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  1. saturday night music thread

    A little Drivin', a little Cryin'
  2. 71 240z - Worth 4K

    I think you are correct, 19288.
  3. Am I getting old...

    Be careful with that. I've been rear ended twice. The first time, I thought no big deal since it was under 25mph. I had no injury at the time and the lady's insurance was Very quick to settle, within a few days even. I was amazed at their efficiency! About a week after that, I was introduced to a latent case of Mr Whiplash. That's according to a Chiropractor. It Sucked.
  4. If the side trim door guards are dealer installed, they are probably riveted in with aluminum backing. You'll need to pull out the black rubber strips and you will see the rivets. Then drill them out. If you want to keep the original door guards you should be able to buy replacement rubber. If they are not dealer installed they are probably a stick on type and the heat gun will be the best way.
  5. Sold on LEDs

    Here you are. For what it's worth, I didn't bother changing out the turn signal lamps.
  6. Am I getting old...

    Like everybody else, you're getting older.......and wiser. Nobody intends on being involved in an accident but we see them happen all the time. Just the other day I was driving my Z. Came up to a red light with a lady in a small passenger car stopped. A distracted guy in big Durango came within less than an inch of plowing her from from behind. It made me think, what if I was the one sitting at the red light in a small 70's car with no rear bumper. Glad you and no one else were injured.
  7. Is 16.5k too much?

    Three things optically here that trick the eye. Wide angle lens, camera off center by about 1/2 step, and camera tilted. Here it is not tilted. It helps a little.
  8. #3. Yes #4. Either way. Interior finish coats look great for resto pictures but not absolutely necessary IMO, Especially if you are going to Dynamat the interior. But a lot of folks do that because it complete's the process to a high standard. Whatever you are doing, do it well kind of thing. And, no apologies needed. It makes us feel useful and smart........sometimes......maybe.......or not......
  9. Is 16.5k too much?

    A ton of work already on this car. You would be saving money in the long run. Worth it IMO barring any photoshop tricks. Those photos are not from an amateur.
  10. rotella t4 oil

    I'm pretty sure it's available from the Auto Supply stores like Autozone, O'Riellys, Advance, etc.. Even Walmart and Amazon.
  11. rotella t4 oil

    I've been using the Rotella 15w 40 in my Z for the last 3 yrs with no complaints. The previous owner ran Rotella 20w 50 in it. Who knows what before. I believe the bottom end is original with 60K on the speedo while the head had been serviced at some point before my purchase with some valve replacements. Cam and lash pads still look good.
  12. Just to add to the info pile, Z Car Depot now carries the E4601 as well as other emblems in metal. There are some subtle variations like no groove between letters, but it's kinda hard to tell from their photo. Weren't all the original 240 and 260 emblems metal to begin with? and were the 280 emblems all plastic?
  13. Sold on LEDs

    Thanks for taking the time to do manual/long exposures. It's the only way to actually see the difference in bulb intensity and color. Well done.
  14. Heater temp valve leak

    Sorry, didn't mean the Valve itself. I was thinking of the attached capillary tube that winds down into the heater box behind the evaporator. Is there another way to access it?