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  1. LMAO

    I had German language classes in middle and high school and finally got to use what little I learned/remembered 30+ years later on trips to Germany where I attended birthday parties for Ferdinand Porsche. Fortunately, he understood English better than I spoke German. Those were the days, as they say. Invited to the party, stop at the factory to pick up a "loaner" Porsche for a week (one time a 928, next time a 944S, another time a Boxster), and party like it was 1939. Good memories. Dennis
  2. LMAO

    So, you think your neighbors would ausfahrt to the dealership just because of a little auspuff problem? Gott in Himmel! Gotta love those German words that bring out the eight year old in all of us. Dennis
  3. LMAO

    All you need is that bike inner tube, an adjustable hose clamp, a pair of scissors, and you'll have instant tuned auspuff. Be sure to yell scheisse like the camera operator did. Too much fun! Dennis
  4. Is it possible?

    Let me add my "No" vote. Any markings indicating manufacturer of the sun roof? Dennis
  5. Too early. Hell's freezing over.

    Only 84 degrees here in the desert today. But the wind chill factor brings it down to 82. 😎 Stay safe and throw another log in the fireplace. Dennis
  6. Cream8

    It boggles the mind to think of how it came to be that way. Fire, followed by flood, followed by being used as a trampoline? A good winter project. Dennis
  7. My 4/71 Z has just one key for all locks and ignition. Dennis
  8. Im at wits end please help

    Got spark? Check fuel filter. Is gas pump pumping and how much pressure? Sync the carbs with an airflow meter when it starts running. Check carb floats, Dual carbs tend to double the fun of troubleshooting. Good luck. Dennis
  9. Spare tire rim question

    It should be exactly like the stock wheels that came on the car originally, unless someone changed it out over the last 45 years. Dennis
  10. intake mainfold to carb spacer gaskets

    The block with a gasket on each side is a little pricey, but you can also just get paper gaskets for the block you have. They are the same as Austin Healey carbs. Gaskets are a dollar or so apiece. If you can't find any, try Z Therapy. I think they're listed on their web site. Dennis
  11. Certificate of Origin - Help!

    If that Z had current California plates, the seller would have also had a title.....unless it was stolen. Contact the shipping company and ask what happened to the shipping documents. How was VAT determined without documents? Someone has them. Dennis
  12. 240z Early / Late Wheel Cylinders?

    But only if you have a time machine or a Delorean. They shut down quite some time ago. Dennis
  13. Speed Odometer Reset

    In California, mileage is recorded on the title every time ownership changes. If the odometer is replaced, it has to either be set to match original mileage or "zeroed". If zeroed, a form is supposed to be attached to the driver's door area indicating actual mileage at time of change and date new odometer was installed. I've never seen that. When my '70 Porsche was restored a new speedo/odo was installed at zero miles, but no form indicating previous mileage reading. Dennis
  14. Jai's Status

    Looking like new! Dennis
  15. Dash cracks

    There are numerous message threads posted by members who have had good luck fixing a cracked dash. Looks like your dash is out, so half the battle is over. Full dash covers seem to be OK, but have some compromises, like fit. Here in the desert, they warp from the heat and sun. Your dash looks better than what many have started with. Give it a try. Dennis