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  1. Car worth? How much would you pay?

    You sure? That's a '72 dash. It has the indent for the on/off label for the hazard switch, the switch is a toggle switch vs a push/pull knob, and the cig lighter is in the dash vs just a blank spot. The dash pad could be non-original. If you can get a pic of the gas door, if it doesn't have the chrome latch knob, it's a '72. Or just get the VIN/build date.
  2. Car worth? How much would you pay?

    Looks like it's a '72. Good year to have.
  3. Noticed this head in Parts Car Photo

    Probably an RB head.
  4. '71 240Z, 1 Owner, Sunshine Yellow, AC & Rare Beltek FM/EQ/8 Track

    Not a series one, just fyi.
  5. Won't do much good. I daily drove a 90hp Jetta until recently. Just takes a little longer to get into trouble. I would still highly recommend sending him to a driving school.
  6. 10th Anniversary 208zx

    Just FYI, the address you posted in post #12 is public. You may want to edit your post and remove it.
  7. Old vs New

    Weird. From what I've heard about those transmissions, they are smooth shifters. Of course, they say the same about the shifting feel of the trans in my E30, and although my trans has a lot of miles on it, and may be worn, I really don't much care for the shifter feel, so ya never know.
  8. nice 71 in corvallis, oregon

    Ah, yeah, I didn't read the ad, and I see now that it explicitly says the dash has no cracks. Either the owner is an idiot that thinks no one will notice the VERY obvious dash cap, or he is an idiot that didn't notice the VERY obvious dash cap. That's my take, anyway.
  9. nice 71 in corvallis, oregon

    Well yeah - why else would you put a dash cap on?
  10. VINTAGE Z auction in JAPAN

    I think the owner likely imported them to Japan from the US.
  11. FYI - 240Z Dashboards

    I see an indent for the 'On/Off' indicator next to the hazard switch, so I'd say it's the later style.
  12. 2+2 front end married to a 240

    What all is wrong with the front end? If it's just the frame rails and core support, I'd consider replacing only those pieces.
  13. waaaaay over doing it 500whp would be probably 600 at the crank. At 2500lbs or so (with necessary driveline upgrades) you'd be looking at a power to weight ratio of a little over 4. Think about that for a second. 10lbs/hp is a decent sports car. 8lbs/hp is pretty quick. And you'd be at 4. You would also need some decent chassis reinforcement - definitely more than just subframe connectors and strut bars. Add in driveline upgrades, you'd have to do just about the entire thing front to back. Stub axles, CVs, diff output shafts. All of that won't be in any way cheap. And of course your trans will need to be up to the task. I don't know if the stock driveshaft will be an issue. Now consider that you will need brakes to stop the car, and an appropriate amount of tire to put the power down. This could mean cutting the fenders for flares, but 275s can be stuffed under stock fenders with some effort. With all that in mind, consider that a major strength of the Z is its light weight, and that you would be adding a lot of weight to the car, between rear end upgrades, larger wheels and tires, a larger trans, the heavier RB with turbo, and intercooler, piping, etc. IMO the Z is not worth turning into a high HP monster. There is so much that needs upgrading, and I think there is a risk of ruining what makes the car great. It should go without saying, that if you still want to go this route, you are free to do so, but you might find the finished product to be more enjoyable if you instead concentrate on maintaining the Z's low weight, while also giving it a much more manageable power level (lets say 300hp). Much less focus will be needed on tire and driveline/chassis upgrades, which will keep weight down (allowing that 300hp to be more effective in propelling the car) and also saving money. If you want something with serious power, I think there are better platforms to start with. Cars that have strong drivelines from the factory, and a chassis that can handle the power without significant reinforcement, if any. Of course, these cars will mostly be newer.
  14. Okay, I'm just curious, what kind of experience do you have with high powered cars? 550whp is a monumental amount of power in a lightweight car like a Z. I think you might be overestimating how much power you really need. 300whp in a Z is pretty damn quick. Unless you're drag racing, I just don't see the point in having much more than that since you aren't likely to be able to really use it.
  15. What kind of power are you looking for?