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  1. Missed the 2017 Nissan Jam show.....I will be in the Long Beach JCCS next September.
  2. Looking to buy a steering wheel for my Kenmeri.It should have Red S letter on the Horn the one in the picture(thanks to 240K to GTR for the picture) Or I can buy just the horn pad with the RED letter S. Thanks. 602-433-1161 Jamal
  3. Just came back from the exhaust SS exhaust system (Twice Pipe all the way) is what a different and nice deep sound.........Many thanks to Eric from JDM Legends.He hepled me out to find this SS exhaust System.
  4. Try many gearheads there in the club and local(I hope he lives in Phoenix)....I am sure we can help. Just post your issue in the forum and I will help to.... Jamal
  5. Looking for a set of gas door and this picture.Also looking for door sells for coupe. Please let me know 602-433-1161 Jamal
  6. Couple pictures from the show.
  7. Just came back from a car show....nice!!
  8. Tokk the Kenmeri for a spin....took some pictures before parking it....
  9. New Video...thanks to Garage Project Motorsports .. Thanks Bill.HNY
  10. Little update on my Kenmeri....Stainless Steel Complete Exhaust System will go in this coming weekend. Thanks To JDM Legends(Eric) for helping me out to obtain the system.
  11. New Video...thanks to Garage Project Motorsports .. Thanks Bill.HNY
  12. Thank You Bill. Happy New Year every one.
  13. New Video...thanks to Garage Project Motorsports .. Thanks Bill.HNY
  14. New Video...thanks to Garage Project Motorsports ..