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  1. E31 Head and Steering rack for sale

    Upping this. Parts still here. They don't have to go, but if anyone is interested.
  2. E31 Head and Steering rack for sale

    The head is back. So any interest PM me !
  3. Shell V Power Nitro+

    There's quite some videos on youtube on doing that, but untill there's a proper way, i'll stick with the expensive non ethanol gasoline..
  4. Shell V Power Nitro+

    It's called V Power here if I am correct. Fancy names. It's just regular gasoline ( octane a bit higher ) without ethanol in it. Ethanol reduces mpg and burns less clean than regular gasoline. I use it in the 240Z to, but that's just because the regular 95 contains about 5% ethanol, ( this will be upped to 10% in a few years time ) I just need regular gasoline without ethanol, so I don't **** up the carbs and everything.... The hobby is getting more expensive by the day ...
  5. Road tripping across Europe in a 280Z

    I love the mountain area of Austria and Bayern ( Southern Germany )... went there last year with the Mustang. Beautiful scenery to drive... I'm planning my next road trip through Switzerland and into Monaco, but it don't think it will be this year.
  6. Bought # 4858

  7. My 1971 Datsun 240Z

    Beautiful 240 ! Orange really fits Datsun !
  8. My Datsun 240Z

    And some more S30 racing pictures here:
  9. My Datsun 240Z

    Was at classic cars and aeroplanes sunday, they had a race demo with some old zeds...
  10. HLS30-000105 is now for sale on Ebay

    Way more than 15k... can tell you that
  11. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Manual says: Use Mobil SAE 10w30 for damper oil, do not use SAE 30 or higher weight oils
  12. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Personally I don't see the problem in the ball joints ( after all I am still using the old " worn out " ones ), or the entire linkage, but just with the carbs. Mine where done by Ztherapy, so not sure what they did ? Found this on their website: Reman Carb Body 69-72 ½ 240Z 3 or 4 Screw w/ZT Roller Shafts (pair) . But there's no friction in the linkage ever since, and the gas pedal goes so light....it's better than a new car. ( I have to note it is sensitive on bumpy roads, but I anticipate on that by backing my foot off) So I guess the shafts in both carbs ( Original state ) cause to much friction in the whole linkage.. ?
  13. Paltech carb rebuild

    it should be plug and play...
  14. [SOLD] 240z 2400 valve cover

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240-Z-NISSAN-2400-Valve-Cover-RARE-/112408774580?hash=item1a2c15c7b4:g:JzkAAOSwX61ZGl1x&vxp=mtr Here the one from JRPurcell and found this one to: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240Z-Series-1-NISSAN-2400-OHC-Aluminum-Valve-Cover-Rare-/282476603409?hash=item41c4eae811:g:V4AAAOSw8HBZF1bx&vxp=mtr
  15. Z Mirror with no Day/Night Toggle?

    That 70's haircut though