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    I got it from a place near Tampa, FL, called 'ZDocs,' that supposedly specializes in the restoration of Z cars. But from what I've seen of the wiring, the guy doesn't care for real restorations; in stead, how to fix things up for a quick sale. From the number of golf balls I found in the back, it must've been owned by an old golfer.


    The original hatch lock was worn out, so there is an MGA boot lock on the hatch. I Removed all the stainless window things on the front & back windows and shaved the rubber to look nice (smooth, minimal-style.)


    The dash area and door panels are painted black, and the headliner and rear panels are all light gray. The rear interior finisher is black.

    I shortened the console so the shifter is by itself on the hump, and changed to a newer shifter knob. Taller Eclipse seats are where the stock seats were.

    The center console where the radio is has been closed off between the switches and shifter, a few switches for electrical accessories were added, and a couple 12V power jacks were added.

    The rear deck was reversed so the front flips up instead, giving access to the tool bins. a new wood deck was made for the rear with a cut-out so a full-size tyre will fit, and a custom carpet for the rear was made.


    A JVC "Arsenal" CD receiver is installed and 6x9 speakers in homemade boxes on 6-foot cords are behind the shock towers. 4-inch speakers are under the quarter windows in the factory positions.


    I replaced all the broken injector connectors, and any others that uses an injector-type connectors. I also replaced the connectors for the temperature sensors, and some old, corroded wiring that involve resistance-related sensors. I Removed all emissions stuff, closed off the resulting holes and retuned the EFI. The a/c was inoperative, so the entire system was removed (60 LBs. of stuff) and replaced with power steering from a 90s V6 Mustang. Visible Aluminum parts are polished and steel parts are polished & clear-coated or painted with "Chrome powder."


    New springs & dampers are installed to restore stock operation and stance, and polyurethane or rubber bushings (per approved methods) were installed in key locations.


    ZX 6-spoke wheels are used, with slightly wider tyres. The wheels are sanded and polished, and the insets of the spokes are painted black. I cut the faces from the ZX hub caps and re-attached with GOOP, except for the front wheels, which have bearing that stick out past the wheel's face.

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