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Daytona SCCA Runoffs

Race Events & Announcements 15 Sep 2015
Hey Fellow Z folks,   One last post before we go to Daytona. The car is ready to go, finally. We test this coming Saturday for one last time, September 19th. Qualifying for the big race begins on Monday September 21 and runs through Thursday. The racing begins on Friday the 25th with the fir...
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Jag SU's on 240z - linkage issues

Carburetor Central 05 Oct 2015
Hi all,  its been a while since I've been on. The 240 is getting welded up, and so I've put stuff on the back burner for a while, but it will be back soon, so I am working on getting the engine ready to install. I've bought the "big" SU from a XKE I think. They bolt right up, but I dont know...
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How I refinished the horns in my '73 240Z

Tech Pubs and How-To Articles 18 Jul 2005
I have methodically been "refreshing" my '73 240Z a bit at a time. I've repainted the car, rebuilt the front & rear suspension, installed new carpets, a headliner and a dash cap, refinished the engine bay and just recently had the engine rebuilt. :knockedou One of the last detail ite...
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Reproducing HeadLight Covers input needed from the community

Open S30 Z Discussions 04 Sep 2015
Hello all, I'm looking for some input from some of you who may own original JDM headlight covers. I have decided to reproduce them as I think there would be a fair amount of interest in a set of quality reproductions that are similar to the originals.   What I need from you, I don't have a s...
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Fuel Pump Spacer...where to find them?

Open S30 Z Discussions Today, 07:00 AM
Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has a source for new fuel pump spacers. Seems like Nissan, Fel-Pro, and Beck-Arnley are all out-of-stock and discontinued. Quick google didn't find anything.   Trying to source this out for a co-worker. Hoping to light a fire under his arse to get his 260Z...
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No Vacuum At Throttle Body Ports

Fuel Injection 27 Jan 2015
my 78 280 reads very low vacuum (9-10 at idle) when tested at a manifold nipple at the back near the brake booster, but it picks way up to the middle of the green zone on my gauge when i rev the engine above 2K. i get almost zero vacuum at the ported nipples on the bottom of the throttle bod...
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Changing gauge Bulbs

Electrical Yesterday, 07:44 PM
I had two bulbs go out recently, so it's time for me to change out all the bulbs-  they seem to fail in small groups.  It sounds easy enough- you pull out the socket then push & turn the bulb to get it out.   But when I push the bulb in, you still can't turn it, because there a...
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How to wire 2 electronic flashers for blinkers and hazard...

Electrical 12 Jul 2015
Just bought 2 EF32RL electronic flashers at amazon. Which is the neatest and safest way of installing the one for the turn signal lights and the one for the hazard switch? Both of the flashers have 2 prongs and one black wire. Please advise.   Any pictures?
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Dimmable LEDs?

Electrical 05 Oct 2015
I talk to car people occasionally (over coffee & pie..) about things.  One of them is the Dimmable LED bulb.  I never thought of them as 'dimmable' in the sense of what a filament  bulb can do, so I wanted to ask to get some information in the context of S30 cars.  Are the...
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Recommendation for new radiator and elctrical fan for 280Z

Engine and Drivetrain 31 Aug 2015
Hi All,   First off I apologize if this topic has been covered elsewhere. I though I've researched the forum good enough, but I have not been able to find good discussion that would cover this topic extensively. If there is a threat out there that you know of, please point me to it.   T...
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Going Coilovers

Suspension and Steering 26 May 2015
Alright so I've decided after taking someone elses Z for a spin this past weekend (and being thrilled with the ride quality) that I want to go coilovers. The kicker here is that I do not have the know-how or ability to section the struts or weld so I'm looking for something that I can bolt in dir...
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Tranmission gear noise magically solved

Engine and Drivetrain Yesterday, 06:00 AM
Over the past two-three years my 82-83 ZX trans in my 73, rebuilt about 10 years ago with new bearings and syncros, has been making more and more gear whine noise. Not all the time, but specifically in 3rd and 5th. Most noticable on the highway. In forth it's mostly not there, but move to 3rd or...
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Good clutch for aluminium flywheel?

Engine and Drivetrain Today, 03:23 AM
I have a Tilton flywheel I want to use on my 240.  Street use only and I don't beat the 43 year old car.  Stock or maybe a Centerforce II?   Thanks for any replies. Cliff 
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Stainless steel headers, exhausts and JDM twin-pipe muffl...

Garage Businesses 09 Sep 2015
Sean D├ęzart, in and around Zs for 26 years now, current President of the French Datsun club (with nearly 1300 members - not all active of course), previous Dutch Z club member for 4 years and before that Chairman and events organiser of the UK Z club.   Around 4 years ago I discovered that n...
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Kenmeri coming to USA very soon.

Open 240K Discussions 13 Jul 2015
Yep Finally I will own a GT 240K ......My friend bought this 240K from Astralia  and he will convert it to Left Hand Drive and do all the body work and interior plus mounting a 280ZX drive train and then ship it to USA from UAE (Dubai)....here is some pictures so far and I will post as...
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