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  1. Just adding it to the list -- as in "even the roof ... "
  2. Seems like "vinyl top" was a warning sign of roof damage underneath. https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/bluebird510/6ytlnlBquEM
  3. Correction: No longer available. Finder's fee is negotiable ;^)
  4. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/datsun/240z/1948139.html?refer=blog
  5. Hemmings makes a very logical argument for why S30 replacement parts should be a no-brainer for Nissan: https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2017/05/03/nismo-hints-at-offering-reproduction-parts-for-all-vintage-nissans/?refer=news
  6. Seems like we need a Toy Dept. around here for all the little bits. Hint hint.
  7. Datsuns have gotten a lot of attention on Bring a Trailer lately (maybe "appreciation" is a better term?). Add to the list their salute to Nissan's cult classic film from the 2.5 Trans Am 510 era: http://bringatrailer.com/2017/04/29/bat-inspirational-video-against-all-odds-the-datsun-510-wins-the-2-5-trans-am-series/
  8. Speculation and finger-crossing aplenty as to what other cars might be included in this someday: http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/classic-cars/news/a33307/nissan-nismo-r32-skyline-gt-r-parts/
  9. Basing your evaluation on driving the car or how the new and old shocks "feel" when you compress them? If the old ones needed replacement, there definitely should be a difference.
  10. "2 balls do the trick"
  11. Print options getting scarce. But they've put their archives online, including May with their final Z article: https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hsx/2017/05/Default---1973-Datsun-240Z/3750807.html https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hsx https://www.hemmings.com/editorial/hsx-index
  12. Making the pivot point of the float adjustable - threaded "ears" or posts with external screws maybe - seems like it could have possibilities.
  13. Scrolling through forum topics and this juxtaposition caught my eye
  14. Since the Prince already got attention in this corner of the website, here's another bit of media coverage: https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2017/03/20/prince-r380-represents-the-best-from-japan-in-the-mid-sixties/