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  1. Look what I Found!!

    Thank You Sir...I hope you guys doing Good over there in Fl. Jamal
  2. Look what I Found!!

    It's been a while....now the 260Z is up and running and driving very good.Here is a small video showing the general condition. She is for sale....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94G3jY2g4bA&t=198s
  3. louvre

    http://www.sfxperformance.com/parts/AST10009.htm I just ordered a set for my 260Z.
  4. JDM headlight covers

    Check out Yahoo japan.....
  5. 260z fuel pump relay

    Thank yo Steve for clearing the issue..... I was wondering too...... I will check over what you mentioned..... I hope Not to need one of these relays, kinda hard to come by. So the main source of power comes from the Alternator?I hope I have a good Alt........ need to check and go through all the wiring+relays. Thank you again.
  6. 260z fuel pump relay

    Witch fuse should I look for?Where is it at?
  7. Kenmeri coming to USA very soon.

    Maybe......you should hear it in person!!
  8. Look what I Found!!

    I am not sure. I will find out soon if I want to keep or sell. Always I get lucky with the right person to the right Z. I like the SU's and I was lucky but I don't mind the Flats. Thanks guys for the comments.
  9. Look what I Found!!

    Oh Yes Dave WM....I did and it's a little long list. This A/C setup is a Dealer option not Japan Factory and I am kinda lucky to have A/C in triple digits Temp.
  10. Look what I Found!!

    Thank You Steve.
  11. 1983 Datsun 280ZX Coupe N/A parting out.

    Just Pm me your shipping address and I will send it to you. Jamal
  12. Look what I Found!!

    I just got a 74 260Z and she is at my house in PHX Az right now........It's been sitting in a south west Texas Garage since 1996.It has a almost 100% rust free body and complete original interior with Factory or dealer option A/C, wheels and rear window louvers. Still holding the original paint. I need to go through the fuel system, brake system and clutch just to make her run and drive again. I am really happy that I found such a rare early low Vin # 260Z.I just love the 240Z look with the 280Z controls.
  13. 1983 Datsun 280ZX Coupe N/A parting out.

    Hood sold....