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    Moving to SoCal July 2015

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    ."There are two types of car enthusiasts: 1-those who have never heard of the red car 2-those who read the red car at an impressionable age and had their lives ruined by it. I, of course, am in the second group."

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What Are These Holes For?

Interior Yesterday, 08:08 PM
I was doing some interior panel work on my 73, and noticed 2 large threaded holes on each side between the hatch and quarter window. What were they used for?  They seem pretty far back to be used for a shoulder belt.  Were they left open as shown? Just curious....  
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Buying My First 280Z

Introductions and Rides Yesterday, 04:42 PM
Hello, I've always loved the look of the mid 70's 280Z and i'm finally serious about buying one. I'm looking for a 76-78 280Z and I came across this one on Craigslist,    http://phoenix.craig...4957076950.html   The owner is asking $11,000. I'd appreciate any thoughts or concerns o...
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L26 Misfire & A Plug Reading Question

Help Me !! Yesterday, 04:29 PM
Looking for a little help to narrow this one down before I start taking pot shots.   A little background. Stock L26, 240Z hitachis, electronic ignition, starting to get a little tired, but still runs strong. About 6 months ago, out of no where the car developed a big misfire. All revs, all l...
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My Distributor Timing Is Horrible

Open S30 Z Discussions 21 Mar 2015
I had to pull my oil pump. Anyways my distributor is set at about 35 degrees total advance at about 7 to 8 initial. I have a gen 2 zx distributor in my garage.Not sure if I want to use that over my original since I have a pertronix hooked up to it and msd. My car runs fine I just wish I could pul...
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Distributor Intermediate Plate Needed

Engine and Drivetrain Yesterday, 01:51 PM
I need the plate to finish installing my dizzy. Clean, dirty, I don't care. Thanks!
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My Datsun 280Z "Rustoration"

Open S30 Z Discussions 07 May 2014
Hello, I wanted to post a build thread to document the process of my restoration. I have a 1975 280Z that I purchased off a local craigslist ad. Heres the ad. Ive wanted one of these cars since I was in high school and was looking for one that was in decent shape without too much rust and...
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1977 280z running rich, troubleshooting help

Engine and Drivetrain 02 Nov 2014
Hey guys (and gals), I'm the new proud owner of a 1977 280z. I don't know a ton about cars, but I'm mechanically handy and I have downloaded and read through the FSM and the FIB for the car. When I first got the car, it had been sitting for a year and wouldn't run at all. After re...
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NGK spark plug number

Engine and Drivetrain 10 Apr 2009
What do I need? 72 240Z, with E88 head. Do I need to check the gap before installation?
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Ebay and Craigslist 27 Mar 2015
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240Z Z Registries (Where To Find) And Post Your Vin As Title

History 18 Jan 2015
I decided to make a post to help owners find the Z registries on-line   Here is a page on Carl Beck's excellent Z Home site and his work that long ago has done what I wanted to do here.... lol nothing new under the sun and Carl is a star!   Carl Beck's Z Registry Links    ...
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