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  1. Triple weber 40 or 45 ?
  2. 1972 240z tends to stall after fully warming up during traffic jams or street lights
  3. 1972 Datsun 240z with rebuilt engine and SU carburetors stalling at intersections
  4. Vacuum advance on triples
  5. Help in identifying this manifold
  6. Holley 4BBl Performance
  7. Twin Solexes [Webers?]
  8. Round top needle length?
  9. New device for balancing carbs?
  10. Air Horn Filters
  11. K&N air filter too tall for housing
  12. New Linkage Setup for Downdraft Webers.
  13. Sorting through my old racing parts and found???
  14. Needle question
  15. LA County tuning shop
  16. Fuel starved-can OEM electric pump block flow?
  17. Are horns worth it?
  18. which fuel line is which?
  19. What is considered "normal" oil use for SU carbs?
  20. Nice carb cleaning thread
  21. SU's Dyno, triples Dyno
  22. DCOE Throttle Spring Testing
  23. Backfire out the carbs, sputters and dies
  24. A/F Monitoring Points Info
  25. DCOE Progression and Idle enrichment relationship
  26. car died on way home. suspect fuel pump, need help
  27. Fuel Pump for Triple Webers
  28. Experiments with Weber's and 30mpg.
  29. Idle Enrichment Screws and Flow
  30. How does a triple weber choke behave?
  31. SK racing carbs
  32. Fuel Pressure with engine off
  33. Weber Carb 40 DCOE throttle linkage at idle speed screw
  34. Fram G2 for 240Zs
  35. Emergency help needed. Anybody willing to lend me SU's?
  36. Online needle profile comparison tool
  37. Found thisonline needle profile comparison tool when working on a tr4a yesterday
  38. Weber 40 DCOE broken float pivot pin arm
  39. SU SpeedSport Manual
  40. SU -6 AN banjo fittings
  41. SU Sightglasses available (see fuel bowl levels)
  42. looking for link to Keith Frank Hypo jet online store
  43. Why are my mikuni's backfiring?
  44. Fuel Pressure gauge hook up ?
  45. Good Lord ~ 32/36 DGV Webers, Rough Idle & Choke
  46. Ahh Summer time setting
  47. Boys, I need carburetor brain power here
  48. Air cleaner box choke cable holder
  49. Weber fuel bowl question
  50. AutoX problem
  51. Master Triple Carburetor Linkage set up instructions
  52. WEber Internal spring
  53. Major screw up
  54. Weber DCOE 45 setting
  55. High-Speed Balance.
  56. Carb Tuning with IR thermometer?
  57. Help; Maximum carb air horn length?
  58. 1973 carb parts needed.
  59. Universal Triple Carb Heat Shield
  60. Dual webber upgrade
  61. 240z Electric Fuel Pump Installation
  62. Looking for this CAI carb cover
  63. Thank you Todd / Wolf Creek!
  64. So I pulled out my carbs..
  65. Single DCOE50mm
  66. Triple Weber 40's/L24 Throttle return Spring
  67. How do you measure the size of a carb?
  68. Cam profile suggestions
  69. Cannon triple carb intake.
  70. twin flat top su problems
  71. Car will only start with float bowl overflow hoses capped
  72. triple solex carbs rebuild kits
  73. Anyone heard of EMPI HPMX carbs?
  74. SK tripples
  75. Need Firewall Throttle Linkage for early Z - Pivot Piece
  76. Need some Triple Mikuni guys with A:F meters installed to test Franck Hypojets
  77. 260z to 240z flat top to round top su conversion
  78. clean the hard lines? fuel pump or fuel pumps?
  79. Setting Weber DCOE Fuel Level with Caliper
  80. Rebuilding Weber DCOE 40 18k
  81. What main Jets?
  82. DCOE Documents
  83. Northern California Weber (maybe Mikuni) tuning day anyone?
  84. A word about progression holes on a 151 Weber
  85. Help with Mikuni triple tuning
  86. Opinions: Weber DCOE 151's or 18's?
  87. Lemon Carb Cleaning
  88. Balance tube
  89. Stopper - idle in SUs
  90. SU Oil Consumption
  91. Weber DCOE tuning swap shop - sticky?
  92. Too much fuel pressure or float issue?
  93. Loose fuel nozzle on bottom of SU
  94. Function of Weber Air Corrector Explained
  95. triple Weber 40DCOE 151 Float Level?
  96. Mikuni reinstall - reving high at idle
  97. Fuel filter Orientation makes a difference?
  98. STE Syncrometer and higher RPM balancing Arghhhhh
  99. SU's or Weber/mikuni
  100. Is the fuel return to the tank really necessary?
  101. Rate the available mechanical fuel pumps
  102. After rebuild SU carb, engine won't start.
  103. Car won't rev high
  104. 240z Mechanical Fuel Pump
  105. Basic Weber DGV Question
  106. Webber k688 down draft carbs How much fuel pressure do they need
  107. Triple Weber Install
  108. 73 240 RE-Convert
  109. CR PRO/FUEL pressure regulator
  110. How to prime fuel system with mechanical fuel pump?
  111. Tuning 40 DCOE Weber 151 on an L24
  112. The Hitachi SU some insight required.
  113. 280z triple webers, haveing some issues
  114. Triple Mikuni thread
  115. The old Weber/choke question
  116. Initial review of MSA weber 40 DCOE carb kit
  117. Triple Mikuni plumbing questions
  118. Gas getting into oil
  119. holley 4 barrel question
  120. choke issue
  121. Little help before purchase.
  122. E85
  123. thread sizes
  124. Heat tuning
  125. New Kid on the Block
  126. The addition of MSA air hornes
  127. '72 SU Float Level
  128. Sealing intake manifold water tube?
  129. Triple Mikuni Heat Shield
  130. elec. fuel pump
  131. Mikuni fuel leak
  132. carb rebuild
  133. Has anybody ordered from Redline to get their webers?
  134. Carb Tune up tool
  135. Need to find some stiffer piston springs for my SUs
  136. Flat top carbs replaced with ZTherapy round tops
  137. Aftermarket Carbs for a stock 260Z
  138. Today's dumb throttle linkage question
  139. Other Mikuni 44phh Parts Sources?
  140. fuel pump replacement
  141. Need pics of triple mikuni linkage-especially from firewall
  142. Clearing up concerns of compatability with SU's, manifold, air box
  143. SU query
  144. Choke vs accel leak
  145. a little carb help please
  146. Jetting for Reno or 4500' above sea level
  147. SU Carb Vent Tubes ?
  148. What Electric Fuel Pump upgrade???
  149. Triple guy's need some help
  150. how to determine fuel line size?
  151. Priming The Pump
  152. 3 barb fuel rail for L6
  153. My SU's squeak...
  154. CAI for triple Mikunis
  155. Gunson Color Tune
  156. Fuel pump set up for triple webers on 70 240z
  157. Understanding a Weber Side Draft Carburetor Through a Fictional Supposition.
  158. Cleaned up the gas tank and removed the evaporation tank
  159. Going triples....
  160. power cones for roundtop carbs
  161. SU Carb Guru Needed, at wits end!
  162. Check my smog logic
  163. Fuel pumps with triple Webers
  164. Intake manifold runner question
  165. Weber DGV HELP!
  166. back fire through the exhaust on deceleration
  167. Fuel Rail Upgrade for Carbs
  168. slow drip of gas off air cleaners on webers
  169. cone filter on SU carbs
  170. Good on line Weber / Dellorto tuning guide
  171. Help needed ASAP
  172. pick up lines in fuel tank
  173. COOLER weather has arrivied-fatten her up!
  174. Air in fuel lines and sputtering at high and now low speeds
  175. SU Mixture Question
  176. sputtering at 95 mph and higher
  177. '73 braided fuel line
  178. fuel problem
  179. What is best way to add an electric fuel pump to early 240z?
  180. fuel return line needed?
  181. running great then dead
  182. All Weber guys, need a choke size
  183. leaking lots of gas
  184. SU Carb question.
  185. Vapor lock questions for the hotter climate guys
  186. oils well that end well
  187. Modifying 280z fuel pump for carb use?
  188. PSA: Circular type fuel pressure regulators...
  189. Dual Weber Pictures/Hello
  190. 260z duel flat top carbs.
  191. Altitude Adjustment
  192. K&N filter
  193. Hardness of large fuel fillerline to tank?
  194. Running very rich and mixture screw question
  195. SK racing carburetor information.
  196. Mixture nuts don't look right on my '72
  197. Carburetors domes with 3 screws
  198. SU carb linkage
  199. 6mpg, dying with a tank thats half full. Help guys!
  200. Put Your Thinking Caps On
  201. Recommendations on fuel pumps?
  202. Carb Conundrum!
  203. Installing Choke Cable
  204. SU idle/mixture adjustment pls help
  205. Looking for new carbs to replace triple Mik's
  206. Car won't swallow?
  207. Locating the needle
  208. Wolf Creek Racing - Mikuni 40's
  209. fuel system closed?
  210. E48 Intake Manifold?
  211. su revelation
  212. slapping Su
  213. Filling injector holes on Maxima N47 head (for carb conversion)
  214. SU Cold Air Intake Options?
  215. Installing K&N on '72 SUs
  216. flattop carbs rebuilt or new dgv's
  217. Playing with a wideband
  218. Triple Mikuni Fuel Line Set-up
  219. Does your idle change with temperature?
  220. Fork oil in SU dashpots?
  221. holley setup
  222. 3 screw carbs for early 240 ???
  223. Weber expert needed
  224. Fuel Starvation???
  225. Idle problem : Help!!!
  226. triple SU's vs 6 carbs.
  227. Should choke lever affect idle speed?
  228. SU's vs Weber DGV's
  229. 73/74 Flat top carb modification manual
  230. SoCal Carb Tuner
  231. 240z Throttle Return Springs
  232. single downdraft carb
  233. 1971 Datsun 240Z Carb Question
  234. alternate induction
  235. dual webers 280z
  236. Weber carb rebuilds
  237. Complete starvation when cold
  238. problem with carbs ? after running for a while
  239. '73 240Z wont make it past 60mph
  240. Gas tank sending unit replacement
  241. Sotck 71 240z carb problem
  242. Weber carb -- rather OT, but would appreciate any advice
  243. Interesting Carb Substitution on a 73?
  244. SU HS6 on the Z???
  245. Newwb carb question?
  246. SU Carb Idle Issue
  247. question about a bit of popping from the exhaust
  248. Rebuild kit from Z-Therapy
  249. tune up please :P
  250. fuel vapor canister behind panel in trunk area

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