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  • Mikuni Manual   By Mike

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    The Mikuni carb manual for the 40 PHH and 44 PHH series.
  • 240z Wiring Diagram   By Mike

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    This is a wiring diagram for the 240z. It's a high resolution download, around 1.58MB and great for zooming into small areas.
  • 280z Fuel Injection Manual   By Mike

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    A manual showing everything you need to know about the 280z fuel injection.
  • S30 Zcar Microfiche Downloadable CDROM   By Mike

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    This is a full version of our copyrighted Zcar Microfiche CDROM.  These files were originally distributed on a physical CD, but due to changing technology we are also providing it as a download.  This is provided exclusively to members and the files within this download are the real-deal.  You'll receive access for all 14 files for use on a single computer or mobile device.  This document is a fund-raiser for our club. Note:  This is a free download for supporting members. S30 - 240z, 260z, 280z Microfiche CDROM
    (c)Copyright 2000 Mike Gholson, Internet 240z Club Filename        Description
    -------------------------------------------------------------------- S30_1a            Introduction S30_1b            Part Names S30_1c            Part Numbers S30_2a            Engine L24 & L26 S30_3a            Engine L28E S30_4a            Electrical S30_5a            Powertrain S30_5b            Axle S30_5c            Brake S30_6a            Steering S30_6b            Body L24 S30_7a            Body L26 & L28E S30_8a            Body L26 & L28E 2+2 S30_8b            Miscellaneous
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