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      29 Apr
    hawaii z

    i have a 04/1972 240z vin#hls3076649 i bought in hawaii in 1977 that has less yhan 6,500 original miles.how do i find out what day it was produced my b-day is 04/20/1958

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Weird Wiper Issue

Electrical 23 Sep 2015
So I've been working like a madman on my 240z and replaced the wiper motor AND linkage (which I thought was the issue). The thing is this: Before installation, the motor works great and I can even turn the linkages freely by hand without issue. Once installed, the wipers won't move. This isn't th...
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What's old is new again. Alternator upgrade options

Electrical 07 Oct 2015
So you're on the road at night cruisin' in your Z. Slowly you notice that your headlights are getting dimmer and dimmer. You check your ammeter or voltmeter and see that your system is in discharge mode. Oh crap. Belt fall off? I hope so. Nope, still there and tight. oh oh oreo... Well you got th...
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Good clutch for aluminium flywheel?

Engine and Drivetrain 07 Oct 2015
I have a Tilton flywheel I want to use on my 240.  Street use only and I don't beat the 43 year old car.  Stock or maybe a Centerforce II?   Thanks for any replies. Cliff 
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My winter project: L28 swap into my 240z

Engine and Drivetrain Today, 09:32 AM
Just thought I'd start a thread on my upcoming winter project.  I got my 240z in May of last year. The car was nicely restored in 2010. I've done a few things to it in the time that I've had it including, wheels/tires, headlight covers, lowered it, ST sway bar kit, pertonix ignition and the...
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280z runs rough and loses power after driving for 10-15 m...

Help Me !! Yesterday, 06:10 PM
So I have a bizarre problem and I'm not sure what to check. Let me start at the beginning.   I was driving my 1976 280z and noticed the temp gage all the way to the right so I pull over soon as I can. When I look under the hood there is coolant squirting out a hole in the front of the radiat...
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Stainless steel headers, exhausts and JDM twin-pipe muffl...

Garage Businesses 09 Sep 2015
Sean D├ęzart, in and around Zs for 26 years now, current President of the French Datsun club (with nearly 1300 members - not all active of course), previous Dutch Z club member for 4 years and before that Chairman and events organiser of the UK Z club.   Around 4 years ago I discovered that n...
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What is this called ?

Carburetor Central 08 Oct 2015
It's the flapper for the inside of the carb. What's the real name for it ? I need to find one for my SU carb rebuild because this one is no good. Thx !
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Recommendation for new radiator and elctrical fan for 280Z

Engine and Drivetrain 31 Aug 2015
Hi All,   First off I apologize if this topic has been covered elsewhere. I though I've researched the forum good enough, but I have not been able to find good discussion that would cover this topic extensively. If there is a threat out there that you know of, please point me to it.   T...
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Does anyone make replacement EFI engine room harnesses fo...

Fuel Injection Today, 12:15 PM
A friend of mine just finished restoring the body on a 280Z and when he was done, it wouldn't start. It appears the EFI harness has been hacked into and patched and we're thinking that if someone makes a replacement harness like they do in the Porsche world, it might be a best fix... Leads?
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Trip Down the "Mother Road" Route 66

Open S30 Z Discussions Yesterday, 03:26 PM
This past weekend, a group of friends who are car enthusiasts took a short Fall Cruise down a stretch of Historic Route 66 between Dwight and Pontiac, IL.  It was a gorgeous, sunny and blue sky October day.  We had 10 people in 9 cars.  I was the sole Z, and sole import for that ma...
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Beck Arnley Vs. Posi Quiet Plus That Voice In Your Head

Wheels, Tires and Brakes 29 Mar 2015
I've had this nagging thought that I should check the wear on my front brake pads but haven't done it.  Recently I started hearing a mild crunchy noise while braking, especially at low speed.  I tried braking with just the parking brake and no noise so took a wheel off.  And decide...
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Storage box wall sheet metal source?

Body and Paint Today, 12:57 PM
Can anyone tell me the right way to fix this? Ideally, I want to source a new wall from a parts car if I can find one and have it sent to me, but I have a feeling it might be cost prohibitive. /M
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Beware Mr. Gasket fuel filters

Open S30 Z Discussions Today, 08:57 AM
Bought this little gem because I thought the idea was good to see when things got dirty. It left me stranded on the road at 11pm on the way to work. Had to leave my Z in a church parking lot until towed to a buddies house.  I had previous issues with my engine acting like it ran out of fuel,...
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Thanksgiving Day - Canada

Open Chit Chat Today, 05:52 AM
Wishing all of our good friends in Canada a most Happy Thanksgiving!
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Engine Removal Checklist

Engine and Drivetrain 10 Oct 2015
Attached is the checklist I made for pulling the engine / transmission from my 1972 240Z. It takes you up to removing the engine mount and transmission crossmember bolts.  I used the Removal Note column for bolt / nut size (might as well replace them as long as they are out), part bag names,...
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