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    Moving to SoCal July 2015

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      26 Jan

    ."There are two types of car enthusiasts: 1-those who have never heard of the red car 2-those who read the red car at an impressionable age and had their lives ruined by it. I, of course, am in the second group."

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My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread

What I Did Today 05 Nov 2012
Well hello everybody. i'd like to introduce myself. I'm Nils, coming from switzerland and about two year ago i started work on a S30Z i bought. I now have a few restored parts, a lot of repair-parts lying around but the chassis was in bad condition because of earlier bad repair attempts b...
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Events: Tokyo Bayside Classic Cup Season Closer

JNC Magazine Yesterday, 11:24 PM
One of the great things about owning a classic car in Tokyo is that you can find a car club revolving around almost any make and model you desire. Soon you’re welcomed into the fold with typical Japanese hospitality, and as … Continue reading → View the full article
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Keep Original Air Port Exhaust Manifold Or Who Cares

Exhaust 24 Mar 2015
Hello, I have started to redo my engine and engine compartment. I have swapped out the original engine and working on another. I am planning on keeping the original 240 with the car (not sure why it does not match). I'd like to re use the manifold but to do that I need to take off and plug the ai...
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L28 About To Pull The Head, Any Advice?

Engine and Drivetrain Yesterday, 10:00 PM
Alright so since the last I posted up here, I blew the L26, road tripped 5 hours to pick up an L28 load it into the lidless trunk of an oldsmobile and drive it back. Then I stripped it down did several new gaskets, and painted it. Threw it in the Z with DGVs and after a month of fighting with the...
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early oil pan

Engine and Drivetrain 29 Aug 2010
I have been spending the last week or so under the car scraping the rest of the undercoating off and have noticed a couple of things. First it looks like the car has a early reinforced oil pan, the engine is the original one and a number of L24-9873. I do not have any of the history of the car so...
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Stolen 240Z

Open S30 Z Discussions Yesterday, 02:25 PM
One of our local Z club members has had his 240Z stolen. He bought it new 42 years ago and just finished the restoration. If you have a moment please have a look at his thread. Thanks, Chris http://www.ontariozc...OLEN-from-North
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Engine Head Plug Sizes

Engine and Drivetrain Yesterday, 10:27 PM
What size plugs do i use to plug the cylinder head outlet to heater core and heater core to water pump inlet? Im bypassing my heater core and cant seem to find the sizes in any thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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Fuel Vapor Check Valve Substitute

Open S30 Z Discussions 24 Mar 2015
So my Fuel Check Valve is not checking anymore.   Opening the gas cap releases a great amount of pressure, and I can hear the fuel pump getting pretty loud too after a drive.   The manual shows the 'Fuel Check Valve' inline from the vapor canister back to the fuel tank, and after checki...
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Another MSD problem.

Electrical 30 Jun 2006
My brother and I an effort to simplify our 280z'z wiring have removed most of the stock ignition parts. We have replaced them with an MSD6a, 8920, Mallory coil, and the stock magnetic pickup that came on our 77 280z. We have the fuel injector pulse wire hooked up via the blue line. We ha...
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