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  1. I have a 83 zx in garage with no title .I sold the mint interior , no rust, has front end damage, complete drive train there only 22000 miles on it I started it 5 years ago last on street 1986. Hope to make Sharp Newman look alike car someday.
  2. I have good one 90 bucks shipped.
  3. More like 1969
  4. I looked at 83 RX7 for 3500 , no start, one rust through at hatch clean white paint. Org owner 80,000 miles spare tire well filled with water I think that is why I got it for 800 bucks. I told her get me wet vac and I will suck it out for you. She took the 8oo. Inside was faded from sitting out for 5 years. Put on carb fuel pump and cut off cad and its alive. Went ebay 3700 wish I kept it. Rare profit maker.
  5. In 1969 Newman was hanging out with Big Willie
  6. Newman's hangout
  7. I used carpet paint on my 78 , faded carpet in good cond it looks good and feels good.
  8. They got your # that's what they wanted. Sell them to telemarketer's by the truck load.
  9. Says fits Datsun
  10. Says here it sold for 9K 5 years ago from a dealer no less. I say it will sell for 30k.
  11. I think the scam on the CL ads is getting good email address to sell thousand's to some company for spam.
  13. I have a nice Clifford intake if your looking, header also available,