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    MSD ignition - easy?

    Thread Starter: Stanley

    Planning MSD 6A (from amazon)with stock points distributor. Will also get a coil and Tach adapter. Anything else I need to go with it? Do I still need a ballast resistor?

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    AC Wiring Help

    Thread Starter: 78sid

    I've been working on some AC and heater control and plumbing issues. I'm starting to re-attach some of the wiring, and I've hit a snag. I believe the control in the picture

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    disposable voltage regulators?

    Thread Starter: kenmataya

    i was driving my 70Z, and it started to sputter a bit at higher rpms, the tach was jumping around as it did. then i notice that the ammeter is pegged out at 45+ amps at

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    My Project Z.

    Thread Starter: slammsun

    Hey wassup Z fans/owners. I recently bought a 76 280z wasn't really in the greatest condition but i love it. Its came a very LONG way and still a lot

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    New owner of a very early 240Z

    Thread Starter: metalmonkey47

    Well guys, this is my first Z but not my first Datsun. I've had an '81 210, and a 75 620 with a build LZ22. I came across this 240Z from a customer at work, who I've been helping along for years, hoping

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    License lamp question.

    Thread Starter: timsz

    Do the lamp bolts go through the hatch panel to hold it in place? The flat hatch panel that has the hatch latch. I put a new panel on. Will i have to

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    resetting odometer - any better ideas than with a drill?

    Thread Starter: CEgg11

    Also, I am thinking of aftermarket gauges. Who makes the best fit?
    Brand new to the gauges ideas...

    Last Post By: SteveJ 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    RPM drops to 500 RPM when car is parked with engine on or during traffic lights!

    Thread Starter: jalexquijano

    After running my 240z for 20 to 30 minutes and then parking the car if i leave the engine on at idle the rpm tends to lower intermittently to 500 rpm. If i decide to turn the

    Last Post By: Mark Maras 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    No-Start: Fuel Injectors Not Firing 1978 280z

    Thread Starter: rossiz

    i've been having intermittent hard-starting, which has culminated in total non-starting.

    the car has been my DD for a few months and i've replaced all the sensors, injector connectors, fuel lines and vacuum hoses.

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    HellFire Status & release date annouced

    Thread Starter: superlen

    The Zfuel thread was getting kinda long, so I thought I would start a fresh one along with the new update. The original thread is here: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/f...964-zfuel.html

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    Differential breather leak

    Thread Starter: steve91tt

    I recently changed the gasket on my differential and ever since I have had a leak from the vent. I removed the vent, cleaned and replaced it with the arrow pointing

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    fuel injector problem?

    Thread Starter: teletom

    SO here is my problem, I had one black fouled plug in my 77' datsun 280z and it seemed as though i had a dead cylinder so i checked spark on all plugs and compression

    Last Post By: Zed Head 4 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Looking to Purchase a 77' 280z With a V8

    Thread Starter: lwha

    Posted this over on the hybridz.org site, but figured I'd try my luck here as well, apologies if this is against the rules, I'll remove this if it is:

    First post but I figured I would get the best help here. I have stumbled upon a 1977 280z running on a Chevy 350. I messeged back and forth with the owner and we are setting

    Last Post By: mjr45 4 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Affordable Chrome Plating for plastic and metal parts

    Thread Starter: 9teen7t240z

    Hi, All,

    As promised on my previous thread from October, I am planning to do another group buy for the members of the CZCC for chrome plating of both plastic and metal Z car

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    Da Flash

    Keep blowing the "IGN" fuse!!!

    Thread Starter: Da Flash

    I've been trying to track down the source of my "IGN" fuse blowing within seconds of turning the key to "ON". From my probing around with a multimeter, I've discovered that the green wire side of the

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    Mikes Z car

    Weld shut or bondo very small holes in body?

    Thread Starter: Mikes Z car

    When I removed the aftermarket mirrors the PO installed on my car three holes were left on each side of the car when I put a stock mirror back on the drivers side. Two workers at a local paint and

    Last Post By: ZCurves 8 Hours Ago Go to last post

    1978 280z No Power to the Starter

    Thread Starter: rossiz

    Hey all,

    Been lurking for a few months, slowly restoring my new-to-me 78 z and loving it, BUT...

    I've hit a wall with an electrical problem concerning the starting system. Some background:

    I replaced the fusible links with maxi-fuse

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    S30 fastener cataloging

    Thread Starter: 240znz

    Hi all,

    It's been a while since I've visited this site and I must say I have waned in my resto project. However, I have been digging around in the garage and with renewed vigor, are now slowly getting

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    Travel'n Man

    Whats that Smell? Exhaust Fumes

    Thread Starter: Travel'n Man

    Even my wife noticed that my clothes did not smell like exhaust after driving now.

    Over the winter I removed my vapor tank and gas tank to POR15 them – It’s one of those “while I am at it” things, so I might as well tackle the vapor hoses.
    Be sure to follow this thread as well

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    Major screw up

    Thread Starter: Reverend

    I did a trade with a dude from CA... He sent me set of triple webbers and manifold. Only downside is that THIS IS NOT MATCHING TRIPLET

    Is it anyway possible to

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    Update on my 71'

    Thread Starter: er34gtt2000jp

    It's been a while since I posted an update so I thought I would through up a few new pics and some somber news. We'll start with the good stuff, after reconstructing the front end and putting her all back together I had been slowly fixing things and making her look prettier.

    Here's how she looked when I put her back on the road after over a decade of slumber.

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