dElegan/2017-Amelia-Island-Concours-dElegance/Behind-the-Scenes/i-j8xm9H4/A https://deremerstudios.smugmug.com/Automotive-Photography/Amelia-Isnald-Concours-dElegan/2017-Amelia-Island-Concours-dElegance/Behind-the-Scenes/i-4qtWPtV/A
  10. http://autoweek.com/article/people/shiro-nakamura-nissans-chief-creative-officer-retires-amid-staff-shuffle
  11. This may be for production-based Japanese racing car as the GTP-ZX won for Japanese racer: http://nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/channels/us-united-states-nissan/releases/nissan-gtp-zx-wins-class-at-amelia-island/photos/amelia-island-award-to-the-bre-datsun-2 http://nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/channels/us-united-states-nissan/releases/nissan-gtp-zx-wins-class-at-amelia-island
  12. Among other vehicles, the 350 and 370Z were from his era: http://www.autoblog.com/2017/03/14/nissan-design-chief-shiro-nakamura-retires/
  13. Gets you a little misty: https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2017/02/03/farewell-to-a-friend/
  14. Japanese Racing - The Men Behind the Victories Seminar3 p.m.Adam Carolla hosts a panel discussion with some of the people that contributed to the racing success of Japanese auto manufacturers in the United States. Panel includes: Peter Brock; Tommy Kendall; John Morton; Sam Posey and Chip Robinson. The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, Talbot Ballroom$35 per person –Tickets can be purchased online www.ameliaconcours.org or at the door on the day of the event. Open to the Public. Limited Seating. Poster signing follows seminar https://www.ameliaconcours.org/event-schedule.aspx