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Tranmission gear noise magically solved

Engine and Drivetrain Today, 06:00 AM
Over the past two-three years my 82-83 ZX trans in my 73, rebuilt about 10 years ago with new bearings and syncros, has been making more and more gear whine noise. Not all the time, but specifically in 3rd and 5th. Most noticable on the highway. In forth it's mostly not there, but move to 3rd or...
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Stainless steel headers, exhausts and JDM twin-pipe muffl...

Garage Businesses 09 Sep 2015
Sean Dézart, in and around Zs for 26 years now, current President of the French Datsun club (with nearly 1300 members - not all active of course), previous Dutch Z club member for 4 years and before that Chairman and events organiser of the UK Z club.   Around 4 years ago I discovered that n...
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Horn stopped working because.....

Electrical 26 Sep 2015
Was cruising around in the 77 280z today. Is nice having the drivers side seat fixed, thanks to grannyknot (Chris). He had the part I needed. Beautiful day it is! I saw someone I recognized and went to tap the horn and got nothing. Tried again and still nothing. Went back home and traced it (fina...
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Going Coilovers

Suspension and Steering 26 May 2015
Alright so I've decided after taking someone elses Z for a spin this past weekend (and being thrilled with the ride quality) that I want to go coilovers. The kicker here is that I do not have the know-how or ability to section the struts or weld so I'm looking for something that I can bolt in dir...
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Recommendation for new radiator and elctrical fan for 280Z

Engine and Drivetrain 31 Aug 2015
Hi All,   First off I apologize if this topic has been covered elsewhere. I though I've researched the forum good enough, but I have not been able to find good discussion that would cover this topic extensively. If there is a threat out there that you know of, please point me to it.   T...
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Dimmable LEDs?

Electrical Yesterday, 06:21 PM
I talk to car people occasionally (over coffee & pie..) about things.  One of them is the Dimmable LED bulb.  I never thought of them as 'dimmable' in the sense of what a filament  bulb can do, so I wanted to ask to get some information in the context of S30 cars.  Are the...
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Glove box 78 280Z-trying to get it open

Help Me !! 04 Oct 2015
New to the website and just took delivery on a resurrection project that has been sitting for 19 years.  Got the title and keys to this project car-did not get either on my other Datsun project still in progress-but not sure if the glove box had a different key.  I have 3 copies of the...
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Mystery SU Needles -- "369"

SU Carb Technical Articles Today, 05:11 AM
Recently picked up a used set of 3-screw roundtop SU's that I plan to restore as a back-up set and last night when I was disassembling them, I noticed the needles are engraved as "369".  The previous owner said that the carbs were from a '72 SCCA racer, so I'm guessing they're richer needles...
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Help me understand my HVLP gun

Body and Paint Yesterday, 05:49 AM
Hi, I'm having trouble getting the hang of setting up my HVLP gun.  I sprayed some primer this weekend and wasn't happy with the results.  I'm hoping someone here can help me out a little.  I've watched to usual youtube videos and understand the controls, but because I'm inexperien...
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Should my 240Z have a fan shroud?

Help Me !! 06 May 2012
I have a completely orignal 1972 240z that I am trying to get back on the road, (over all freshen up under way). It does not have a fan shroud. I have seen several of you guys that DO have fan shrouds. Did my car come with one and possibly lost it somewhere along the way? Do I need one? Th...
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Datsuns in the News Thread

Open Chit Chat 15 Aug 2015
If you see something in the news related to datsun's post here.         http://www.winknews....-unsolved-case/  
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Inspirational video for those in the middle of their S30...

Open S30 Z Discussions 03 Oct 2015
1970 Datsun 240Z Gets Hot Engine, Attacks Laguna Seca: Video http://www.motorauth...guna-seca-video
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EVENTS: 2015 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 04 — Workhorses

JNC Magazine Yesterday, 11:58 PM
This year’s JCCS had a higher turnout, truck-wise, than any other in recent memory. Former workhorses that managed to survive — or evade — decades of hard labor showed up en masse on Queen Mary lawn to enjoy their new status as classics.  By … Continue reading → View the full a...
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Embed your Facebook page or group on your website

Facebook Group Yesterday, 10:48 PM
You can embed any Facebook page or group on your website using Wallflux iframe: https://www.wallflux.com/iframe/ (This is a promoted post on an unregistered Wallflux-feed) View the full article
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Group wall post by Kent Eckman

Facebook Group Yesterday, 10:48 PM
Kent Eckman wrote on Classic Z Car Club's wall: Looking to add some horsepower to my 75 Z..... Currently running a mild street cam , aftermarket intake , headers and hi flow exhaust.. Wondering what a stronger street cam and some head work might do? Considering a turbo zx engine swap. Lot of w...
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