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Selling my 1970 240Z

Open S30 Z Discussions 26 Sep 2015
Hello everyone!!  I'm listing my  70 240Z for sale.  Here's the link to the Classic Z Car Club classified listing.    http://www.classiczc...70-datsun-240z/   Cheers and thanks very much.  Aaron
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Horn stopped working because.....

Electrical 26 Sep 2015
Was cruising around in the 77 280z today. Is nice having the drivers side seat fixed, thanks to grannyknot (Chris). He had the part I needed. Beautiful day it is! I saw someone I recognized and went to tap the horn and got nothing. Tried again and still nothing. Went back home and traced it (fina...
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Group wall post by シゲタ ケンイチ

Facebook Group Yesterday, 08:45 PM
シゲタ ケンイチ posted a photo on Classic Z Car Club's wall: 日本平 (23 likes, 1 comment) View the full article
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Need 81 280Zx Cylinder head and camshaft p79 ASAP. FLORIDA

Open S130 ZX Discussions Yesterday, 06:46 AM
Ordered one from California-Datsun yesterday. Lots of bad reviews about them and old name datsun parts llc in California. Need a remanufactured one ASAP. TIM Pavelow42@hotmail.com 7032169119
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The key

Open Chit Chat 24 Sep 2015
I just love this key and the enjoyment it brings....
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New 280z Owner! First Z! SoCal!

Introductions and Rides 16 Jul 2014
Hello! New to this forum! My name is Oscar and I live in SoCal (I.E.) and have a crazy passion for cars! I work for a wheel company/manufacturer (ACE ALLOY WHEEL) and love what I do. I go to every event I can (free tickets yay) and get to see the most craziest builds. I had been thinking about ge...
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Automotive Photography

Tech Pubs and How-To Articles 12 Jun 2006
Thought you all would get a kick out of this article from "Studio Photography" magazine. This publication targets the business aspect of photography and professional photographers. Although I am neither a pro nor in business as such. This might help your fun with cars this summer. Chris
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Group wall post by Bob Bloom

Facebook Group Yesterday, 04:13 PM
Bob Bloom posted a photo on Classic Z Car Club's wall: Sexy?? Yes!! (46 likes, 6 comments) View the full article
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Group wall post by Keith Olschner

Facebook Group Yesterday, 04:12 PM
Keith Olschner wrote on Classic Z Car Club's wall: A little photo editing from my phone, my 71 240z backed into the garage (70 likes, 5 comments) View the full article
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Swapped my Flowmaster for a MagnaFlow

Exhaust Yesterday, 08:16 AM
I've had a Flowmaster muffler on my 240 for about 12 years. I bought an MSA 6-into-1 header, their 2.5" stainless kit (with DynoMax muffler) and had it installed by a local shop. I didn't like the DynoMax muffler too much, and it was occasionally rattling, and after a few tries at the original sh...
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Link: The Scarab legend - The original hybrid Datsun Z.

Facebook Group Yesterday, 03:44 PM
Mike Gholson posted a link to Classic Z Car Club's wall: Back in early 1976, Brian Morrow's company, Scarab Engineering, was building a Z car with a lot of the mods that we enthusiasts still pursue 40 years later... (20 likes, 1 comment) View the full article
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Photo: Datsun Religion

Facebook Group Yesterday, 03:23 PM
Mike Gholson shared Datsun Religion's photo to the group: Classic Z Car Club. (67 likes, 8 comments) View the full article
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Gas tank repair in NJ?

Help Me !! Yesterday, 12:26 PM
Hi Guys, any one know of a place that can repair my gas tank in NJ or Eastern PA? I was told one of the lines inside the tank has some rust. I tried to find another tank but had no luck. Is the only option sending to zcarsource? If you guys know of a place in the NJ/PA I'd really appreciate the i...
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Actor Sung Kang to Unveil 240Z Race Car at SEMA

Racing 02 Sep 2015
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Inspirational video for those in the middle of their S30...

Open S30 Z Discussions Yesterday, 05:28 AM
1970 Datsun 240Z Gets Hot Engine, Attacks Laguna Seca: Video http://www.motorauth...guna-seca-video
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