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  1. it should be plug and play...
  2. Here the one from JRPurcell and found this one to:
  3. That 70's haircut though
  4. Hey Mart, That ZX is going to be a beauty ! I'm curious after the end result... Nice work from the body shop . About the hinge seal, that's a good one, need to do some information digging on the internet here.., I wouldn't have a clue either. You have alot of books and manuals, doesn't one of them say anything about a seal there ?
  5. The S30 432(R) and the S20 Prince engine are surely unique in the sense of historical value and collector items.
  6. Interesting, this seems to be a complaint with many s30 owners. And the " sticky " throttle. Once I had my rebuild carbs back, the issue was no longer there, so I think alot of problems are in the butterfly shafts, because they actually wear in " oval " , the pedal action is not smooth anymore
  7. Just use BP6ES, I don't see R plugs necessary it's not a modern car. Heck I even use B6ES ( cheapest ones ) on my 240Z and they do the job just fine. Going hotter is not the solution to existing engine problems.. if the plug is fooling it's either oil, or to much fuel, or in extreme cases the head gasket is leaking and fooling the plug.
  8. Good luck on the restoration ! It's amazing these low VIN cars still keep popping up... I noticed the speedo starts @ 20 mph, didn't the early speedo start at 0 ? Or was it the other way around haha.
  9. Okay. Yes that's a big problem to.. When the engine shop rebuild my lower block there was alot of crap coming out for sure.
  10. You'd be suprised how much the radiator has lost capacity since it left the factory ! Once mine got a new core, things changed drastically, even on a super hot day, the temperature stays moderate. But a good flush like you said and a new thermostat could do alot.
  11. Beautiful Z you got there !
  12. Nice mustang. I also have a 70 fastback, currently also building a 500hp + 4V Cleveland, but I'm using a upgraded AOD wide ratio that can handle up to 750hp. Will be a fun ride like yours. Still I love my 240Z ! It's stock, but that;s the beauty of it, I don't feel the need to put triples or camming the L24, just enjoy it stock, it's a different story I feel with the V8's.. it's a muscle car !
  13. @ JSM 5K.. he's nuts. that's not even 500. That thing is gone, maybe usefull for some parts.
  14. That's an understatement !