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  1. Bolts and Holes.
  2. What do you recommend?
  3. 280z n/a turbo swap list.
  4. diff and tranny gear oil capacity?
  5. Yet another Mallory Distributor thread
  6. 79 280 into 72 240
  7. Cam suggestions for my build
  8. Yet Another Oil Pressure Post
  9. R180 whine at 45-50 solution.
  10. Help! Transmission Mount - Bolt question
  11. Cam Chain Tensioner Mystery...
  12. Question about the mainifold warmup loop in the cooling system 1972 240Z
  13. Recommended High Quality Themostat Housing for 1972 Datsun 240z
  14. Exactly which bearings are needed to rebuild an R200 Diff?
  15. Mystery Transmission ID help needed!
  16. Question for any AT Gurus
  17. Looking for servo diaphgram
  18. clutch slave keeps blowing apart
  19. Are the rear diffs on these cars a little whinny
  20. HELP. New flywheel sources?
  21. Transmission Temp
  22. This flywheel is rubbing me the wrong way.
  23. Mallory Unilite distributor question
  24. Indexing Spark Plugs--is it worth it?
  25. Hastings #6124 030 rings question
  26. Fighting Transmission to get in Gear
  27. Changing Motor Mount Insulators
  28. what is the best diff swap for high performance 260z?
  29. Throttle opener control valve and servo diaphragm for a 240z?
  30. Will there be reheating problems if installing an AC System to a modified 240z?
  31. Transmission ID please
  32. Stock / Street Camshaft and components
  33. Engine woes-just had to walk away
  34. U-joint for driveshaft
  35. Where to purchase a high quality stock cam for a 240z?
  36. FAR 311 RACE CAM specifications
  37. Manifold Stud Success
  38. For Those With Electric Cooling Fans - Piggy Back Sending Unit?
  39. 240 clutch slipping, NOT NOW!!!
  40. Transmission jumping out of 4th gear
  41. MN47, worthwhile, junk, or somewhere inbetween?
  42. cv joints in 72 240z
  43. 1970 240Z - Speedo Reads Too Low
  44. Something werid going on with the slave cylinder
  45. Transmission thoughts and questions
  46. Optimum thermostat for 1969-1971 Z?
  47. Several problems with my 1972 240z
  48. 280zx rear end with disc brakes in a 280z?
  49. Early Transmission mount
  50. Rear axle peened nut alternative
  51. Do I need a new driveshaft?
  52. 300ZX Engine Builder
  53. 5 speed transmission grinds on reverse when I pull it out of 5th gear. Why?
  54. Experiance with Schneider Cam?
  55. Help
  56. oh hey, I forgot to put this part in.... tranny swap
  57. Re-attaching the Distributor Connection cover
  58. Clutch making crazy loud noise
  59. Oil Pressure question
  60. Where can i order this part? Black Dragon?
  61. Heater Hoses Plugged
  62. L24 woes
  63. Twin Turbo Boost for under $100
  64. squeaking under accel
  65. Extentions to the top fan Shroud
  66. Transmission mount help 71Z
  67. Intake / Exhaust Gasket which I can cut to match ports
  68. Oil Pan Parts.......
  69. oil leak - front of engine?
  70. Funny noise/clunk after STI swap
  71. Missing Rear Exhaust Manifold Stud
  72. Camshaft bolt and crankshaft bolt interchangeable?
  73. Gearbox ID
  74. Cam sprocket on #3
  75. Manual or electric fuel pump?
  76. L24 Condensor Question
  77. 1972 Datsun 240z Original Camshaft and Hitachi SU Carb stock needles
  78. From one problem to the next
  79. Coolant Leak
  80. Greasing the universals on the drive shafts?
  81. Bar's stop leak....
  82. Manual 5 Speed Trany ID
  83. Head gasket leak
  84. 1972 240z Stalling after a few minutes of driving.
  85. L28 - Bigger Valves?
  86. Valve Cover Red Goop?
  87. Diagnosing Valve Train Noise
  88. Is it worth going back to the original camshaft on my 240z?
  89. Troubleshooting 240z Overheating problem almost solved
  90. Head, not sure if head gasket or head cracked at this stage.
  91. Odd acoustic resonance above 60 mph in 73 240Z
  92. Water pump blues
  93. What's next?
  94. Freeze plug sets
  95. Vacuum Advance Hose Hook Up
  96. Low compression question 240z
  97. is there a Blue in the SoCal area?
  98. Installing A/C system with overheating problems when car at idle!
  99. Valve Cover info
  100. 1972 240z Temperature rising on idle while traffic and stop lights
  101. How fast should a fan clutch spin when the engine is cold?
  102. Wrx diff in 280z?
  103. 240z radiator on 280zx engine which is the correct coolant hoses??
  104. Anybody have a heat shield for SU's?
  105. Underdrive Pulleys
  106. Engine removal help 1970 240z Melbourne, Florida
  107. Camshaft sprocket bolt question.
  108. R180 runout question
  109. wanted n42 head ported and polished
  110. Checking Timing Chain Stretch
  111. L24 Nasty engine noise. What is this? (video attached)
  112. immediate help! (thank you)
  113. What could effect ignition timing while running? Strange problem.
  114. '82 ZX 71B tranny
  115. Transmission not separating from motor - clutch replacement job
  116. Clutch Issues, either slipping or won't disengage, maybe M/C?
  117. 5 speed manual transmission identification
  118. E88 head on an N42 block
  119. cam drive and lube
  120. Recurring question, no seeming answer...
  121. Cam drive and lube
  122. Correct Alternator belt lengthfor my 77 280Z
  123. Fuel leak or exhaust leak?
  124. Just ordered my Rebello 3.0, now what
  125. Transmission problem - won't go into reverse
  126. Half Shaft Failure - is it a common Z problem?
  127. Help me ID these parts
  128. Output flange of the transmission
  129. Good Water Pump?
  130. Very Cool Ignition Upgrade
  131. Head gasket size
  132. 1972 Datsun 240z with stock SU carbs stalling at intersections! How do i solve this?
  133. Diff issue, vibration, several questions
  134. Hi, Would anyone have any idea where the oil pressure sensor would be in a L24?
  135. Changing the Head Gasket on my stock FI 76
  136. NOS Blue air cleaner housing!
  137. Subby r160 lsd
  138. never seen this type of r200 please help me id it
  139. Cold air intake vs. K&N Air filters for Weber DCOE 45s
  140. 240Z not running right
  141. car sounds like an unbalanced washing machine
  142. Need information on E31 head/head gasket dimensions
  143. Valve cover breather
  144. DaZed & confused in Portland
  145. Bronze valve seats?
  146. Decided to rebuild the transmission
  147. Did you ever want to look inside a L Engine?
  148. Oil from spark plug hole, smoke at startup only
  149. Needing 280Z or early ZX 5th gear synchro
  150. Differential Advice, Please
  151. Break-In Period For Belts?
  152. Mark Maras
  153. ARP head bolts
  154. Vacuum line to Evap tank removal
  155. Gasket anti-seize.
  156. Checking Timing Chain Stretch
  157. Flywheel
  158. vibration
  159. old n42 block/head vs new f54p/79
  160. Clutch Issue
  161. Reading distributor specs and expected real world performance.
  162. Cylinder head height / depth
  163. Stumped in New Mexico
  164. hard clutch pedal
  165. L28 Standard Pistons in an L24 Block
  166. 2 different engine mounts? Whaaat?
  167. Clutch question.
  168. Squeaking on startup
  169. clutch fork swap?
  170. Oil pump/Distributor drive spindle won't insert all the way.
  171. Leaky differential, coming from the top?
  172. Anyone care to teach me how to change a headgasket?
  173. Remounting Head
  174. FYI I6 3.3 litre Nissan Turbo Diesel in North America SD33T
  175. Correct me if I'm wrong
  176. Engine whine
  177. 240z engine and transmission life span
  178. Fast Lift cam
  179. Cooll vintage pics of Z performance parts and Z history.... testing the ZG
  180. Interesting Engine Prep Page in Japan (Guy, you may like it)
  181. Will a longer duration cam help get rid of ping?
  182. Just hit 30k on my 78z
  183. Expensive high quality S30 parts
  184. Aluminum oil pan
  185. Oil pump/ distributor drive gear
  186. Starting a new project...Subaru STI Differential swap into my Z
  187. 4speed with 4.11 gears
  188. Switch a 72 E-88 head to a 74 260z
  189. leakdown test
  190. Ron Tyler diff mount / front strap torque
  191. 260z cranking trouble
  192. E31 head value
  193. 240Z 4-Speed Transmission Noise
  194. Question about block/head milling for streetable upgrade
  195. compression readings
  196. Pinion angles( driveline operating angles)
  197. How much does an E31 head weigh?
  198. Rebuilt distributor - Z Car Source?
  199. Attempt to Replicate the Sweet Sound of a Skyline 2000
  200. Help! Need Automatic Transmission cooling pipes needed!
  201. Removing the side stub axles from an R180? early type
  202. What Brand of Clutch Should I Buy For 240Z?
  203. 260z stalls at idle after warm up. Carbs?
  204. Rear Seal
  205. What brand head gasket should I buy?
  206. Fumoto drain valve
  207. 260z auto trans cooling necessary?
  208. High-idle vacuum motor thingy
  209. Time for diff and transmission swap, what more to change?
  210. Free Early 1974 260Z Transmission
  211. Starting an engine for the first time in 6 yrs
  212. four cylinders not firing, oil in each; stock 240z
  213. Dropping 83 ZX Motor Into My 77 Z
  214. Clutch engagement problem
  215. Orange plugs
  216. 72 240Z Type B Shifter Bushings??
  217. Will a T5 Transmission from a 90s Mustang fab into a 72 240z?
  218. Spark plug question
  219. plumbing
  220. No clutch peddle pressure
  221. F54 block E88 head, flat tops, ? what spark plugs and gap
  222. F54 block E88 head, flat tops, ? what spark plugs and gap
  223. Chain rattle after oil change
  224. Coolant leak-how to proceed?
  225. white noise from rear diff area.
  226. Tranny Specialist in Central Ca.
  227. Fan clutch or other issues?
  228. Timing Chain Tensioner
  229. A converstion about how much compression is too much for pump gas
  230. High Oil Pressure
  231. Water leak between head and block on a L24 engine in a 1971 240z
  232. What does a failing Harmonic Balancer sound like?
  233. Installing New OEM Intake/Exhaust Gasket- Which Side faces the Head??
  234. Please Help ID my Transmission year !Clutch replacement gone sideways !
  235. How a simple valve adjust can ruin your whole day.
  236. Differential Help... 38311 P9000
  237. should i remove cali emissoin eqip from my 71 240z
  238. 77 280z ecu swapped from 810
  239. differential problem? bearings? shafts?
  240. White milky substance/ Oily coming from hole...
  241. Rattle from tranny in 3 and 4th
  242. Another misplaced tech tip: 77 clutch master and slave cylinder
  243. Datsun 720 5-Speed Swap
  244. suggestions on advance curve?
  245. have finally learned a bout clutch replacement , Butt not enough !
  246. Oil change and Crush Washer
  247. Camshaft help needed
  248. Distributor & Ignition Timing Woes
  249. Question about poor acceleration
  250. camshafts

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