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    Last Chance To Stop Me: Going Coilovers?

    Thread Starter: oranngetang

    Long story short. My fairly rust - free Series I is getting some cash thrown at it right now.

    3.0L Rebello with zTherapy 4 screw round tops @ 10:1, 15x9-0 Shakotans, 225/50R15 Kuhio ASTs, front air dam, lots of electrical and weatherstrip/interior parts and.... suspension.

    So my initial plan was to go with a narrower

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    Captain Obvious

    Fuel Pump Check Valve Alternatives

    Thread Starter: Captain Obvious

    The original Bosch fuel pump check valve is NLA and I've been messing around with alternatives. The original check valve has a 10mm x 1.0 threaded inlet and a barbed outlet to accept an 8mm hose. Can't get it anymore... There are other Bosch check valves available with a 10mm x 1.0 threaded inlet, but the outlet styles are different. Not a

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    HuD 91gt

    Swaybar Paint advice

    Thread Starter: HuD 91gt


    My Front sway bar end links and bushings arrived, and I thought I might as well try and sand the bar down (I don't have access to a sand blaster) and give

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    Strange whirring noise from engine...

    Thread Starter: rossiz

    monday afternoon i was fiddling with the AFM to lean out the mixture - my wife was driving behind me and said the car smelled very rich and was "making smoke" when i would accelerate. popped plugs - a little

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    Major screw up

    Thread Starter: Reverend

    I did a trade with a dude from CA... He sent me set of triple webbers and manifold. Only downside is that THIS IS NOT MATCHING TRIPLET

    Is it anyway possible to

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    Custom aluminum dashboard group buy for all first-gen Zs

    Thread Starter: olderthanme

    I have fabricated a few dashboards and am trying to see if anyone is interested. Here is the dashboard going into my Z. I just covered it with felt for now. The dash will come in a left and a right half.
    Perfect for the racer or someone looking for something different

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    Manual 5 Speed Trany ID

    Thread Starter: Healeyalt

    A couple of years ago I purchased a california 76 2+2 with a 5 speed trany. From what I've read, the 76 never came with a 5 speed so a previuos owner must have put one in from either a 240Z or

    Last Post By: siteunseen 4 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Where to purchase complete Door Locks set with keys (2 doors and hatch)

    Thread Starter: jalexquijano

    My 1972 240z needs urgent replacement of the 2 door locks with keys. The already bought the ignition switch which is really worn. Where can i purchase a set that

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    Nose High '72

    Thread Starter: jmorrison146

    The front of my 1972 240Z rides noticeably higher (3" or so) than the rear. New KYB struts are going on but shouldn't affect the ride height. Does anyone

    Last Post By: jfa.series1 5 Hours Ago Go to last post

    240Z fuel pumps - How many different OEMs?

    Thread Starter: Arne

    Anyone have any idea how many different suppliers made 240Z mechanical fuel pumps? I ask as I have been preparing to rebuild or possibly replace my original pump,

    Last Post By: Kerrigan 6 Hours Ago Go to last post

    901 Silver Metallic - How to Match this Color?

    Thread Starter: sdaughtry

    I searched the forum and learned two things:

    1. The interior metal components (e.g. tool lid cover) with the factory silver is NOT the same as what was originally sprayed on my '73 exterior (which

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    scotts pearl

    Fusible link

    Thread Starter: scotts pearl

    I orderd a fusible link for my ignition. The original color is red the one i recieved is light brown. Is this the same as the red or am i going color blind in my old age?

    Last Post By: scotts pearl 6 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Anyone ever remove brake warning light switch?

    Thread Starter: 12doplumbing

    My son and I want to clean up / simplify the engine compartment and entire dash on his '72 complete resto. We want to keep the rear drum system and e-brake,

    Last Post By: FastWoman 7 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Starter troubles

    Thread Starter: Alfadog

    My Z has got some starter woes - basically most of the time it will click and seem to only crank for half a second. If you turn the key off and keep trying, after

    Last Post By: Alfadog 11 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Just ordered my Rebello 3.0, now what

    Thread Starter: Kurbycar32

    I placed the order for a Rebello 3.0 so at some point a mostly complete motor will be brought home to swap into my running car. I have done motor swaps on other vehicles but

    Last Post By: 73str86 11 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Electrical gremlins

    Thread Starter: Wwildman

    Well my car has sat for 14 years and it runs great I cleaned all of the electrical connectors then applied dielectric grease. the car started randomly

    Last Post By: Wwildman 11 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Hanging RPM

    Thread Starter: Glliw

    So, I have a problem that has been plaguing me and have done a fair amount of googling and searching on here and other Z sites and haven't found the bucket to stick my problem into to troubleshoot.

    Please see the video below.

    Here is a description

    Last Post By: bartsscooterservice 14 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Z Noise

    Thread Starter: djhedges

    Latest video I've taken of the engine running.

    ITS 260z car so yes it has to keep the flat top carbs.
    Car was dynoed tuned last year

    Last Post By: djhedges 16 Hours Ago Go to last post
    Zed Head

    Hot-start issue with EFI - who has it, who doesn't

    Thread Starter: Zed Head

    Many people have reported having the typical 280Z EFI hot-start problem, where after ~10-20 minutes after shut-down (hot engine), the engine starts but runs very rough for what seems

    Last Post By: Zed Head 17 Hours Ago Go to last post

    fuel injector problem?

    Thread Starter: teletom

    SO here is my problem, I had one black fouled plug in my 77' datsun 280z and it seemed as though i had a dead cylinder so i checked spark on all plugs and compression

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    Dash Repair Process/Pictures

    Thread Starter: BD240Z

    The dashboard in my car had some serious cracks along the top but I couldn't pull the trigger to send it off for rework because of the cost. I wanted to try to repair it somehow

    Last Post By: 12doplumbing 18 Hours Ago Go to last post

    71 windshield washer nozzle

    Thread Starter: timsz

    Could someone tell me or have a pic where the squirter nozzle on the passenger side attaches to the firewall. I'd be kinda hard to explain it i guess.

    Last Post By: timsz 19 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Head gasket leak

    Thread Starter: rcb280z

    So my 77 has a head gasket leak on both sides of the head. Been leaking for several years. Not bad, just kinda seeping until recently. Seems to be leaking a little more now,

    Last Post By: rcb280z 19 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Wipers wont work

    Thread Starter: kjphilippona

    I have a very strange problem, my wipers do not work with the engine running but work with the engine turned off ??

    Last Post By: kjphilippona 22 Hours Ago Go to last post

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