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  1. Yes please , Captain ! When you find something interesting, let us know. Kats
  2. Mr.Kawashima restored a R192 of a Z432-R recently. https://www.vintagecraft-e-za.com/s30zのページ/旧車のレストアは楽し/z432rのこと/ https://www.vintagecraft-e-za.com/s30zのページ/日産旧車の駆動系レストア/r192デフ-z432r用-ハコスカ/ Kats
  3. Finally, I confirmed it is four pinion LSD! Yesterday I visited Mr. Kawashima, he disassembled my LSD, and we saw it has four pinion gears ! It has slightly rust surface, but it is truly never used LSD. Mr.Kawashima made special tools for disassembling R192 into every single part, and he managed to source one special bearing which was not available for long time . We see some parts are interchangeable with R192 normal LSD and R180 LSDs. Virtually R192 four pinion LSD and R192 two pinion LSD looked same but the cover , case, pressure rings, etc the dimensions are not the same. The biggest difference is this four pinion LSD has six plates for each side while two pinion LSD has only four plates , and thickness of plates are different too. Kats
  4. Another topic, I drove my Z432 1500 miles from June to July, two times round trip from my home to Tokyo. I visited Mr. Fukuda, he is a doctor, surgeon. His 1973 Z432 is the second from the last, PS30-100007 . Like other S30 series, it has a new style floors , bigger master vac, associated pedal location, new transmission member , radiator support has a rubber seal , etc . Mr.Fukuda is my hero, he has no compromise for everything, 100% stock. You see the non stock spark plug wires, horn brackets but he has several sets of new originals ! Runs like a new car. Kats
  5. And Mr.Yamamoto (shop owner who is selling my spare S20 engine) showed a 240ZG with Kameari twin idler gear . Sounds awesome, like a S20 ! Kats
  6. Hi Alan, thank you so much , you wrote what I wanted to say. I am stupid I thought my English was OK for everyone.Embarrassed ! I made some video for this, you can see the nut is spinning. Kats
  7. Hi Jason240z, did you have a coffee with Alan in London? I wish I could be there !! And also thank you for the information of a engineering shop in your city, it is nice to know. Kats
  8. Thank you Capatain Obvious ! The making process is now clear for us. I too sketched this, please see it. I still have a question how is the thin flange made ? Kats
  9. Hi moelk, Nice horn pad ! And 240km speedometer, Celsius water/kg oil gage, rally clock, looks like your car has JDM flavor. Kats
  10. Hello Captain Obvious ! Thank you for the explanation, I was wrong , it is not the stopper. Now I am clear , thank you. However , I am not clear about " how to make it " , so if you show me your sketch , that will be wonderful. I want to see inside of the nut, but I do not want to cut it half. Kats
  11. Hi moelk, some one put a hand made trumpet on the emblem, and some one bought a later horn pad with a trumpet, then threw away an early horn pad without a trumpet. But, basically to most of the items , if your car is registered before the cut off date, the new rule is not applicable to your car. A Shaken tester sees the registered date if he has a question when checking the car. Having a trumpet is better than not-having, this way of thinking made some dealer salesman (or mechanic) suggest customer to replace an old beautiful horn pad with a later trumpet one. Kats
  12. Hi Jason240z, using lathe is a good idea, and one big question, how do you make this stopper? Please see the picture. Kats
  13. Hi Gave, Today I looked at the parts catalog for 1974 model, dated December 1973. Usually 1974 model doesn't draw my interest , but this time I learned many things about stillborn "Fairlady 260Z / 260Z-L and 260Z -E ". First, not only 2/2 , also two seater had a G-nose . The cars which had a G-nose were equipped with a L26 associated with an electronic fuel injection system. The "L26-E " produces 170 ps ! Fairlady 260Z-E and 260Z-E 2/2 were the top model of the line up in 1974 (when this catalog was issued ) . 260Z-E and 260Z-E 2/2 had these, G-nose, power window, R-200 LSD with four pinion , rear disk brake, stiffer spring and rear stabilizer, And very similar air cleaner box as Z432, if my memory was correct, I would see the one on Yahoo Japan auction. I thought it was for Z432, but looking at closely some thing different, as it seem to be mirror image of Z432's air cleaner. I could not understand what it was, but now I guess it would be a rare part... Kats
  14. Horn pad emblems, Only Z432 has a red "Z" , other models Fairlady-240ZG/240Z/Z/Z-L come in blue. Both are made of metal, after summer of 1973 the pad became to have a trumpet . Z432 was discontinued at that time, so a red with trumpet pad was never made. My ZG had equipped the red emblem until I was able to obtain the blue one. Kats
  15. Good question Gave, it is not for the works cars, as you can see the part number, it is for the Skyline GTR. The cap's color muches so well with the rally wheel, so I can not stop myself putting it on the wheel. Kats