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Stupid question on fuel pressure regulator

Fuel Injection Today, 09:28 AM
Does the direction of flow through the regulator matter? I ask because I have a aftermarket fuel rail (bar stock style) with an aeromotive FPR and I am going to replace the fuel lines as well as put the stock regulator back (I'm hunting for a leak). Of course, I'll have to mount it somewhere sinc...
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A few quick questions? Glove box light and I have a screw...

Interior Today, 10:52 AM
Howdy, This is for my Series 1 240z   First the hard question! Just noticed that my light switch for my glove box is hanging in the box! Looks like the spot weld for the bracket has broken. Looks like to fix it right, I would need to pull the dash and spot weld back on. Not thinking of doing...
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Beck Arnley Vs. Posi Quiet Plus That Voice In Your Head

Wheels, Tires and Brakes 29 Mar 2015
I've had this nagging thought that I should check the wear on my front brake pads but haven't done it.  Recently I started hearing a mild crunchy noise while braking, especially at low speed.  I tried braking with just the parking brake and no noise so took a wheel off.  And decide...
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Wheel and tire size recommendations

Wheels, Tires and Brakes 04 Oct 2015
I'm working on a '73 240z, and while I'm fine with mechanical work and such, wheels and tire sizes are a completely different world to me. My 240 is basically stock with the L28 and 5-speed swap, and Tokico Illumia adjustables. My daily is my motorcycle so the Z would be mostly when I need to...
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Good clutch for aluminium flywheel?

Engine and Drivetrain 07 Oct 2015
I have a Tilton flywheel I want to use on my 240.  Street use only and I don't beat the 43 year old car.  Stock or maybe a Centerforce II?   Thanks for any replies. Cliff 
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A Meeting with the Original Owner of #8011

Open S30 Z Discussions Yesterday, 07:42 AM
As car enthusiasts we are not merely the owners of 4-wheeled machines but caretakers of classic and interesting automobiles.  Anytime we acquire a used but “new to me“ vehicle we always want to know its history, where has it been, has it been treated well, what made the owner buy this car ov...
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What's old is new again. Alternator upgrade options

Electrical 07 Oct 2015
So you're on the road at night cruisin' in your Z. Slowly you notice that your headlights are getting dimmer and dimmer. You check your ammeter or voltmeter and see that your system is in discharge mode. Oh crap. Belt fall off? I hope so. Nope, still there and tight. oh oh oreo... Well you got th...
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Fuel Pump Spacer...where to find them?

Open S30 Z Discussions 07 Oct 2015
Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has a source for new fuel pump spacers. Seems like Nissan, Fel-Pro, and Beck-Arnley are all out-of-stock and discontinued. Quick google didn't find anything.   Trying to source this out for a co-worker. Hoping to light a fire under his arse to get his 260Z...
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Intake pop/flap sound

Help Me !! 30 Sep 2015
https://vimeo.com/141010856 Anyone have any input on this sound. I'm not sure if it's the afm flap, or if it has to do with running lean/rich. It's been idling weird. We've replaced the spark plugs, wires, cap, the injectors are all working (I felt the vibration). Any input greatly appreciat...
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Datsuns in the News Thread

Open Chit Chat 15 Aug 2015
If you see something in the news related to datsun's post here.         http://www.winknews....-unsolved-case/  
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How I refinished the horns in my '73 240Z

Tech Pubs and How-To Articles 18 Jul 2005
I have methodically been "refreshing" my '73 240Z a bit at a time. I've repainted the car, rebuilt the front & rear suspension, installed new carpets, a headliner and a dash cap, refinished the engine bay and just recently had the engine rebuilt. :knockedou One of the last detail ite...
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Rolex Monterey in car cam

Racing 16 Sep 2015
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What is this called ?

Carburetor Central Yesterday, 08:51 AM
It's the flapper for the inside of the carb. What's the real name for it ? I need to find one for my SU carb rebuild because this one is no good. Thx !
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240z 3/70 build date

Ebay and Craigslist 05 Oct 2015
To bad about the V8, not sure of the Original engine is still there   http://www.ebay.com/...em=121778781235
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Inspirational video for those in the middle of their S30...

Open S30 Z Discussions 03 Oct 2015
1970 Datsun 240Z Gets Hot Engine, Attacks Laguna Seca: Video http://www.motorauth...guna-seca-video
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