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    I just began restoring a 1972 240Z. Thus far I have began stripping the paint. The 2 rear quarter panels are stripped and the roof is about halfway. Rust appears in the usual places and both floor boards must be replaced. The plan is to install a 3.2 stroker engne fed by OER 6 pack side draft carburetors. Arizona ZCAR will be called upon for the suspension. They manufacture some really nice billett aluminum parts. If you haven't visited their site it is definitely a must. The rebuild of course will be a slow process as these can be. I need to get a reasonably priced N42 cylinder head as this h

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  1. 1st long trip in 75 280z 400+ one day

    I wanna go....Please take me. I don't eat much, even BBQ. I'm clean, I don't fart, at least around others, I have my own money, I'll even buy the beer. JUST TAKE ME!
  2. What is this?

    Very nice to know. I always wondered what those were on the floor for. When they were brand new I was a kid and never got to see inside one. But they looked DAMNED COOL going down the street then.
  3. 100,000 Mile Milestone

    I drove mine from September 2000 until November 2005 before the main harness fire. And yes it was a daily driver. Did one 6000 mile round trip to Santa Barbara from Florida one week after 9/11. So I am sure I am over 100,000 marker, and like JWTAY finishing metal work, plan to have it reassembled and "running" next summer. Could be repainted by this time next year
  4. 240z Radiator/Fan Shield Cover

    I thought that shroud actually came with the radiator as a one piece item!
  5. Nice job. Wish I had more time for projects like this. Have the equipment but not enough time. Stupid paying job gets in the way most of the time. Ooops......time for me to give them their lump of coal!😐
  6. 1970 249Z Brake Booster

    If you choose to go the remanufactured route there are a few companies that have them in stock. The good thing is most take the core as an exchange. ZCAR Depot advertises (2) but there is a $100 price difference.
  7. 240Z's at Streets of Willow

    My heart POUNDS! Even here in Florida!
  8. Gasoline dripping out of air intake ports

    882993 You are attacking this issue in the proper fashion. I'M IMPRESSED! These carburettors are really simple. 4 adjustments: ENRICHMENT CIRCUIT :AKA CHOKE common on all carburettors especially SU carburettors BALANCE SCREW: Named for obvious reasons used for synchronization another very simple procedure once you have the proper equipment. RICHNESS ADJUSTMENT: Once again named for obvious reasons. On our carbs suggest 2.5 turns intially as a baseline adjustment and then fine tune from there. PROPER FUEL PSI: Often overlooked. Mechanical pumps driven by the engine, electric pumps driven by the battery. Use of a regulator is strongly suggested with electrical pumps. If I am correct, at least in my two, the factory left a connection on the main harness for conversions from mechanical to electric. Plug and play once you locate it. There are hours of videos on YOUTUBE that explain tuning our carbs step by step. You can see what moves if the choke is operating properly, how the mixture happens, etc. Being able to see and hear really removed the intimidation factor for me even with triple side drafts. The choke cable sheath if in disrepair will change the travel limit of the enrichment circuit, possibly not allowing full travel even when you have exhausted the travel of the handle on the console. I like your style, NOT AFRAID. Do some more reading and try to put aside time for learning. Get the correct tools so as not to ruin anything. Z Therapy also is a good technical resource. Be patient and good luck.
  9. 240z Early / Late Wheel Cylinders?

    Try http://www.blackdragonauto.com.
  10. Anyone seen this '71?

    I agree I would have to see it to see if it is worth the effort. Would be a good donor for a bad sunfroof installation, glass is all there. Front and rear are worth $500. Don't know about restoration though.
  11. Stuck Heat Lever

    I went a step further after removing the entire assembly. Each control cable has an E clip at the anchor/swivel point. These are easily removed with a jewelers screwdriver. Be careful they have a spring loaded effect when they release. Suggest disassembly with a large beach towel to avoid things bouncing away. Do one cable at a time so you don't confuse reassembly. I then straightened one end just enough to get the insulation to move over it without damage. Then smeared anti-seize on the metal cable. Slide the outer insulation back and forth to spread it. I also let a set sit in transmission fluid just to free them up, took about a week. My car has spent most of its life in moist climates but it is a common problem. Grease the achor/swivel point generously. I used a very small model paint brush. After the metal cables free up the anti-seize prevents future freeze and stiffness. It took most of the morning to complete but they work as they did back in 1970. For those that don't have a set of jewelers screw drivers you will see the need if you need to remove interior knobs. As SITEUNSEEN said be patient, everything releases just find the release point. Good luck.
  12. Build Thread - New Turbo-Swapped 280z from WA

    Ably You have probably figured it out but if you rotate the wheels it's puts both the inner and outer studs at the optimum angle for assembly and removal. Nice job BTW. I too like seeing new parts show up even if it is at someone else's garage. It makes me believe all these great parts really exist! Is it me or do the rear LCA's need to be BEEFIER? They look really nice but over the long haul is it enough. Definitely a weight savings and some have reported autocrossing with them, but they just seem to be a little svelte! Tell me what you all think.
  13. Build Thread - New Turbo-Swapped 280z from WA

    WIFE..............Guess what HE is doing with the cash!
  14. 1972 Fairlady Z Value

    JOY I for one am glad you stepped forth to lay this matter to rest. BUT JUST FOR THE RECORD TO THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY, these incessant questions about what something is worth annoy me to no end. Ultimately it is worth WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR IT! Personally I would not consider myself an enthusiast with the idea of buying cars or anything else for that matter just to flip it. But if that is someone's thing then go for it. I take pride in crawling around cars, taking them apart, and putting them back together as good as or better than when brand new. Even considering the market I wouldn't consider selling one of mine unless it was to keep my family off the street. "SOMEONE" asked a question and it seemed as if it was just throwing something against the wall to see if it would stick. I take everyone here seriously, be it a problem with their car or any type of assistance needed if I can help. Once again, FOR THE RECORD, from this point forward I WON'T respond to VALUE QUESTIONS. The car looks great and but for a wash and wax and new tires it probably is a 4 out of 5.
  15. 1972 Fairlady Z Value

    Yes that "SOMEONE"''term used loosely" was being much too coy about the car. No pictures just asking what a Fairlady is worth. I guess he was trying to avoid getting snaked. I agree with the attached post. Easily 30K with a little T L C. Probably much more than "SOMEONE" is willing to pay. He seems to be much more interested in those with half a brain anyway! Good luck with the sale. Use the 30K wisely