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  1. Thanks Mike, we need to gather a lot more examples. If 1969/1970 cars have two holes for the screws on the floor, it could be an evidence that engineers had to design for both type ,short and long mast type. Maybe be cause of the different suppliers? If 1969/1970 cars do not have those holes, the change might happen around 12/1971 , my orange 240Z could be a betweenness, an early aerial with a later mounting floor. About a seat belt warning system, my 12/1971 orange car did not come with that, but it's floor came with a mounting pocket for the retractable / electric michro switch seat belt system. (I did DIY for the system installing for having fun though) Kats
  2. Beautiful car Mike! I have a question, the difference of the length of the mast, and mounting. Pleaee see 12/1971 orange 240Zand 06/1972 maroon 240ZG, 240ZG has a long mast. It is possible that this ZG have had the aerial replaced at some point, but it looks like pretty original. And mounting point of the floor, there are two holes for the retaining screws, and what it makes me wonder is, these holes for the long mast are already existed from the early days. My orange 12/1971 has exactly same mast and mounting like my 01/1970 & 03/1970 cars. What do you think of this? Kats
  3. Hi Blue, I did not know he is still selling that! It is a good idea just looking at , not to try buying anything. I payed like 250USD for the real one, I sold it with an winning bid 58000 JPY . It is also for S30S, but everyone want to buy for their Z432-R or for their other models topping "Z432-R " special feeling . I am regretting that I let it go.I thought I do not have a Z432-R nor a S30S. I thought I should focus on Z432 and 240Z. Kats
  4. Thanks Alan, I see why they have some comfortable features. They are road going Z432-R, each car has each owners needs. My automatic 240Z has day/night mirror of course. And this is the mirror which provided later from Nissan. Kats
  5. I bought this from the US as new in the box , kept it on a shelf a while, then sold it on Yahoo Japan a few years ago. Most of the Z432-R which I saw do not have this mirror, I think they just lost it at some point. It is a quite common story that people were trying to obtain this plain mirror (because of Z432-R) from the local Nissan sometime ago , they ended up receiving mirror with an ugly mounting stay. Bravely some people were trying to sell the not original mirror with listing "Z432-R mirror" , they were relying only the fact that they placed an order to Nissan with the collect part number. I do not know why parts catalog says this mirror is applied "automatic" . Kats
  6. Hi, I did label tuning for the shroud,my ZG has a non-protector radiator with a shroud. I copied from different part label as a template and changed part number . Kats
  7. An interesting modify of my 240ZG, this is the brace for the throttle pedal pivot. The original owner's memo said " throttle need to be more smooth when depress .." This is the solution , a dealer mechanic created unique parts, I think. Some car magazines claimed same thing, the throttle pedal was stiff and hard to control when start rolling. Kats
  8. Thanks Jerry, My car is HS30-11861 L24-114120, approximately 3000 gap. I think it is close, there is an article of an interview to Nissan engineers at April 3rd 1972 . Mr.Suitsu said "we make 6000 in April (5500 export, 500 domestic) , this is the first time making sportscar more than 6000 a month..." So, yours and mine would been in a same month? At that time L24 was used for another models, our cars would be closer than engine number gap. Kats
  9. Beautiful and nice work ! What is your car's engine serial number? Maybe close to my 240ZG. Kats
  10. Thanks Blue! A sticker added on the air cleaner . A crip added for the harness of the modified high intensity head light system. This crip is used for the battery cable on the fire wall, four of them for L -series engined car , three of them for S20 engined car. It was red , I wrapped it with a black tape. Looking great like a stock appearance. Kats
  11. This is my 06/72 240ZG, see the strut. There is a "L" on it. I do not know this is a later replaced part or not. There is a story about the design team was thinking applying left and right , but it was rejected due to cost cut. But later it was applied for both. Kats
  12. I like this car! I noticed the rear gate strut, it is ordinary type . My Z432 01/70 has a bit different shape, I thought early cars have the same type like my Z432 , and this type is mentioned in a Fairlady-Z service bulletin . My 03/70 US 240Z has the ordinary type . I want to know early cars for export have ordinary type ( I do not know how to call the strut ) from the beginning, or not. Kats
  13. Thank you Jerry, that is a very useful advice , when I need it, I will ask you to get them. Your vented disc looks so cool, Jerry. That is why I could not stop myself hitting buy button! Kats
  14. I am amazed that this thread started 10 years ago! Thank you so much everyone seeing and posting here to make this thread interesting. Here is a set of door molding, E4101 is the original non-plastic cap type. My Z432 is still improving a little bit, long way to it's originality. And spare tire holders, my 1972 240ZG has simple metal holders. No rubbers for the tap and the disc . You see the early ones came with the rubber for them. Kats
  15. Jerry inspired me , obtaining vented calipers. Dimensions are almost same, only the width to the side is different. Shims and springs are missing, I will collect them gradually. Wires for the retaining pin caught my eyes, I think this is for quick replacing when at the track. Nismo features? Kats