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  1. tachometer

    esmit208, Thanks for the reply. I did get the tack to come out. It was stuck to the case , looked like something had been spilled or leaked and stuck to the back of the tach and the case. Anyway it came out in one piece. Thanks again.
  2. tachometer

    I can't get the tach to come out of the metal case. I am stumped. I had it out at one time and now it will not come out. Has anyone had this happen? Thanks, JCB
  3. tachometer

    OK Thanks, I may need to go that way
  4. tachometer

    D280Z, What brand of tach did you use and what mod did you have to do to make it work? That might be the best thing for me to do. Thanks, John
  5. tachometer

    esmit208, Thanks for the link. I have the tach out and am going to try the repair that is shown on Z driver.com. If that will not do it I will try your link. Thanks again, JCB
  6. tachometer

    Need advice on testing and repair of 1977 280z tach. Mine has beemn stuck at 3000 rpm and did not move at all. I have it out of the dash and need advice about how to test and or repair. Thanks, JCB
  7. 240z Door Hinge Rebuild

    Great to get that detent roller part number. I had not looked at M-C parts. Thanks NapaBill Has anyone found a relplacement for the detent roller pin. The pin on my hinge broke into two pieces . I have tried my local dealer and got no where. They did not want to fool with me. I welcome any help for a replacement pin source. JCB
  8. weatherstrip advice

    Hayitsrama, thanks for the info.
  9. weatherstrip advice

    Do any of you who replied remember what size you used?
  10. weatherstrip advice

    Thanks to all who replied about the door seals JCB
  11. weatherstrip advice

    Thanks Mark, I thought there was a different car weather strip used but I could not find the thread. Thanks again, JCB
  12. I need advice about door weather striping. Where can I get the best fitting ws for the doors? Thanks, JCB
  13. Pay it forward!!!

    I have a right side interior door panel for a 77 280z. I will send pictures if you are interested. Pay the shipping and it's your's. Send me an email to johnbutchersr@suddenlink.net and I will forward pictures. It's not in bad shape but not perfect.
  14. Blue, Quick question. Do you have any substitute part number for the drive in pin that holds the round roller on a lower door hinge for a 280. The part I speak of holds the door open. 

     I hope I explained this OK.  Hope you can help me with this.   Thanks in advance,   JCB

  15. Pay it forward!!!

    Thank you very much. Just let me know what I will owe and how to pay you, JCB