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    Will there be reheating problems if installing an AC System to a modified 240z?

    Thread Starter: jalexquijano

    My 240z has the following upgrades:

    New Datsun L24 motor with crank and rods from a L26, special oversized 84mm flat top black coated pistons from D.L. Potter Engineering with E88 Head and Far 311 New Race Cam

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    1972 240z Stalling after a few minutes of driving.

    Thread Starter: mckennar

    Howdy all,

    First off wanted to say I've been researching vapor lock and I'm not 100% that's my issue.

    1. Car starts fine, idles fine if not a bit lumpy.
    2. After the car warms to operating temp, head on out for a drive. Idle: 600-800rpm when warm after first start of the day.
    3. After 5 - 10

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    Grease Moog tie-rod end?

    Thread Starter: frenaud

    Do I need to grease this new Moog tie-rod end (see attached pic)?

    There already is some grease in the hole, but there's no zerk fitting and the hole

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    Building a L28 (NA)

    Thread Starter: TheCrazySwede

    Dear Forums,

    I've been a long time lurker of these forums and of the community, but just recently, I've decided it was time I popped my Z cherry and got involved. I own a '77 280z (Motor has EFI; Transmission has 4 Gears)

    I'm currently working on another L28 that I picked up (Carbed, N42 Head)) along with a 5-Speed, but due to my lack of knowledge regarding these motors (We are a family of Ford Mustang owners) I seek

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    Fuel Injection on Z Cars are they compatible with 123Ignition

    Thread Starter: 123ignitionusa

    Can anyone inform me about the fuel injection systems on the 260 and 280 Z cars?
    Really only two questions.
    1) Do they act independently of the ignition system?
    2)or Do they

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    Source for the Correct bodyside Moulding

    Thread Starter: TomoHawk

    On my 1978 coupe,

    I need to replace the front sections of the bodyside mouldings on my vehicle, and I would like to know if you can get new material that is the

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    My 240z restoration

    Thread Starter: sl0w240

    First of all, I am very new to this forum haha. There has been a late-build 1969 240z in my family ever since my grandpa bought it brand new in 1969. It sat for 30 years, mostly outside in southern California. It only has 83,xxx miles on it!

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    Sorry to be Redundent - Help

    Thread Starter: bhermes

    I have posted a few times in the past about this issue and have read some other posts but I have gotten myself a little confused on where to go first.

    I will do the best I can describing the problem/issue or opportunity.

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    Garage Gremlin has struck again!

    Thread Starter: mjr45

    My garage gremlin has once again attacked my 75 280Z with 79ZX dizzy. Last week on start up it ran like crap, very rough, wouldn't idle and died. 2 hours

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    My Datsun 280Z "Rustoration"

    Thread Starter: HaZmatt

    Hello, I wanted to post a build thread to document the process of my restoration. I have a 1975 280Z that I purchased off a local craigslist ad. Heres the ad.

    Ive wanted one of these cars since I was in high school and was

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    Need 1976 280z tank fuel hose!

    Thread Starter: dkassulke

    Hi guys,

    I'm thinking there are no OEM fuel hoses that fit from gas tank to fuel pump for purchases out there. So my ? is where is a good place to buy the fuel

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    Reattaching brake lines to master cylinder: Finger Blisters yet Still not done!

    Thread Starter: sscanf

    I brought this on myself when I posted earlier today (in the EFI forum) that I just ordered a new brake booster and that it looked like an easy job. The booster actually arrived today AND

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    1976 280Z Reliability Update

    Thread Starter: sscanf

    Hi All,

    I have been missing from these parts for a little while. Too much going on but my 1976 280Z has been my daily driver until this week (brake booster see below). Not much to report except that it starts every time and has (generally) been running great.

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    77 to 72 Rear Bumper Prep

    Thread Starter: S30Driver

    Finally getting around to my long put off conversion from the big 280 rear bumper to the 240. Did the front 240 bumper a long time ago.
    Driving around to burn up some gas, trying to only have a few gallons when I drain the tank

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    Holley carb 280Z

    Thread Starter: aochider

    I have a few questions for my 1978 280Z with a Holley 4160 (390cfm, pn 8007, arizona z intake). I'm new to carburetors in general, so I would really appreciate any help or at least pointing me in the

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    76 280z Electrical Check List need advice on what to do next

    Thread Starter: Blue_streak

    First off, I would like to thank everyone in the previouse thread i made that helped greatly with diagnosing and for the most part fixing my EFI issue. The thread can be found http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/f...lacements.html

    Now on to my new issues and questions. After i replaced my fuel injectors i tested plug 1 on the ecu connector and did not read battery voltage. All the circuits

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    I spy a Z

    Thread Starter: rcb280z

    What happened to the "I spy a Z" thread. I can't find it. Anyway, the wife and I were cruising down I-15 near Barstow California, on our way back home

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    New owners of Zs, this helps.

    Thread Starter: siteunseen

    If you don't know about the brakes on your new classic Z and it has a wobble in the steering wheel around 30 mph then you should try this. I replaced the inner and outer front

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    280zx Turbo Center Caps

    Thread Starter: monirjw

    Dear guys

    I am looking for a set of 280zx Turbo center caps that comes on the swastika wheels. if any of you has a set and want to sell it, or can guide on where

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