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  1. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    And a few photos. Kats
  2. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Dual exhaust system for L24 , Which one I should go , The front in the picture is the one for using stock L - series engine header, this is a factory optional item. ( 20100-E4105 : up to 09/1971 , 20100- E8730 from 10/1971) And the back is the one using the race option header for L24 and Z432 center and rear system. I can see the difference between them, The front pipe diameter is different, Z432 is bigger than the other. That is why this L -series front pipes have a welded metal piece on the pipes( not only for this but also very long pipes !) , ,and a reinforcement at the joint of the pipes and the center muffler. About this 20010-E4105 and 20010-E8730, the rear muffler is used from Z432 system to join the center muffler, so the diameter of the rear pipes of the center muffler are the same that of the Z432 center muffler. Also this time I tried to show the difference of early and late of the center muffler and the rear muffler. The difference is joint location. When the new center console applied 10/1971,the rear differential was moved 35mm back to align the center of the rear axle. This change made the joint location back a little bit. In these pictures, the race header with the Z432 center and rear system is the early type. The dual system using the factory header is later type( 20010-E8730) so you can see the difference of the joint location between them. Kats
  3. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Thanks Chris ! Captain Obvious, I am clear after review your prototype work , thanks. Today I found this, my 01/1970 Z432 and 03/1970 240Z do not have this U- bolt cramp on a steering rack. I search my parts box, there is a U bolt and a stopper. They came in a parts box which contained various stock S30 parts I bought. I was about to put it on but I suspended to do until I found the originality. I checked parts catalog Fairlady-Z and Datsun 240Z ( US &Canada/ Right hand drive / Left hand drive) , very early catalog ( November 1969) do not mention about this U-boot & stopper. What I found so far is this part can be seen in the June 1970 catalog , this is the earliest for the parts which is listing in my books. Has this issue already been discussed ? Also I want to know the white marking on the U-bolt, which direction should this white marking face to? I mean front or rear? I know the U-bolt is UP side , and the stopper is under the steering rack. Fairlady catalog is shwoing correctly, but Datsun 240Z catalog showing wrongly, up side down. Kats
  4. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hello heyitsrama, Thank you for asking, I am not for sure that I am replying for your questions, but I think people in Japan are passionate about racing in circuits and some street competitions , L-series vs S20. Many people are saying modify L-series engines are faster than stock S20, but there are some serious S20 racers show their fantastic ability . I am also curious which is faster than the other, but we can not say it without specifying category before the competition. Kats
  5. Pictures from the service manual, Second picture, you can see the new muffler hanger , new curved rear cross member, and the mounting insulator 55415-E8300. Kats
  6. Dan, Please see these pictures. I think cross member is original 55411-E4100 because an earliest muffler hanger is used on the member, and do not see any obstraction by the mounting insulator 55415-E8300/01. I want to know what is a difference between the two cross members, shape ? or no- muffler hanger welded nut? 3rd picture is my 12/1971 Orange 240Z, this shows how an E8300/01 should be installed correctly. 4th picture is my 01/1970 Z432, cross member is 55411-E4100, it has two welded nut , right one is for the hanger of dual exhaust system standard for Z432, an optional for Z, Z-L . Kats
  7. Hi Dan, My blue 240Z (03/70) ,it has E8300 or 8301 insulator!! I did not know that until I saw it last year, probably Tetsu (restorer ) could not get E4101/4102 when the car was in a restoration in 1999. Now I have NOS E4102 , the label which is on it says 06/06/16 . This would mean 2006 / June / 16th. I have forgotten that I need to do it but now I want to replace 8300/8301 to 4102 soon, I am very curious how did Tetsu fit a 8300/8301 on a 1970 240Z. Looks like it is turned 180 degrees , maybe we do not need to modify anything? Kats
  8. Blue interior plastic panels (pearl?)

    Hi Jerry, Congratulations on your obtaining the blue interior car , that is my favorite color ! My car has solid blue for all the plastic panels inside and outside. They are a rear roof rail cover, quarter window trims, rear body side trims, a tail light cover, a tail gate trim ( from 1971 they became vinyl trim as the gate lost air vents. In that case, it might be metallic blue like other vinyl trims) . All the vinyl trims are metallic blue, I will post pictures on my car, I would like to see your blue interior trims/panels. Kats
  9. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    I restored a parts catalog just a little bit, I bought it last week, from Germany. I found the support brackets were bent, I fixed them , not perfect but they are OK now .It joined my collections. Kats
  10. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    More study of the various types of nut, thank you Captain! I have a question, I will write it later. Blue ,I did not know Porsche and other manufacturers have the unique nut ! Kats
  11. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Jason240z , I miss London, I have not visited almost a year. And here is another engine. Which one do you like ? I saw this OS Giken TC two days ago at Glion museum where my Zs are displayed. Kats
  12. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    What a wonderful work , Captain!! Thank you so much for your building and testing , and the video. You can be a manufacturer of the special nut ! Kats
  13. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Yes please , Captain ! When you find something interesting, let us know. Kats
  14. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Mr.Kawashima restored a R192 of a Z432-R recently. https://www.vintagecraft-e-za.com/s30zのページ/旧車のレストアは楽し/z432rのこと/ https://www.vintagecraft-e-za.com/s30zのページ/日産旧車の駆動系レストア/r192デフ-z432r用-ハコスカ/ Kats
  15. Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Finally, I confirmed it is four pinion LSD! Yesterday I visited Mr. Kawashima, he disassembled my LSD, and we saw it has four pinion gears ! It has slightly rust surface, but it is truly never used LSD. Mr.Kawashima made special tools for disassembling R192 into every single part, and he managed to source one special bearing which was not available for long time . We see some parts are interchangeable with R192 normal LSD and R180 LSDs. Virtually R192 four pinion LSD and R192 two pinion LSD looked same but the cover , case, pressure rings, etc the dimensions are not the same. The biggest difference is this four pinion LSD has six plates for each side while two pinion LSD has only four plates , and thickness of plates are different too. Kats