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    I just began restoring a 1972 240Z. Thus far I have began stripping the paint. The 2 rear quarter panels are stripped and the roof is about halfway. Rust appears in the usual places and both floor boards must be replaced. The plan is to install a 3.2 stroker engne fed by OER 6 pack side draft carburetors. Arizona ZCAR will be called upon for the suspension. They manufacture some really nice billett aluminum parts. If you haven't visited their site it is definitely a must. The rebuild of course will be a slow process as these can be. I need to get a reasonably priced N42 cylinder head as this h

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  1. 240Z Carburetors /Air Cleaner Connections

    Carpartsmanual.com will display a diagram. Good luck.
  2. 260Z dream car

    FIND SOME WAY TO COVER THE BACK END OF THE CARPORT. Cheers BTW . As you already know these cars do not like exposure to the elements for prolonged periods of time. You will see bubbles in the finish on the hatch within a year. Car covers of all types hold a little moisture underneath. The only hope you have is good rust protection from the inside and anywhere else you can put it in underneath. The panels come off rather easily from the inside so a good interior inspection is worth a Saturday afternoon, if you haven't already done so. Keep it as dry as possible with bi-yearly inspections underneath and all the seams. Be sure to keep the windshield cowl drains clear and unobstructed to avoid bubbles on the lower inside front fender section just behind the front wheels. Keep the rubber cover installed, the one just out of view behind the front wheel and at the front bottom of the door. It keeps dirt and debris from being throw up inside the valance beneath the doors. No exposed metal to rust out and be an issue before you realize it. Get a good seal on that seam around the rear wheel arches. If you took out the piece that acts as an extended piece of the passenger rear wheel arch just in front of the fuel filler neck, put it back if possible and retain tire clearance. It also acts as a blocking device to keep the floor on that side from being sandblasted raw. I actually fitted and installed a piece for the drivers side for mine although the muffler tends to do a fair amount of debris blocking on that side. Make sure the inside point at which the rear bumper bracket connects to the inside bodywork is not beginning to be compromised by nature. Do as much to maintain the integrity of the chassis as the mechanics. As a matter of fact the chassis needs to have a close look kept on it especially if driven regularly. As far as letting the bottom of the car touch anything.......TRY TO AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. That is generally the first step to rust starting underneath. Nice pic with the new addition to the family BTW. Thumbs up to the Misses for understanding. We should all be so lucky. Enjoy it and take care of it. HAPPINESS....Isn't just around the corner.....HAPPINESS IS THE CORNER!
  3. Build Thread - New Turbo-Swapped 280z from WA

    I know it is a bit late but ZCar Depot sells a spindle removal tool for $80. A good investment, it pays fpr itself with one use. Two new spindes cost about the same amount. I almost had to learn this same difficult lesson some years ago. Fortunately for me a tap cleaned the slight mushroomng that occurred. Many tools have been developed over the years to make servicing easier. To everyone please do your research before costing yourself an extra expense. Nice rig BTW!
  4. Build Thread - New Turbo-Swapped 280z from WA

    CASTROL 20W50 here. Never was much for additives and synthetics!
  5. 260Z dream car

    V12 I can feel your anticipation. When is the last time you had a full nights sleep! My is in the garage still and some nights it is difficult to sleep thinking of my next move. CONGRATULATIONS! Period correct is ok for those it really matters to, but for me having a daily reliable driver is more important and to have it be personalized for my taste. To see someone else's project come to fruition really inspires me as it should to anyone undertaking something like this. The many hours spent crawling around and spending an untold amount of $$$$$$ makes it priceless. Please enjoy the broken line rushing underneath your wheels and put the best lights in front of it since you seem to be planning to drive in low light or dark conditions. When you get a chance how about some video! The AIR/FUEL ratios seem to be about where most others, (especially triple carb owners) are aiming for. A few dollars for some dyno time will be money and time well spent to dial in the tuning. 12 to 14 seems to be the window.
  6. Info needed: Block brackets

    Good research. If I look vigilantly enough I think I have the triangular bracket shown in the second diagram. I am going out on a limb saying this only because my 2002 Passat wagon has something similar to the air pump which blows fresh air into the exhaust so the vehicle can pass emissions. My guess is this was Datsuns' solution to the same problem. Because carburetors have an imperfect mix of air and fuel there is probably no real way to keep harmful emissions from spewing into the environment. But man are they SEXY!
  7. Info needed: Block brackets

    The air pump was a factory installed part for emissions. The A/C was dealer or aftermarket installed and the air/smog pump was removed to facilitate A/C installation. It just took until the late 1973 before these systems were developed. There was an additional banana shaped bracket on the air pump somewhat like the alternator as that allowed belt tensioning. The air pump probably had matching connecting points to the bracket. The last time a saw a car with the air pump functioning and attached was back in the 70's. If you are considering installing A/C the kit you buy will have vehicle specific hardware to make the installation as seamless as possible. Look at Vintage Air. They seem to be the most popular vendor for these cars. Good luck!
  8. Stub axle and axle flange finish

    The finish is not too important. However the run out, (comsistency of the radius) is much more important. This should be check before installation. If there are high or low spots it will cause premature bearing wear.
  9. Float-Sync

    There is a similar tool to set triples I saw somewhere on a JDM site. I will search and return.
  10. 2 4 0 Z Uh Oh Project

    This is a prime example of what is achieveable. ABSOLUTE NECESSARY ITEMS NEEDED.....TIME.....DESIRE........TOOLS.....SOME MECHANICAL ABILITY, and most of all a TON OF COMMITTMENT. Boy I thought mine was in bad shape but this car obviously spent a lot of time in its youth north of the Mason Dixon line. Other than this young man's true mechanical skills the thing that impresses me the most is he kept at it even knowing his task would be monumental. Most of us here know how reltively simple it is to replace and upgrade the mechanicals for they are pretty much plug and play. But to develope these skills, when you are not earning a weekly paycheck to do so is really top of the table in my book. Jobs like these can intimdate professionals but self belief concurs just about anything. After I finish work on my 70 I will definitely farm some panel pieces to him. Maybe if I am fortunate enough to enlarge my garage the use of an English Wheel and metal benders and TIG welder may find a home there. Great stuff indeed! STAY ON IT MAN!
  11. Bending float tab direction - 3 screw SU

    The little pastic ball is inside the GROSE JET. It either restricts or allows flow and I believe it screws into the lid. Uncross your fingers it makes them easier to use.
  12. everyday

    But I suppose if you can tolerate a monthly payment A PORSCHE is a good make to live with. I guess the 911 won't carry enough groceries? Does your car stsy that clean inside all the time? WOW
  13. everyday

    But I suppose if you can tolerate a monthly payment A PORSCHE is a good make to live with. I guess the 911 won't carry enough groceries?
  14. Bending float tab direction - 3 screw SU

    Take a look at YOUTUBE. There are several videos that really simplify it.