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  1. Pay it forward!!!

    Thank you very much. Just let me know what I will owe and how to pay you, JCB
  2. Pay it forward!!!

    Thanks for looking, jcb Anyone else Drivers side upper Door hinge, i will be more than happy to pay for it and shipping. thanks
  3. Pay it forward!!!

    Anyone out there have left side upper door hinge? I'm in need if you do. Thanks, JCB

    All for a 77 280z. Upper left side door hinge. Left side chrome vent cover, Right rear side marker lens and bezel. Will take the side marker as a complete unit if that is what you have. Thanks, JCB
  5. Patcon, I am in need of a rear side marker lens and lens holder. Please let me know how much and how to pay you.

    I have a 77 280z but I assume they are all the same. Thanks. JCB

  6. My Hoarding of Z Parts

    JL, Please let us know when you want to sell some of the parts. I have need for several items that I spotted in the pictures. Thanks, JCB
  7. Hi EuroDat, Just wanted to say hello and ask how everything  is going with you and yours. I hope all is well.

    I thank you for the reply to my battery issue. I have company now so I had to put that away for the time being.

    I wanted to also fill you in on my wife's condition. She received a stem cell transplant in Oct of 2015 and is doing very well as we speak. It was a hard road to get where she is now but worth the pain. Easy  for me to say as I did not have to endure it.

    Anyway , so nice to be back on the Z site and to hear from friends like you.

    By the way, the 78 Z I have now, has an unmolested spare, air bottle, jack and tool pouch. Looks like it has never been touched.

    Please keep in touch, John Butcher


    1. EuroDat


      Hi John,

      That is such good news to hear. I hope she keeps going well for many years to come.

      I am at this moment in Australia, but unfortunatly it is not for pleasure. My father past away on the 22nd of September. He had final phase renal failure and has been suffering since August last year. After travelling 28 hours I missed him by 4 hours and he passed away before I arrived.

      Take care and good health to you and your wife.


    2. jcb


      Hi Charles, I am so sorry to hear of your loss and that you were unable to speak to your farther before he passed.

       Take care, John

  8. electrical issues on 77 280Z

    Hi Guys, Again thanks to all who offered help on my problem. I got to check it again today and I find a .01 amp draw on the battery. If I have time tomorrow I plan first on checking the voltage regulator. Maybe that will do it. Thanks again JCB
  9. electrical issues on 77 280Z

    Zed, Thanks for the reply.I found the fact that it will not light a test light but still runs the battery down odd as well. I do get a reading of 12.6 v on a multi meter so I know it's going somewhere. I will try pulling fuses and see what I find. Thanks again. JCB
  10. I just acquired a 1977 280 and the battery will not stay charged. If the cable is removed it stays charged. It will not light a test lamp but a multimeter shows a 12v draw when placed between the ground cable and the battery post. Also the tack is stuck at 3000 rpm with engine running or not. Thought someone might have had a similar problem and could offer a direction to go to find a cure for both problems. I'm a returning member after a brief departure. Sold one 2 years ago but could not stay away from the allure of the early Z cars. Thanks a lot for any help. John Butcher
  11. Selling 1978 280z

    Need to sell my stock 280z. I have owned it for about 5 years My wife is batteling myloma cancer and I need to let my z go to a new home. Car was not real bad as far as rust, frame rails and floor boards were the worst of it.Solid spair tire area is solid Not sure of milage but somewhere in the 150,000 area. Repaired rust in floor boards with patch panels. New Bad Dog frame rails. Exhaust from resonator back,new muffler Goodyear tires. Less than 500 miles Brakes.Calipers,pads,rear shoes and wheel cylinders,flex hoses, rear hardware (springs,ect.) All suspension bushings,front and rear including spindel pins and differenchal mount rubber. (rubber bushings not poly) Ball joints and tie rod ends TKY strut inserts Installed sound and heat barrier and sealed rear hatch and taillights. Has zero exhaust smell in cabin Leather seats from a PT cruiser mounted on original sliders Door panels and headliner,carpet (I cut and fit carpet, cheap but looks good. Hatch seal and door rubber (Kia door) Aftermarket radio and disk player / speakers Full dash cap but is warped. Metal louvers on hatch Gas tank cleaned and G-3 filter added. Nothing done to engine or drive train but routine mantinance. Car starts and runs great, I think engine was refreshed at sometime.Runs too good not to have happened It needs paint and a windshield. Lots of other little things I can't think of Some things really did not need to be done but I thought I would keep the car forever. I know it's hard to tell without seeing the car but tell me what you think it's worth from this descripsion. I have not listed the car anywhere. Thanks JB
  12. Leather Dash Cover Installation

    Please keep us up to date and include lots of pictures if you can. I'm very interested. Thanks JB
  13. Brake Booster Rebuilds

    Rebuilt boosters are also listed at Rock Auto, about the same price.
  14. Oil in strut

    KYB says you do not need to add oil to the tube but it's a good idea to add a small amount like 1/oz or so to keep the cartridge from rusting and sticking in the tube.
  15. wheel center caps

    zKars and Arne, Thanks for the replies. I found a picture of my wheels on a search of "wheel center caps". The post is from steve91tt. Arne, you are able to identify them in that post, as a Western Aluminum wheel. But the center hole on mine are 3.25" and then they enlarge to 3.50". I found the caps on MSA but they are 3&3/16". They state that the caps push in and I do not think they will be big enough to stay in. I will keep looking and maybe find some that will work. Thanks again. JB