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  1. Thank You ...Just posted it in ebay. Good luck
  2. To be honest I never tested it....I will let you know. Jamal
  3. How about the non running one knob Rally Clock...are they worth something? I just got one with blue numbers (77-78)
  4. headlight washer pump 280zx

    Thanks guys for the referral.
  5. headlight washer pump 280zx

    Just replied to your post....I do have a pump laying around!!
  6. New Find.70 240Z

    Great to hear from you bud......I am a 280ZX guy but some times I jump to 240Z and Skylines...done with the Z31 and Z32 though.
  7. New Find.70 240Z

    Got the MSA alternator plug today tried to mount the 280ZX alternator and it was bigger little bit than the 240Z Alt and Had an issue to mount it...the inlet coolant neck in the way and it's hard to wrap the belt around the pulleys. I will get me a longer belt and that might work!
  8. 280zx Caliper

    I have some good used ones in my pile .If you still looking!
  9. New Find.70 240Z

    Alternator went out and this is a very good time to swap to 280ZX Alternator,I ordered the plug from MSA and I am waiting for it to arrive......Wow I am swapping a lot of 280ZX parts to this 70 240Z and I am lucky enough to have all the swap parts just laying around. Next after the 280ZX Alternator and make sure it run and drive good then will be the good time to swap to rear disk brakes.
  10. New Find.70 240Z

    Found out about the 15/16 Master from 79 280ZX...will fit but I have to reverse the lines so the Rear reservoir goes to Front wheels and the front goes to rear wheels.
  11. New Find.70 240Z

    You are right....it ran better when we timed her at 12 degree TDC @800 RPM.
  12. New Find.70 240Z

    I think you are right...I will do that and report back.
  13. New Find.70 240Z

    I am wondering if I can use a 15/16 Brake master cylinder instead of the regular 7/8 master in my 240Z.I have 15/16 master laying around and just to save some money and maybe I will upgrade the brake system in the near future??
  14. Bought # 4858

    Nice score Steve.....low Vin early Z. Like the centerline wheels. You are not keeping her? Good luck with it.
  15. New Find.70 240Z

    Yeah a new battery but got weaken due to a lot of cranking to start before using the 280ZX Distributor, I will tighten the posts and recharge it. I will recheck the timing again tomorrow and get back to you guys.......When we did the timing we just lined up the magnet teeth thing inside the distributor(sorry I don't know what it's called) and made sure the balancer mark lined up with the arrow on the timing cover(there is no numbers plate there.....just an arrow plate). After that we just fire it up and Voalla the engine started. Still though I need to adjust the valves and again recheck the timing. Thanks guys for the replies.