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  1. Nice! I bet the rats are really going to miss it. Dennis
  2. I noticed that, too. It does say "Clear Title? in the description, however. Dennis
  3. It's kind of like a "mine is bigger than yours" mind game and is only meaningful to those who play the game. A lower VIN is only more valuable if you think it is. And the owner of a low VIN is only as important as he and the other players think he is. Easy! Dennis
  4. Interesting to look at the bid history. Initial listing was for $0.99 and the first bidder was a brave soul who jumped in and took over with a bid of $1.00. Then, he stayed out for 45 minutes before coming back with a $3,100 bid. He then had a proxy bid that kept him in until $7,600 a half hour later. This will be fun to watch. Dennis
  5. The Parts Department at your local Nissan dealer should be able to get all the float bowl gaskets you need. Cost was $1.70 each last time I bought some. Dennis
  6. No problem, glad to give you something to think about. I think they offer a clean look. Dennis
  7. Pictures of the Hyundai side marker lights are posted at: One picture shows a marker temporarily installed to show almost flush fit. As with most Zs, mine has been a never ending work in progress........ for the last 45 years. When I got the Hyundai lenses, my plan was to use them. I have since picked up a set of Datsun markers with clear lenses and colored bulbs that I'll probably eventually use after new paint. Sorry for the picture and partial install quality, but it's a hot day in the desert and I didn't spend as much time getting the perfect shot as I could have a couple months ago. Dennis
  8. From the album Hyundai Side Markers

    Hyundai Exel side marker lights.
  9. Welcome to the group! Looks like the making of a good project. For clarification, what do you mean when you say, "it's extremely solid"? No rust? Dennis
  10. $1227 final bid. Reserve not met. Dennis
  11. Hyundai Exel side markers. They have the same wire connectors at the Z, so plug in easily. The mounting screw holes are about 1/8 inch farther apart than the Z holes, so one new hole needs to be drilled. They fit flat on the fender and only protrude the thickness of the lens - about 1/4 inch. I'm currently away from home but will take pictures when I get back. Dennis
  12. It's nice to have markers. If you don't like the protruding Datsun stock markers, you can use front and rear side marker lights from a '90s vintage Hyundai which fit nicely in the existing space and are fairly flush to the body panels. Dennis