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    Moving to SoCal July 2015

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    ."There are two types of car enthusiasts: 1-those who have never heard of the red car 2-those who read the red car at an impressionable age and had their lives ruined by it. I, of course, am in the second group."

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My Datsun 280Z "Rustoration"

Open S30 Z Discussions 07 May 2014
Hello, I wanted to post a build thread to document the process of my restoration. I have a 1975 280Z that I purchased off a local craigslist ad. Heres the ad. Ive wanted one of these cars since I was in high school and was looking for one that was in decent shape without too much rust and...
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Fuel return line

Carburetor Central 18 Apr 2015
I have a 280z that I am going to put triple webers on.  In the course of my restoration I had to completely redo the fuel lines.  The plumbing had been a real pain and bending 5/16" stainless precisely isn't easy.  I have bent the supply, return and vent lines, but I can see where...
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Making A Wooden Shift Knob - Chapter 2

Interior 26 Feb 2015
A while ago I made a couple wooden shift knobs (http://www.classiczc...den-shift-knob/) and while I think they turned out pretty well, I've always knew there was some room for improvement. They were "close" to the original design, but just different enough to bug me. So with that in mind, I...
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Intermittent Loss Of Power-1972 240Z Stock

Help Me !! 14 Apr 2015
1972 240Z all stock with a full engine rebuild 4 years ago.  I'm about to go crazy on this one.  Replaced points/plugs/condenser, have rebuilt carbs/new fuel filter (twice), new plug wires.  Plugs burning perfectly across all cylinders.  Checked wiring from coil to dizzy, recr...
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Seeking Some Advice About The Dash

Interior 31 Mar 2015
Yesterday, I removed the dash cap to see if I could start on a restoration, I've read the restoration threads and felt it was doable. Now for the kicker whoever put the full dash cap on(not me) used about 100 tubes of latex caulk to hold it in place and/or fill gaps, the result when taken off was...
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New Headliner Installed

Interior Today, 06:36 PM
I finally got around to installing the new headliner in the Z, which was missing when I bought it.  It wasn't too bad, was somehow able to do it without a second pair of hands.  I strung baling wire from the upper mirror mount to the interior light to drape it over as I worked it into p...
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Electronic control for Turn Signals

Electrical Today, 06:17 PM
Higuys,   For convenience during highway driving as well as saving wear-and-tear, I thought it would be nice  to  incorporate a latching relay to operate the turn signals.  I just don't remember the type and current rating you'd need;  I think a simple 10A SPDT would work...
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Rear shock noise

Motorsport Auto Yesterday, 12:43 PM
I have a 71 240, lowered I used the tokico illumina 5 way adjustable shocks and coils. Lately I've be hearing a clunking/popping noise. It sounds like bad u-joints. My mechanic says it's the rear shocks. This guy is a z whisper but he's hasn't had a chance to look at them. Has anyone had this pr...
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260z won't start!

Help Me !! Today, 01:25 PM
Hello Everyone,    PLEASE HELP!!!   I was hoping to get some help over a problem I am having, I just recently bought a 1974 Nissan Datsun 260 Z but unfortunately it was not in running condition, I was told it was only a fuel problem so I connected a hose to the mechanical fuel pump...
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240z Steering Play

Suspension and Steering 08 Sep 2014
After about 3 months, I finally tossed the wheels back on the Z (1971 240z). I am in the process of getting the vehicle ready to pass an out of province inspection. When I initially brought it in, they said I needed a new steering rack. Clearly not very easy to come across(New). I've...
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