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  1. Imagine that!

    I will absolutely grant you that cell phone use is getting way out of hand. Unfortunately I don't have any clever ideas to address that. I've heard the argument that they should be disabled while in motion, but then you've screwed over every passenger and public transport user. I supposed you could make self driving cars something you need to apply for, ie, you have to have a reason for owning it, but given the money that could be made from selling them, I doubt the companies making them would go for that, and I doubt the gov't would either.
  2. Imagine that!

    People have fewer and fewer kids these days, and it's more and more common for them to move away. Also consider that many households have both people working now. There would also be the issue of those in rural areas. As a personal anecdote, my grandmother had a 24/7 care taker, and my mother still had to drive her everywhere because apparently you can't request a care taker with an f'n driver's license (or it was even more expensive, not sure). Lucky that grandma happened to live next door. I don't know what we would have done if we hadn't been nearby, or even in the state. She was old enough at the time she died that there weren't really any friends left anyway, and what few remained probably couldn't drive either. There are many, many reasons I don't like the idea of self driving cars, but there is most definitely a market for them. Liability in the event of an accident would be a big issue. The number of driving jobs that would be lost is another big one.
  3. Imagine that!

    More smart phone time is the only reason? Really? How about elderly people who still need to get to doctors appointments, the store, etc., but can no longer drive? How about people who are disabled? I don't particularly like the idea of self driving cars, but to say the only reason they exist is for more smart phone time is lazy thinking.
  4. Purchased my First S30 Today!

    That's an early 260Z, guys. It has small bumpers, 240Z style turn signals, and bumper indents on the rear quarter panels.
  5. You had faith in them to begin with?
  6. I'm not 100% sure what part you're asking about, but the answer is no regardless. Different chassis design.
  7. Redwood roadster with the heart of a Z

    I actually kinda like it. There's a few areas where his designed could be improved, but overall, that's not bad - better looking than a stock ZX! Edit: Forgot to look at the price. Wow! Not sure if it's worth quite that much. There's a few stock ZX pieces in the cockpit that stick out like a sore thumb, and for that price, those pieces need to be changed to something more appropriate for the car IMO.
  8. zspecialties parts hoard for sale?

    $1500 for an L28et? Maybe I'm way out of the loop on the current market, but that's not exactly priced to sell.
  9. 1970 240Z on CL in Denver-Only $1,500.00

    With the price of Zs today, especially early examples, I wouldn't be surprised if it's being restored. I hope so, anyway.
  10. 1970 240Z on CL in Denver-Only $1,500.00

    Hard to say. No doubt it's going to need some significant work, but from what I can see, I don't think it's beyond repair at all. Whether it's "worth it" depends on the owner, and also what standard it is being done to.
  11. 1970 240Z on CL in Denver-Only $1,500.00

    I didn't see a VIN.
  12. Custom Twin Cam build!

    I believe Derek makes the cam cores and sends them out to be finished, so you can't very well supply them yourself. There's a massive thread on HybridZ if you all would like to check it out.
  13. Custom Twin Cam build!

    I believe that is head only - the casting, cams, etc.
  14. Dashboard Repair Guide

    I think the article would benefit from some better pictures of the finished product.
  15. Value question on a 100k all original 78 280z

    Take care of those rust spots and do a little touching up and you'll have a really nice car. Congrats! I like that color too. I have to say though, I'm surprised to hear that big bumpered 280Zs are going for so much money though, but it's nice that they're getting some love. What do you intend to do with the car? Any modifications planned, or just keep it factory original?