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  1. '71 Z on Hagerty DriveShare site

    What's a new clutch & flywheel replacement job cost on a 2006 Lamborghini? Think the $1,200 daily rental fee would cover it? A sports car club I belonged to many years ago used to put on slalom events and one of the regular competitors would always show up with a different rental car each time. Dennis
  2. 1971 cars in 240z for sale

    Nice bus collection on the property. Do you have any pictures of the 240Zs and additional details, like model years? Prices seem low for "show quality", so I'm sure you'll get many responses. Dennis
  3. '71 Z on Hagerty DriveShare site

    There's a '67 VW Bug that rents for $300 on the list, also. Not sure that there's "fun to drive" equity figured into the pricing structure. Dennis
  4. Fun With Nissan

    I got the email notification of the contest and it gives the option of using either the Nissan VIN or the pin # off a flyer they claim to have sent through the postal mail. Didn't get it, so may be SOL on this wonderful opportunity. Dennis
  5. JNC Happy Eclipse Day from JNC

    The eclipse has passed and I still have use of my retinas! Can hardly wait for the next one! Dennis
  6. JDM headlight covers

    One set starting at $899 + $50 shipping from Thailand and the other set starting at $1,500 and $30 shipping from Georgia, I know which set I'd bid on unless I decided on a set of aftermarket covers from Japan for a much lower price. Dennis
  7. JNC VIDEO: Infiniti Prototype 9

    Not exactly a new marketing idea, Studebaker did a similar move over 50 years ago with the Excalibur, Come up with something totally unexpected and people tend to take notice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excalibur_(automobile) It;s all about getting press coverage and causing a media buzz. Didn't save Studebaker, but it's getting lots of attention for Infiniti. Dennis
  8. central oregon

    Seller seems to like red paint. Dennis
  9. i can see again!!!

    That's pretty much it. It's the inconvenience one endures to live year round. in a resort community. Tourists work 50 weeks a year for the pleasure of coming here on vacation for two weeks. Actually, we have a vacation home in the nearby mountains and usually blow out of here on weekends throughout the year and totally for the months of July and August. This year was a little different with getting my mother-in-law moved out of her home of 60 years and helping our son move into his new home in Los Angeles. So, only two days, so far, at the lake home this summer/hell. Dennis
  10. i can see again!!!

    No apology needed for complaining about the weather. It all averages out. Think of me next January when you're turning up the thermostat and throwing another log in the fireplace to keep warm. It'll be 75º here and I'll be sitting in the back yard next to the pool wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Dennis
  11. i can see again!!!

    Normally, yes. But for the past month it has been VERY HUMID and that has jacked the heat index. Last Saturday, the actual temp was a seasonal 106º and the heat index (feels like) temp was 120º. Can't wait to see the next electric bill as we have two central AC units running pretty much 24/7. Dennis
  12. i can see again!!!

    Only 101º?!?!? My local heat index is currently 103º, which is a cooling trend from the 120º and above it's been for the last few weeks. Actually feels cool by comparison. Gotta love life in the desert in August. Dennis
  13. My Datsun 280Z "Rustoration"

    If you end up going with a later Nissan mini-spare, please let me know year & model as I'd like to get one instead of a full sized spare. I've read a lot of vague references, in various threads, to what fits. Dennis
  14. '68 Datsun 2000

    If you look at Hagerty's definition of a #4 car, it's a "daily driver with no parts missing". Not exactly what's pictured above. Those two are probably best left to return their natural elements to the earth. They appear to be about half way there. Dennis
  15. 3M double sided tape or a tube of silicone sealer. Dennis