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    Moving to SoCal July 2015

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    ."There are two types of car enthusiasts: 1-those who have never heard of the red car 2-those who read the red car at an impressionable age and had their lives ruined by it. I, of course, am in the second group."

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Tuning this 3.0 on SUs...

Carburetor Central 19 Apr 2015
I'm starting this thread to keep track of my findings, but please chime in if you have any thoughts, suggestions or critisisms on the matter.   The engine is a fresh 3.0L Rebello "Full-on" package, which have my zTherapy 4 screw round tops bolted to it, on a smoothed balance tube, and a 6-2-...
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L24 Rebuild -Again!

Engine and Drivetrain 12 Feb 2015
Yes this is the second time around for the little L.  And boy I have learned a lot and probably forgot a lot too! First time around the machinist/builder did most of the work. He dissembled and assembled the block and head and I put the two together. I degreed the cam and everything else to...
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It Ain't Running Right!

Carburetor Central 09 Apr 2015
So, first of all, i've been gone from the car circles for a long time for certain reasons. Have forgot most what i learned about carbs and timing.   Problem: last summer, i broke my distributor. Yes, it went broken. The collar that holds dizzy on place (with 2 10mm screws) was bent and event...
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Testing Dash Lights---Dash Removed

Electrical 09 Apr 2015
I have the dash sitting on the bench 9/71 and I want to test all my dash lights while it's sitting in front of me. What wires can I jumper with a 12v source to get that done?
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Koyo Radiator Install 240z

Engine and Drivetrain Today, 09:12 AM
Picked up a Koyo aluminum radiator for my S30. Got down to installation and ran into a problem - the fan makes contact with the passenger side of the radiator (the cooling tank portion of the rad - see attached picture). After unleashing a few f-bombs, got down to trying to figure this out. Upon...
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83 280ZX accelerating problem

Open S130 ZX Discussions 20 Apr 2015
So, as mentioned in another thread (http://www.classiczc...rns-over/page-4), my Z is doing something weird. I recently had intermittent starting problems and I finally purchased a rebuilt Cardone distributor from Rockauto.com. So far so good it seems to be starting, but I noticed it started accel...
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Color code 077 1982 ZX turbo help?

Body and Paint (280ZX) 19 Apr 2015
Hi!   I have a 1982 zxt that says "077" as color code. I canĀ“t find it anywhere.   The car is repainted, but I think it is in original color. It is two-colored from new. I suppose it is like the "10th anniversary" model, but of course it is not.   Some pictures, whole car and ID pl...
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Stolen 240Z

Open S30 Z Discussions 26 Mar 2015
One of our local Z club members has had his 240Z stolen. He bought it new 42 years ago and just finished the restoration. If you have a moment please have a look at his thread. Thanks, Chris http://www.ontariozc...OLEN-from-North
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CZCC Membership Numbers

Open S30 Z Discussions Today, 03:11 AM
Anybody know how to go about getting one's CZCC membership number?  IIRC, these used to appear under 'Profile' but now they're blanked out.  I need my # to qualify for a discount on an MSA order.
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How to fix an early oil pan?

Engine and Drivetrain Today, 05:01 AM
Putting my engine back together after an overhaul and finally turned my attention to the oil pan. I found lots of RTV on the pan and after cleaning it became very clear that someone over torqued the bolts warping the pan.    Tom Monroe says to place the pan face down...
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