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      29 Apr
    hawaii z

    i have a 04/1972 240z vin#hls3076649 i bought in hawaii in 1977 that has less yhan 6,500 original miles.how do i find out what day it was produced my b-day is 04/20/1958

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Poor Gas Mileage - '77 280Z

Fuel Injection 13 Jul 2015
Hello all!   I have been slowly getting my '77 280Z 2+2 5 speed manual up and running. It seems to be going well for the most part. However, the last two tanks have been giving me some pretty poor MPG!   When I first got the car running, I filled the tank, set the tripometer to zeros, a...
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Spark Plug Wires

Open S30 Z Discussions Today, 10:02 AM
This may be a really stupid question but I am getting new spark plug wires.   Were the original wires black? blue?   Anything I need to know before buying them or plugs or cap and rotor?     Thanks
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Project Crush

Open S30 Z Discussions 16 Jul 2015
I thought I'd make my own thread as I seem to make a new one every week or so for this weeks issues. Long story short if you haven't been following, or can't keep up. I purchased a 240z south of the border (yup I'm in Canada), last spring. Over the last year and a half I've managed to bring it ba...
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Zed to replaced by XUV

Open Chit Chat Yesterday, 12:22 PM
Not sure what to make of this, I really hope they don't follow through! http://www.motoring....shock-suv-53409
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Anyone in Alaska?

Open Chit Chat Today, 07:22 AM
I'll be in Alaska south of Anchorage for the next 2 weeks. Any Z owners want to meet?
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Photo: Petrolicious

Facebook Group Yesterday, 10:32 PM
Mike Gholson posted a photo on Classic Z Car Club's wall: For you, roadster fan. (3 likes) View the full article
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For sale: 1976 Datsun 260Z 2-seater

Australia and New Zealand Yesterday, 10:31 PM
It hasn’t been an easy decision to make, but it is time for my zed car to move on to a new owner.   This is a good, honest, well looked after example of a 2 seater 260Z. It’s generally fairly original, but with a few nice modifications in the right places. While it’s certainly not a concours...
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Wheeler Dealers 2015 Season 12 Episode 6 Nissan 240Z

Video Share Center 09 Jun 2015
I really enjoyed this Discovery episode of Wheeler Dealers 2015.  It's about a refurbishment of a 240z automatic into a proper drivers car.  If you are interested in seeing a couple of guys swap out an automatic for a 5-speed and do a mild cam swap, this video is for you.   Sit bac...
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Group wall post by Andy Craig

Facebook Group Yesterday, 07:04 PM
Andy Craig posted a photo on Classic Z Car Club's wall: 1972 240Z with stock numbers matching engine with header. MSD 6 ignition system with Pertronix pointless distributor. K&N Air filter element. All stock interior with carpet style dash cover ( not pictured). Recent ball joints and tie rod...
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Free engine and Transmission! Edmonton

Open S30 Z Discussions 25 Aug 2015
Kind of a strange story, but I was out cruising in my freshly rebuilt Zed yesterday when I noticed a truck up ahead suddenly pull over. The driver hopped out and frantically waved me down, he was so excited that I couldn't get a word in edge wise. Seems he had a 6/71 240Z that is no more. All he...
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1976 280Z Restoration Project

Open S30 Z Discussions 06 Feb 2015
Hi everyone! My name is Mark and I will be restoring my 1976 280Z coupe HLS30-271295 starting this year. I look forward to your feedback and help as I am sure most of you have a lot of experience with restoring your own cars! I am hoping you will all chip in and help me avoid some common pitfalls...
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clutch 240z

Help Me !! 25 Aug 2015
Hi all, clutch problem. Who is wrong ?   PICTURE 1 the clutch fork is free put the rubber and is perfect   PICTURE 2 fit the slave cylinder after some miles / km the rubber is moved out of your place.     PICTURE 3 I removed the rubber from your place and in a free position th...
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1973 Rebuild

Open S30 Z Discussions 23 May 2015
Hi all, I've just received my 1973 240z! The previous owner towed it out from MO for me along with piles and piles of parts. We went over it together and it's in better shape than I expected (it was a Craigslist transaction over the phone between MO and NJ). I'm sure that I'll start finding nasty...
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No Vacuum At Throttle Body Ports

Fuel Injection 27 Jan 2015
my 78 280 reads very low vacuum (9-10 at idle) when tested at a manifold nipple at the back near the brake booster, but it picks way up to the middle of the green zone on my gauge when i rev the engine above 2K. i get almost zero vacuum at the ported nipples on the bottom of the throttle bod...
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