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  1. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Gavin, I too have bought many parts from Steve , before knowing he is a member here ! I am always so satisfied with his products. I have a question to Steve . Can you make this and if you can make it , how many orders does it require and, how much it is going to be ? This cover and tray is for Japanese S30, I would say probably 99% of cars are missing them. I would think owners would have been happy if they were available. A metal flame is replicated by a shop in Japan. Exports S30s do not have a problem because you are making assorted parts. This is a quite bigger parts considering your products line up. But if you do not have problem making this big , I would ask such as an early wiper motor plastic cover , a Z432 cabin air intake plastic duct , etc . Kats
  2. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Thank you nix240z, I am glad that some are already started to working on, and also most of others have potential to be made . My friends in Japan are very interested in your products, but most of them usually hesitate to contact and have fear for paying online payment. Even they are worried about shipping from the overseas. Kats
  3. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi, seeing those conversations of 'reploduction' here and there, now something is coming up in my mind. I am having fun to list parts which are NLA from Nissan and other venders today, not only that , I picked those parts up which are visible at a car show and are very likely missing or deteriorated through the years. I do not want nix240z to feel that he is obligated to do it. Do not take it seriously, just I want to show what is in my mind. 1/battery cable clip 2/fuse cover 3/fuse cover stopper teeth 4/flasher knob 5/early spare tyre holder rubber cover 6/luggage belt clip 7/door dove tail original style 8/ 1971 and later shoulder belt clip 9/seat belts clip 10/early shoulder belt anchor washers 11/early tyre stopper rubber band 12/ early seat bottom side cover Kats
  4. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Thank you so much nix240z, it turned out very nice and lightning quick ! Even more coming with a bonus extra. I am just amazed of your ability of making products. I will place an order with some of your products. Kats
  5. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    nix240z, that is a great news, I am looking forward to seeing a reproduction grommet. And thanks to Mike provided sample grommets. Kats
  6. Antenna Rebuild / Restore

    I have got a reply from HARADA , but it seems to me almost impossible to get a replacement mast. They said first of all , they can not supply parts to individual customers, they can do only for car manufacturers like Nissan. They said ‘maybe we can react / move on if Nissan place an order to us ,but Nissan has to specify the parts number of the mast and tell it to us when placing an order’ So, I now think to make it happen, #1 many people want the mast ( hundreds or thousands?) #2 Nissan thinks replacement mast will make a profit #3 We and/or Nissan know the part number of the mast #4 HARADA still have tools and materials to make it It’s just a long way to the mast if you wanna Rock and roll . I visited my mother’s house , the outside was minus 10 degrees Celsius, I decided not operate the antenna. Kats By the way, were there quite a number of people who tried to bend the antenna ? A gas lid too, why Fairlady Zs have key- locked lid ? Was Japan unsafe at that time or Fairlady Zs were too good for those people and they were jealous so badly ?
  7. Antenna Rebuild / Restore

    Mike B, what a great news you have a rare one and a super rarer Nissan key !! I too have a Hitachi mark on the metal piece, I think it should go with manual extension antenna as I see your original antenna. I found the black plastic ring which is in between the Hitachi piece and the top rock nut is smaller than the one on the auto antenna. Kats
  8. Antenna Rebuild / Restore

    Sorry I may be posting off topic, I show you a manual extension antenna which would be an alternative choice for someone who doesn’t try to repair his auto antenna. This is for Fairlady Z (std) and export 240Zs which do not have an auto antenna. I may mixed up associated parts which are used for an auto antenna . It may not have a rubber ball , it might come with a die cast scallop ? piece. Kats
  9. Antenna Rebuild / Restore

    Fantastic , Jerry . I hope people in HARADA see this thread and feel our passion for these parts to enjoy our Zs. Kats
  10. Antenna Rebuild / Restore

    Here is my spare mast, I do not know it is HARADA or AFM one. The tip is pointing, looks exactly the same as original mast. We have a short and a long mast , my orange 240Z 12/71 has a short one while my Fairlady 240ZG 06/72 has a long one. How about yours ? Please see the pictures, Kats
  11. Antenna Rebuild / Restore

    Hi, I wrote a message to HARADA Ltd customers relationship, about a request of the antenna mast replacement. I do not know they will reply , I am waiting hearing from them. Kats
  12. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Each boot has each stitches. The NOS boot (shown on the left) has decent stitches than my used boot. And this is the point , if it has decent stitches, you will see the square around the grommet. Kats
  13. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Here is a development of the boot. I think I can replicate 2 more from the vinyl sheet if I have the two grommets. Kats
  14. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Gavin, yes I checked that one . Nice boot I wish it used more bold thread, with wider parallel stitchings along the joint . Kats
  15. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Gavin, thank you for the photo of HS30-00150, it looks like a genuine leather. Maybe a dealer option at that time ? About HS30-00004, it looks it has an exact stock boot for me. I do not see any reason that Nissan would apply multiple type of boot according to its destination. I believe there was an only one boot for early models up to sep 1971 is , this one , thin vinyl leather with the grommet, 75150-E4101. Kats