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      29 Apr
    hawaii z

    i have a 04/1972 240z vin#hls3076649 i bought in hawaii in 1977 that has less yhan 6,500 original miles.how do i find out what day it was produced my b-day is 04/20/1958

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      25 Feb

    Moving to SoCal July 2015

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Bleeding rear brakes

Wheels, Tires and Brakes Yesterday, 04:27 PM
I'm trying to bleed the rear shoe brakes on a "71". It was sitting for over ten years and the master cylinder and rear wheel cylinders pistons were frozen, I have honed and rebuilt each. I am  trying to use  a hand  vacuum pump to pull the hydro fluid from the master cylinder...
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To Dream the Impossible Dream (Redwing's Z cars)

Open S30 Z Discussions 30 Jun 2015
Hi everyone,   Jai (Redwing) is a bit timid about protocols, even though we're a pretty informal bunch.  So I'm taking the liberty of explaining her situation.  She needs a bit of special help from the Z community, starting with a frank assessment of her situation and the formulati...
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map light / dome light issue

Electrical Today, 08:51 AM
Hello, Thank you for your thoughts.     Here is my problem... the dome and map light aren't working.  bulbs are good.  When I put a probe to the map light harness it tells me that one feed is connected to positive and one connected to negative , but I get no voltage.  For...
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L24 Rebuild -Again!

Engine and Drivetrain 12 Feb 2015
Yes this is the second time around for the little L.  And boy I have learned a lot and probably forgot a lot too! First time around the machinist/builder did most of the work. He dissembled and assembled the block and head and I put the two together. I degreed the cam and everything else to...
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Throttle opener control valve and servo diaphragm for a 2...

Engine and Drivetrain 02 Aug 2014
Where can i purchase a Throttle opener control valve and servo diaphragm for a 240z? My servo diaphgram is not working and i have been advised it will be need it to have the air conditioner system working properly once installed. Been searching on the internet in several sites but have not fo...
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Shaking, back and forth motion at 1st and 2nd gear

Engine and Drivetrain 29 May 2015
Just tuned both of my recently remanufactured SU Carbs and filled them up with ATM fluid. THe car drives great at high speed, however in 1st and 2nd gear when releasing the clutch pedal and accelerating slow, not hard! Imagine getting in a traffic jam or passing a Street bump, the car presents a...
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QotW: Which nostalgic feature should be brought back?

JNC Magazine Yesterday, 10:58 PM
The reasons for our love of JNCs are plentiful. Almost as plentiful as questions about why we’d drive a 30 year old Toyota/Honda/Mazda/Daihatsu rather than a comfortable new car. Many of those reasons, however, are actually good: simplicity in design and engineering, greater outward …...
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ZCON 2015 Attendees from this site

Open Chit Chat 16 Jun 2015
If you are not on the list just reply to post and I'll update then delete your reply. 240tom               Tom & Lorri Blue                    Philip & Janet Bpilati        ...
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5sp Shifting Problems

Engine and Drivetrain 03 Jul 2015
5sp from '81 zx non-turbo came with an engine that i re-built, was said to be fine, so all i did was replace the front & rear seals before installing. noticed 2 things during install:   1 - the return spring plug was removed and in a bag of misc parts along with the shift lever pin &...
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Back in Washington, can't work on my Z...

Open Chit Chat Yesterday, 05:37 PM
Howdy Z-folks, I've been off and on the site for a lot of years now. I've owned my 280Z for over 13 years, gotten to know every nut and bolt on it, a few times, in some cases. Needless to say, I prefer to do my own wrenching. I just moved to Yakima, WA, and signed a six-month lease on a...
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Body and Paint Yesterday, 02:19 PM
Can anyone advise the following part number 80100-n3600? I know that it is a right hand door, but I need to know what year models it is for. Thanks. Richard. I thinks this may be for 260z, not sure.
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My 1970 240Z!

Introductions and Rides 08 Sep 2008
well after months of searching i finally for myself a 240z and not just a regular 240z a 1970 model made in March with Vin# 02062. Best of all it was practically in my back yard only 40 mins drive. I love the condition although it sat outside with the window half open for the last 2 years the onl...
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Trailer Hitch

Open S30 Z Discussions 18 May 2015
Hello friends, I'm getting a trailer hitch fabricated by a local fellow as nothing is really available these days. I was curious if anyone had any pictures of different designs? I'll post some pictures later of one I have in mind, but I'm at the airport on my phone right now and picture are tough...
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To Buy or not to Buy. That is the Question! Series...

Open S30 Z Discussions 07 Jun 2015
All,   I looked at a late 1970 production car yesterday.  Other than being in 905 red the car looked great and for an East Coast car was remarkably in good shape.  it was very original, and even still had the 'D' hubcaps.  However, there is something that gives me pause:...
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A Project Is Brewing...

Open S30 Z Discussions 03 Jan 2015
craigslist score #1     craigslist score #2 will be picked up soon...     let the fun begin!
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