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  1. which of those is the 240K compressor
  2. Ballast resistor?
  3. Electronic Ignition kit
  4. Thermo Fan and shroud
  5. Anyone changed their headlights?
  6. Tail light inter changability
  7. relay for headlights
  8. C110 Wire diagram
  9. C110 Wiper motor
  10. I'm in the wrong line of business
  11. Saw these lights on another forum
  12. 240K Dash lights
  13. Speed Limit Buzzer - Question
  14. Fuse Box
  15. L24 C110 - very low Voltatge to Coil
  16. Tacho differences
  17. washer motors
  18. rb25det in 240K wiring
  19. What size are 240K head lights
  20. anyone got a spare ignition barrell/switch?
  21. Spark plug wires
  22. GC111 won't start
  23. Electronic Distributor How do I put together?
  24. Cheap Wideband O2 sensor
  25. Ignition switch interchange
  26. Fuel gage/sender problem - how to test?
  27. 240z electric fuel pump
  28. park light fuse blows out
  29. anyone got an electronic dizzy rotor?
  30. R31 electronic dizzy
  31. EFI Progress on my Datsun 240K
  32. Any one have a Full wiring diagram for a R30 skyline
  33. Need a replacment alternator
  34. rewiring the 240K
  35. alternator pic needed
  36. electrical diagrams for 77 gc210
  37. 240K-GTR Tailights on Ebay
  38. 240K Wiring Diagrams
  39. parking light fuse keeps blowing

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