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    Engine woes-just had to walk away

    Thread Starter: madkaw

    It hasn't been a very good week and the Z doesn't want to run right.
    I have actually been able to find time to work on it, which usually is a problem. But after hours of troubleshooting and working on the car I seem no closer to an answer.It's one of those troubleshooting nightmares that has caused me to walk away before I do something stupid----like

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    Fuel injector replacements

    Thread Starter: Blue_streak

    I recently bought a set of 6 remanufactured FJ3 fuel injectors for my 76 280z. My only question is do i have to buy the o-ring kit and holders and if

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    Steam Powered Z???

    Thread Starter: rossiz

    actually i think i may have a blown head gasket. nice

    replaced a leaky radiator (it was toast) and when i got her all filled up i noticed billowing white plumes from the tail pipe.
    also got a geyser

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    Oil Pan Gasket Replacement

    Thread Starter: ggunder

    Wow, that oil pan gasket job that I thought was going to be easy was a total bust!
    I ended up taking the pan back off because I could not get the gasket holes to line

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    Radiator cooling capacity is dropping

    Thread Starter: bartsscooterservice

    My oem radiator is not cooling enough, especially on the highway when driving above 75 mph for longer than 5 minutes it gets to hot, the needle on the dash goes almost all the way to the right.

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    '73 Choke lever assembly

    Thread Starter: Stanley

    At first I thought I broke the cable or the handle, but it's probably not that bad. When I pulled out the ashtray and some greasy jute material that was in there,

    Last Post By: Stanley 4 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Parking light upgrade harness & turn signals

    Thread Starter: Stanley

    Wonder if Dave's parking light harness would assist getting current to the turn signals. Right front TS is still out, suspect corrosion in the electrical part of the switch, the little white

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    Muffler suggestions

    Thread Starter: branham76

    Looking for a performance muffler from flow master for a 1973 240z. Im looking for a throaty deeper sound and added power any suggestions? However I do

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    freeing corroded tube in tube...ideas sought

    Thread Starter: Blue

    OK it is a toyota. The rear camber adjustments are eccentric's that go through the control arm bushings. These things are like the wonderful spindle pins in that two cylindrical surfaces corrode due to water.

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    Car statred running bad suddenly

    Thread Starter: mgood

    Car is a 76 - 280 totally stock and was running great, no problems at all. I have a car show next week to go to and wanted to clean the car up a bit, so I got it home and worked on it (cleaning up) and add two 5 gallon

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    Cold start = no go

    Thread Starter: Bunnyhop280z

    Hello guys

    I resently bought a "new" 77' 280z.
    I have a problem with it though, when i start it up cold it just dies.

    When i press the accellerator it revs fine, but it dies when i let go.

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    Sorry to be Redundent - Help

    Thread Starter: bhermes

    I have posted a few times in the past about this issue and have read some other posts but I have gotten myself a little confused on where to go first.

    I will do the best I can describing the problem/issue or opportunity.

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    Stock / Street Camshaft and components

    Thread Starter: jalexquijano

    My 1972 240z was rebuilt with crank and rods from a L26, special oversized 84mm flat top black coated pistons from D.L. Potter Engineering with E88 Head and Far 311 New Race Cam. It also

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    Too many problems to list...

    Thread Starter: NoLeafClover

    Okay, I just boughat my first Z earlier today. My father owned the same 79 280zx model back when I was a kid and Damn it was awesome. I want to rebuild

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    Non-destructive rear whell bearing removal

    Thread Starter: frenaud

    Is there a way to remove the outer(?) rear wheel bearing that is pressed onto the shaft without destroying it? I'm refreshing my 280z's suspension and want to clean

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    Advice on putting a Z back together

    Thread Starter: hatepotholez

    Hello everyone.

    I am putting together a 72 Z I bought disassembled. The PO had the car sandblasted, and then topped off with 1 coat of paint. Eveyrthing is in pieces except that it's a roller, doors and brake, and

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    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Thread Starter: kats


    I renew my website a little bit including a Z432's pictures and films.
    Please enjoy the sound of S20 engine,it is a natural born racer!


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