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    ."There are two types of car enthusiasts: 1-those who have never heard of the red car 2-those who read the red car at an impressionable age and had their lives ruined by it. I, of course, am in the second group."

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Alternator bearing?...squeal from dead stop plus...

Engine and Drivetrain 25 Apr 2015
Car has about 180-200 miles on it after an engine swap, took it out tonight for a spin, at a stop light while accelerating I heard the belt start to squeal.  I figured, "just need to tighten it" but it kept squealing and another noise which I assumed was the belt rubbing on something happene...
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No spark

Help Me !! Yesterday, 02:29 PM
I was messing with the 73 we have and trying to get it running again with my son. The brake booster was out and disassembled we patched it and reassembled it. Tried to start the car but no spark. I believe I have fuel and I shot some ether to it so I don't think fueling is the main issu...
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The Bricklin SV1 that started as a joke after a few beers...

Open Chit Chat Today, 12:38 PM
One night me and a friend where talking after work with a few beers about the Bricklin SV1 that was in the show Gas Monkey garage. We thought what a cool car, and after some beers went searching on Ebay just for fun ( at first ), and found 2 ( none now ). One in New York..   The guy ask...
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83 280ZX accelerating problem

Open S130 ZX Discussions 20 Apr 2015
So, as mentioned in another thread (http://www.classiczc...rns-over/page-4), my Z is doing something weird. I recently had intermittent starting problems and I finally purchased a rebuilt Cardone distributor from Rockauto.com. So far so good it seems to be starting, but I noticed it started accel...
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Intermittent Loss Of Power-1972 240Z Stock

Help Me !! 14 Apr 2015
1972 240Z all stock with a full engine rebuild 4 years ago.  I'm about to go crazy on this one.  Replaced points/plugs/condenser, have rebuilt carbs/new fuel filter (twice), new plug wires.  Plugs burning perfectly across all cylinders.  Checked wiring from coil to dizzy, recr...
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Not a Z but a Datsun

History Today, 01:31 PM
My parents (Mom) bought an orange 510 station wagon new in '71 with a stick. Four of us boys learned how to drive with it, me being the first and the youngest rolled it 6 years later! What a great car that was a blast to drive and ever since then I have been a Datsun fan! Sure is a simple way to...
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Suspension Redo!

Suspension and Steering 27 Mar 2015
Well today I got back into the Z after almost a year of playing solely with the roadster.  Man it was nice to show some love her way.  Well my first hour of work went swimmingly   I got to here rather quickly.     I managed to get all of the parts off rather easily. My...
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Throttle issues and now car won't start

Help Me !! Yesterday, 04:26 PM
Today I replaced a leaky fuel pump and installed an inline fuel filter pre-pump. I got the car back together and drove to the gas station. During this drive the car hesitated a lot from 2000-3000 rpms. After filling up the car was much better and reved more freely, but the throttle seemed to stay...
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Guess what tire size this is

Wheels, Tires and Brakes Yesterday, 04:32 PM
Hi guys looking for help once again. I'm looking for new wheels and trying to get the right size tire.    This is the look i'm going for, a 15" wheel with a little more meat than my 205/50's. Can anyone help my find out what size tire is on the beautiful 432?   My guess is 225/50-1...
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L24 Rebuild -Again!

Engine and Drivetrain 12 Feb 2015
Yes this is the second time around for the little L.  And boy I have learned a lot and probably forgot a lot too! First time around the machinist/builder did most of the work. He dissembled and assembled the block and head and I put the two together. I degreed the cam and everything else to...
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