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    Moving to SoCal July 2015

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    ."There are two types of car enthusiasts: 1-those who have never heard of the red car 2-those who read the red car at an impressionable age and had their lives ruined by it. I, of course, am in the second group."

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Anyone Close To Lynwood Washington Or Redding Ca

Help Me !! 10 Apr 2015
Looking to grab a part from Pickn.pull there and would pay someone for their time.
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Rusted fuel lines under battery tray

Open S30 Z Discussions 17 Apr 2015
While my engine is out I'm cleaning up the bay.  I'm worried about the rusty hardlines directly under the battery, the only section.  Has anyone dealt with this before?  I've found a pre-bent line from classictube.com for $255 but would be happy with more options.   Thanks in...
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83 280ZX won't start, won't fire. Just turns over.

Open S130 ZX Discussions 09 Oct 2014
Hi all, It's been a while since I posted. Anyhow, my Z has started giving me problems after running pretty good for the last year. This problem started about a couple months ago. One day I got in it and tried to start and it just turned over and over and over and I never heard the soun...
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Rear shock noise

Motorsport Auto Today, 12:43 PM
I have a 71 240, lowered I used the tokico illumina 5 way adjustable shocks and coils. Lately I've be hearing a clunking/popping noise. It sounds like bad u-joints. My mechanic says it's the rear shocks. This guy is a z whisper but he's hasn't had a chance to look at them. Has anyone had this pr...
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Steering wheel replacement

Interior Today, 01:18 PM
Dear forum members, My father recently bought a restored 240Z from 1973. The steering wheel in the car is definitely not original, that on itself is not an issue, but it uses some kind of adaptor that extends the steering shaft with 11cm (4,3inch), which is very inconvinient to drive the car. We...
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Seattle Area Z Brunch Saturday

Open S30 Z Discussions 16 Mar 2015
Just wanted to toss out an invite to anyone in the area - Mark Maras, myself and Jim (S30Driver) will be meeting up for brunch in Enumclaw, WA at the Lee Hotel 10:00 am this coming Saturday.   Mark and I have been trying to get together to swap stories and carbs, and will be driving up...
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Weirdest Datsun Drive Ever

Open Chit Chat Yesterday, 11:59 AM
For 160 km I tended to the fire....         Yup.  My good buddy Ross bought 'Tootsie" a 1979 Datsun  camper truck with L20.   We drove 180km to Springhill, Nova Scotia in my brother's Civic  who was going to be the sag wagon on the return leg.  Ross i...
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Making A Wooden Shift Knob - Chapter 2

Interior 26 Feb 2015
A while ago I made a couple wooden shift knobs (http://www.classiczc...den-shift-knob/) and while I think they turned out pretty well, I've always knew there was some room for improvement. They were "close" to the original design, but just different enough to bug me. So with that in mind, I...
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Driveshaft play at transmission end. Normal? (see video)

Engine and Drivetrain 17 Apr 2015
Hi!   I have a nasty vibration in my 1970 240z when driving in highway speeds. While going over everything in the drivetrain I noticed some play in the transmission end of the driveshaft. Is this normal or should there be no play at all?   Here's a video I shot today: http://www.youtube...
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Exhaust fumes in cabin solved!!!

Exhaust 30 Aug 2008
For me that is.I've been battling with this problem for years. In Florida I mainly run with the windows up and the air on so it hasn't been too much of a problem. But with the windows down and during down shifts it was getting pretty bad. I had made all the usual repairs. New weatherstrip...
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