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What is this called ?

Carburetor Central Today, 08:51 AM
It's the flapper for the inside of the carb. What's the real name for it ? I need to find one for my SU carb rebuild because this one is no good. Thx !
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Swapped my Flowmaster for a MagnaFlow

Exhaust 03 Oct 2015
I've had a Flowmaster muffler on my 240 for about 12 years. I bought an MSA 6-into-1 header, their 2.5" stainless kit (with DynoMax muffler) and had it installed by a local shop. I didn't like the DynoMax muffler too much, and it was occasionally rattling, and after a few tries at the original sh...
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A Meeting with the Original Owner of #8011

Open S30 Z Discussions Today, 07:42 AM
As car enthusiasts we are not merely the owners of 4-wheeled machines but caretakers of classic and interesting automobiles.  Anytime we acquire a used but “new to me“ vehicle we always want to know its history, where has it been, has it been treated well, what made the owner buy this car ov...
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Zstory Header & Exhaust System 2.5" Stainless !

Zcar Depot 30 Sep 2015
We are now selling the Zstory exhaust sytem product line.  All Stainless Steel products, race & street headers as well as a full exhaust system with V-band clamps & optional JDM rear muffler.  Check them out at Zcardepot.com   Street Header:  https://www.zcardepo...7...
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Seat Belt Adjustor Clip Needed for 1971 240Z

Interior 05 Oct 2015
Ladies and Gents - I need your assistance in locating the plastic seat belt adjustor clip for the drivr's side of my 1971 240Z. Mine is broken. See Picture.   Please let me know if you have one (or more) available and the cost.   Much appreciated.  
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What's old is new again. Alternator upgrade options

Electrical Yesterday, 06:29 PM
So you're on the road at night cruisin' in your Z. Slowly you notice that your headlights are getting dimmer and dimmer. You check your ammeter or voltmeter and see that your system is in discharge mode. Oh crap. Belt fall off? I hope so. Nope, still there and tight. oh oh oreo... Well you got th...
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240Z Resto - 01/1970 Car

Open S30 Z Discussions 01 Jun 2015
So, this might be a good time to start posting photos of what I've been doing for the passed couple of months. Organizing, labelling, ordering, cleaning, etc.   Work seems like it's been slow, but I was left with kind of a huge mess when I started this resto. Things were bagged accordingly f...
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How I refinished the horns in my '73 240Z

Tech Pubs and How-To Articles 18 Jul 2005
I have methodically been "refreshing" my '73 240Z a bit at a time. I've repainted the car, rebuilt the front & rear suspension, installed new carpets, a headliner and a dash cap, refinished the engine bay and just recently had the engine rebuilt. :knockedou One of the last detail ite...
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Group wall post by Brian Harvey

Facebook Group Yesterday, 09:46 PM
Brian Harvey posted a photo on Classic Z Car Club's wall. (2 comments) View the full article
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Easy-peasy reStructuredText-converter

Facebook Group Yesterday, 09:22 PM
Wallflux Clearinghouse provides a rich text to reStructredText-converter. Partly because we use it ourselves, partly because rst is very transparent in displaying where links are going, and the format of choice for email messages: https://clearinghous...llflux.com/rst/ (This is a promoted post on...
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Photo: Photos from Brian Harvey's post

Facebook Group Yesterday, 09:22 PM
Brian Harvey posted a photo on Classic Z Car Club's wall: Looking for a good home for this great little car. 1977 280z l28 89,000 miles. 15k miles on Blueprinted and balanced motor. Clutch masters stage 4 clutch and flywheel. performance Cam 17034 , nickle plated header, Rebuilt rear end , rebuil...
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Facebook Group Yesterday, 05:54 PM
Diego Perri posted a link to Classic Z Car Club's wall: Morris Township, NJ (8 likes) View the full article
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Genuine PS30-SB 'Fairlady Z432-R' refresh story in Gallery

Open S30 Z Discussions 17 Jan 2013
If you have a few minutes to spare, please take a look at our fellow forum member take432r's Gallery photos:take432r Gallery - Classic Zcar Club Photo Gallery'take432r' is Takeuchi san from Japan, and his genuine PS30-SB 'Fairlady Z432-R' has been the star of many Japanese cla...
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Dimmable LEDs?

Electrical 05 Oct 2015
I talk to car people occasionally (over coffee & pie..) about things.  One of them is the Dimmable LED bulb.  I never thought of them as 'dimmable' in the sense of what a filament  bulb can do, so I wanted to ask to get some information in the context of S30 cars.  Are the...
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Photo: Photos from Steven Carr's post

Facebook Group Yesterday, 03:56 PM
Steven Carr posted a photo on Classic Z Car Club's wall: What you thing of the new look. Struts sectioned and dropped three inches. New wheels and race tires. (14 likes) View the full article
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