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    Moving to SoCal July 2015

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    ."There are two types of car enthusiasts: 1-those who have never heard of the red car 2-those who read the red car at an impressionable age and had their lives ruined by it. I, of course, am in the second group."

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240 Vs 280 Half Shafts

Parts Swapping Today, 06:33 AM
Has anyone measured the extended and compressed lengths of both the 240 and 280 half-shafts (left and right sides)?
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Is 3 In One Motor Oil (Blue Label) Any Good As Damper Oil?

Carburetor Central Yesterday, 12:08 PM
Just filled both of my Hitachi refurbished 3 screw SU Carbs with 3 in one  motor oil (Blue and White label). The Temperature here in Panama is 33 degrees Celsius, very hot indeed! The car is running okay, but at first gear sometimes hesitates back and forth. The idle was set to 1000 but does...
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Fan Shroud For 72´datsun 240Z Carrying Champion 3 Row Rad...

Engine and Drivetrain 18 Mar 2015
I have a 240z which actually has a Champion 3 row radiator and the original plastic fan blade. When i am stuck in traffic the temperature in the temp gauge rises to 3/4. I have been recommended to get a Fan Shroud for this radiator as i am looking forward to install a Vintage Gen II Mini evaporat...
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Crane Hi-6S Install Questions.

Fuel Injection Yesterday, 05:02 PM
I'm planning on adding a Crane Hi-6S Inductive ignition box to my 1976 Datsun 280z. It has the twin pickup coil Federal Model dizzy. I've chosen the Crane inductive box for specific reasons and have been well pleased with the HI-6 CD version on other cars.   Question is about install. Where...
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Anyone Running The Taylor Sst Shielded Spark Plug Wire Set?

Engine and Drivetrain Today, 05:37 AM
http://www.thezstore...ssic11k/12-3901   As soon as it warms up I'm diving into maintenance, tune-up, etc, and prep for a cross-country drive in the Z (just like old times.)  If I'm changing plug wires I might as well dress it up a bit, right? The Taylor sheathed wires seem made fo...
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Rev Limiter

Fuel Injection Yesterday, 09:03 PM
Does the factory ECU or Transistorized Ignition box on a 1976 280Z have a built in Rev Limiter?
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1971 240z License Plate Lamp Photos

Electrical 19 Sep 2011
I am posting some photos of part details as I restore. Hopefully they can be of use in the future. I painted the light compartment white to improve output. Heat Shield (seems like engineering correction to alleviate melting plastic) 7.5W Retaining...
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Doing laps *incar videos*

Racing 29 Jun 2012
This incar is of a one lap PB around the improved Lakeside circuit in AU, hosted a couple of international F1 GP's back in the late sixties plus V8 supercar races after then. Now it hosts races, time attack etc up to State level, pretty testing circuit but a real blast if you can keep it on t...
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'73 240 New Paint Job - Gt-R Red And All Black Trim

Body and Paint 13 Dec 2014
Here's a pic evolution of my '73 240z. Had it since 2012. Originally green, a recent paint and body has it looking great again. Check out the day I brought it home. The engine pic off craigslist. It's got a 280z 5spd with dual SU carbs. Some steel wheel orignals and a hood that fits... Another wh...
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Engine and Drivetrain 27 Mar 2015
A few years ago I bought an extra L28 engine that had just been completely rebuilt by Jasper, but never fired. The engine sat in storage with my cars for the last four years and I've finally decided to do something with it. The block is an F54, with dished pistons, and the head that came on it is...
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