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      29 Apr
    hawaii z

    i have a 04/1972 240z vin#hls3076649 i bought in hawaii in 1977 that has less yhan 6,500 original miles.how do i find out what day it was produced my b-day is 04/20/1958

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Ever see these valve seals before on a L series?

Engine and Drivetrain 24 Nov 2015
Take a look at the seals that were put on this E88 head. And 2 seals are not the same as the rest on top of that.
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Body or drivetrain?

Open Chit Chat Today, 02:05 AM
So, I am looking for a 240z in my area, and its taking awhile due to a lack of 240zs in my area and a meager budget. But when I do purchase, I plan on creating a mechanically accurate Wangan Midnight Devil Z replica with a blueprinted 2.8L (and I mean actually blueprinted, all the way around) car...
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OFFICIAL 280Z "Fuel Damper" thread!

Fuel Injection Yesterday, 08:13 PM
The FUEL DAMPER on my 1978 280Z is leaking and dripping gasoline. Aside from the obvious safety issues, it creates a pressure loss in the fuel system. The FUEL DAMPER sits directly above the fuel pump. Its purpose is to provide a smooth flow of fuel to the engine, so it is unwise to bypass it. Th...
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No gas coming out of the tank!

Help Me !! Yesterday, 05:16 PM
Hey guys, I'm officially stumped and could use some suggestions.   I repainted the tank a couple weekends ago, put everything back together, and can't get any fuel to flow from the outlet.  I put a minimum of 5 gallons in there, so it's not low.  There's nothing physically blocking...
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1976 280Z Restoration Project

Open S30 Z Discussions 06 Feb 2015
Hi everyone! My name is Mark and I will be restoring my 1976 280Z coupe HLS30-271295 starting this year. I look forward to your feedback and help as I am sure most of you have a lot of experience with restoring your own cars! I am hoping you will all chip in and help me avoid some common pitfalls...
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Instrument Brake lights dims a little bit when parking br...

Electrical 22 Nov 2015
The instrument brake light dims a litlle bit when i take the brake off the car! It does it with the vehicle┬┤s headlights lights on or off! What could be the cause of this and where should i check to get this sorted out! I have already connected and disconnected the turn signal switch for any...
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[2015] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

What I Did Today 31 Dec 2014
Started to gather the parts to reupholster the seats.
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72 240z Choke Knob Screw size and type

Interior 24 Nov 2015
Does anyone know the exact screw size and type for the 1972 240z Choke Knob??? Mine is worn and cannot manage to fasten the knob to the lever! Any alternatives other than silicone or any kind of glue!
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New 240z owner with Cracked Dash In need of advice

Open S30 Z Discussions Yesterday, 05:26 PM
Hi   I recently bought a wonderful '71 in excellent condition.  The odometer reads 59,000 miles which I believe to be correct.  I have owned a '73 as a teenager and later, I bought a '72.  They all had their 240z issues but I think I got one I can live with.    The o...
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lighted Toggle Switches

Electrical 22 Nov 2015
If you needed to be able to direct power between different devices, like Fog or Spot lamps, or a pair of 12V power jacks,  you can use an ordinary SPDT toggle switch.  But if you wanted a visual indicator, a toggle switch with a pair of integrated colored lights or a dual-colored LED wo...
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Panel Alignment

Body and Paint 02 Nov 2015
All:   Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I'm trying to figure out the sequencing for painting and assembling my project.  My plan is to mostly reassemble my shell and check panel alignment, adjust as needed and then disassemble and paint all the edges and hidden areas (door...
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Rare E31 head 1970 240z

Engine and Drivetrain 17 Apr 2012
Hey guys,My dad and I bought a project 240z with the E31 head on it. Since this car is 23 years older than I am, could some of you maybe give me some insight of the pros and cons of this head? One site (http://datsunzgarage.com/heads/) says they are hard to come by these days...anything would hel...
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Pay it forward!!!

Open S30 Z Discussions 22 Nov 2009
We need a PAY IT FORWARD thread. With tough economic times and the Holidays fast approaching, a lot of people could use a break or a hand out. How does it work? Really simple...Clean out your garage with a part that you thought about selling, but considering its relative worth it's just b...
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Bob Sharp Racing valve cover

Ebay and Craigslist Yesterday, 01:46 PM
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What maintains the fuel line pressure when the care is off?

Fuel Injection 27 Jul 2015
I've got a 76 z with the EFI. When I break open the fuel line just above the fuel filter for example (with the car off of course) there isn't any pressure in the fuel line and when starting it takes a while because I think it has to build up pressure again.  I've rec...
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