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  1. Yikes! That isn't for me.
  2. I don't know...She looks ok to me, but that 240 doesn't do it for me....no hood, dogleg rust hole, engine swap, crooked valence...
  3. Perfect. You've had your car apart for a while and probably don't remember where everything goes. Take some time to remind yourself before you bend the new lines. Use the old lines as templates! Reference these pics, I put the old lines on first and then bent new ones when I was sure where everything went. I have more if you need them. We have the same year car and believe it or not, it isn't as straightforward as you would think.
  4. Did you save the old brake lines?
  5. I think you're asking too much.
  6. 5/16" is more than enough.
  7. Thanks, the flairs are holding up fine so far. I think in hindsight I would not have done them and just run 205 or 215's instead of 225's. Sometimes I feel like they look a little goofy (but only sometimes). :-)
  8. I though you were posting a picture from my thread for a minute! and on ticket me yellow! Nice progress, and I'm inclined to like your choice in colors
  9. Nice work. Not much longer now....
  10. Looks good. I agree with the choice. Have you watched the Eastwood videos on painting. Somewhere in there they talk about sequencing. I found them very helpful. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kevin+tetz+painting
  11. I'm surprised you got that much spatter. Do you have an air dryer to take care of moisture?
  12. Is it just me or does that car's stance look crooked?
  13. yes
  14. They might be. I'm no expert on connecting rods. I've met Eiji and have one of his motors. He's pretty particular about his builds and it's a very smooth rev'ing motor. He's got one in his white z that is just brutal!
  15. ??? Those are DSI rods. I don't think Eiji sells on ebay.