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      29 Apr
    hawaii z

    i have a 04/1972 240z vin#hls3076649 i bought in hawaii in 1977 that has less yhan 6,500 original miles.how do i find out what day it was produced my b-day is 04/20/1958

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      25 Feb

    Moving to SoCal July 2015

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Keep water away from under hatch flat area?

Body and Paint 16 Oct 2010
That would work, and you'll still need to funnel it out the back or under the car.
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Source for Tail lamp harness plugs

Electrical 20 May 2015
OK, I can now confirm that the cycleterminal YC2506 6 pin connector does, in fact, fit the taillamp harness connector on my 280Z.  I'll be ordering another soon, and probably a 6 or 8 pin connector set to clean up the mess behind the center console.    I just wish I could straighte...
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Keep water away from under hatch flat area?

Body and Paint 16 Oct 2010
I think Grannyknot was suggesting using the seam sealer to hold the metal channel in place sorta like glue to usher the water to the back of the car.
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Anyone have experience with hy-per lube ZINC REPLACEMENT...

Engine and Drivetrain Today, 11:43 AM
I recommend drinking the stuff: http://www.healthlin...ysfunction/zinc
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Headlamp harness Connectors

Electrical 27 May 2015
I was looking for some Bosch relays on eBoo, and I saw something interesting:  "Bosch style" relays and connectors.  Would you say they are the same, as "Bosch style" refers to the Bosch pinout, or is it some kind of selling jargon to pass off some inferior product?   I would like...
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Troubleshooting a 240Z Dash Wiring Harness

Help Me !! 18 Apr 2015
  I would think checking continuity might be done with an ohmmeter that can read down to tenths of an ohm but would require some very accurate wire identification.  My 1970 dash wiring had three issues, the two thick white wires that carry battery current showed overheating (blackened c...
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'75 280Z Headlight Relay Upgrade

Electrical 13 Nov 2014
I was looking for the open barrel female socket and that I could've find close to the original size for regular size auto relay. If you have source info, please let me know! By the way, thanks for the photos of Corolla relay box. I notice it uses unique size of relays. Is it easy to find replac...
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Keep water away from under hatch flat area?

Body and Paint 16 Oct 2010
Do you mean to put a thin line of seam sealer to create some kind of channel?  The OP wanted to extend the gutter to the bottom so it drains directly out of the shelf, and the only thing I can think of is to use a bit of square plastic tubing.
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1973 Rebuild

Open S30 Z Discussions 23 May 2015
Thanks Chuck. I've been concentrating on reliability and just getting stuff to work properly, but one of these days I should try to make my Z look better.
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'75 280Z Headlight Relay Upgrade

Electrical 13 Nov 2014
I just order Open Barrel Terminal Female socket on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/...=STRK:MEBIDX:IT   Tamo, I'm not sure how the terminals are retained into the box you have, but most of the ones I've investigated use a little clip that catches on material between the two rounded bent over "...
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