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  1. 1977 280Z

  2. 1977 280Z

    The black carpet paint works great feels good too. Make it look new you can paint the straps also.
  3. Can not say how good they are but with the name Datsun Doctor Waterford mi. There is a guy in Chicago area that builds motors for Bonk racing I hear he is good.
  4. Let's show vintage racing pictures. I'll start.

    Riverside 1972 http://share.imemories.com/pubshare/59c4665d-e946-4968-bb2e-a6fa5b2751d9/1469932
  5. Let's show vintage racing pictures. I'll start.

  6. Camshaft timing

    5 min in but watch it all
  7. Steering Rack Disassembly and Refurb

    Most pics are still on google image. I copied two from google and put them back in one of my threads and is still there.
  8. Looks good did I sell you the vents.
  9. Let's show vintage racing pictures. I'll start.

    Vintage photo's here http://gwadagone.fotki.com/trans-am-racing1966/?view=roll#985
  10. I have some I will sell. Steel rims new paint like new tires 250. 82zx rims bad tires with center caps 200. 81 turbo honeycomb 15 inch rims new gold powder coat new copper cobra tires nice center caps 1100. Appliance mesh 14 inch good tires new center caps 450 In Detroit
  11. 2017 Midwest Z Heritage Festival 8/18-8/19

    First I hear about this I will be there. My 78 and 83 are not on the road so most likely zless. My 78 needs headliner ,glass and doors assembled then roadworthiness 3 years since started and 6 since driven. My 83 needs intake gasket. See ya there. bill
  12. Original Paint

  13. 1972 Datsun Commercial

    More I haven't seen here https://www.youtube.com/user/OsbornTramain/videos
  14. Rust free front fenders

  15. Photobucket Rant - They SUCK

    You guys have seen MOTOR CITY