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  1. I found a part number label on a prop shaft, I saw a memo of an original owner , he claimed vibrations soon after his purchase, dealer replaced it in late 1972. And fixing a inspection light, I like this original brackets, no cut out in one side like later one. Kats
  2. Today's work, rear stabilizer installation completed for 240ZG. I replaced spark plugs and distributer cap, rewarded a lot.
  3. Hi Chris, the Earls Court Z has chrome Zs, yes that is the most eye catching thing for me. If the car would be HLS30-00006/7/8, that would be a big news. Kats
  4. Blue, nice find! And more pictures for the reference. Kats
  5. Hi moelk ,Asymmetrical mirrors, I do not know. Some car has mirrors mounted asymmetrical, and some do not. Sorry for uploading too many pictures, can someone measure their distance with computer devices? Kats "Fairlady vol.1" has good pictures, with chassis numbers from early to late.
  6. Here is a MK63 fitted on PS30-100006, the 3rd from the last Z432.I do not know it is vented or not, just for your reference. Kats
  7. Gathering all the comments , G-nose was oriented from the Europe version development team. Mr.Miyazaki said "it was like a Loutus Europe 's nose, a little bit shorter than G-nose. After that styling design team finalized the shape" . Kats
  8. This photo was taken at the Test Drive US & CANADA, I love this silver. And 240ZG from a magazine. The reason of 15mm lowered in front is, the development team of Europe S30 had found that S30 had a habit of lifting in front when cruising. It was about 10mm. Mr.Takei and Mr.Miyazaki and other engineers all admit that G-nose gives a huge benfit when cruising at high speed, stability is much much improved . Before going on sale G-nose in Japan, many Nissan test crew members got speeding ticket in Tohmei express high way, they did 200km/h crusing. They did not care about ticket ,even they all reported the benifit of G-nose effect not only to the test grope but also to the executives , finally some executives tested by themselves, then G-nose began to sell. Kats
  9. Here is a car on a brochure for France, I think this is a Final Europe version, 15mm lower front, stiffer springs and stabilizers, looked great. Kats
  10. Thanks Alan, the red car is only one for me to see and check an early Europe car. heyitsrama , the mad flap could be a dealer add on. I like the height like a rally car too. Kats
  11. Hi Gavin, that is interesting ! It makes sense to have a tap holder for that wheel I think. Kats
  12. Jerry, fantastic job ! Vented roter looked super cool, you made a good decision. Kats
  13. Hi Blue, nice pictures! I bought the Australian HS30 with Kimono dressed girl on ebay, but I am not happy the quality of print. Yours are very high resolution, nice. Do not you think the HS30 sits high in front? The chrome mirror, it is unique but I like door mirror much more. The Brussels car. Looks like its rear is quite high , as if the car was jacked up then lowerd to the floor. Both cars should have normal suspention compornents. The safari gold Car Magazine Nov 1970 car, might have Current Europe version suspention(same spring rate and F/R stabilizer as Z432), but not lowered front. For us, we know Mr.Goertz had nothing to do with S30 styling. He showed how to make a clay model in general. Nissan designers knew a lot of fantastic sports cars out there , they wanted to make a cool sports car for their own. And they had never seen A550X(Mr.Goertz's study) at that time. Only very a few people saw that but it had never been looked atrractive. April 16th 2015, Mr.Tamura passed away. I still can not post everything from his letter, it is too heavy to do that, but when the time comes, I will do one by one. Kats
  14. Today's work, My blue 240Z is now a daily driver, once it was like new , but not now. I replaced a thermo switch , and checked SU chambers. They were needed to be fixed,I enjoyed it . Kats