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      29 Apr
    hawaii z

    i have a 04/1972 240z vin#hls3076649 i bought in hawaii in 1977 that has less yhan 6,500 original miles.how do i find out what day it was produced my b-day is 04/20/1958

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      25 Feb

    Moving to SoCal July 2015

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NGK BP6ES spark plug burn color OK?

Carburetor Central Yesterday, 09:28 AM
Did you use the right gaskets between the carbs and the manifold ?   Set the stationairy idle with the idle screws ( not the fast idle one ).
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NGK BP6ES spark plug burn color OK?

Carburetor Central Yesterday, 09:28 AM
You can have different turns on the jets due to mechanical differences, wear and user error.Getting all plugs to the same colour is a good goal.Also lifting the piston in the back carb with your finger and idling on the front 3 cylinders then doing the same and running on the rear 3 cylinders is...
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Troubleshooting a 240Z Dash Wiring Harness

Help Me !! 18 Apr 2015
For continuity checks when i build small electronics i normally use a multimeter with the setting that looks like  >| )))  I can just imagine that you run along the wires end to end, to make sure there are no cuts or jumps along them? I can't think of any other way to test them out....
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Out with the new, in with the old...

Carburetor Central Yesterday, 10:05 PM
Hey GeoffI'm doing the "Snoopy happy feet dance" for you in Portland. Your description of a cold start is spot on. Sounds like you're very close to perfect. You're gonna love the carbs. Who knows, Maybe you can even convince Sarah that they aren't evil. Can't wait for the results from the butt-dy...
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260z Brake Failure - Jump, Roll & Fire

Racing Today, 04:00 AM
The fuel pump was wired by a previous owner and something I had never considered. http://www.how-to-bu...-fuel-pump.html
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L24 vs L28ET

Engine and Drivetrain Yesterday, 10:23 AM
 not before I get the car stripped. I feel like the right time to do lock this down is when the car is totally dismantled, but right now I don't think I know enough about these cars to go down this road. Just for general discussion, but have you driven a Z car?  Any of them 240 to 2...
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Thermostat Temp Sender Vs. Head Temp Sender...

Engine and Drivetrain Today, 02:12 PM
cool - just as i thought. that will make things simpler for me as well (always a plus) since i can just poach the sensor from my current motor and pop it into the new build. thanks for the reply!
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Source for Tail lamp harness plugs

Electrical 20 May 2015
I got my 6-position MP6N connector from cycleterminal.  It looks fairly similar to the tail lamp connector, but I'll have to go out to the car to check it, maybe Friday.)   If it's still not the same connector, I can use it for the center console.  Why did Nissan need all those sma...
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Out with the new, in with the old...

Carburetor Central Yesterday, 10:05 PM
thanks cap'n - i fabbed up a quick 'make-do' clamp to get me going but it will be great to have the proper bits on there!
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L24 won't run properly (video). What can cause this?

Engine and Drivetrain 24 May 2015
Agree with Site. Start with a the basics.You mentioned previously the plugs were wet. The question is, too much fuel, weak or mis-timed ignition or a combination of both? Have you tried pushing the nozzles up on the carbs? These can become stuck & stay in the choke position. If the mixture is...
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